I am Shokti, an organiser of Queer Spirit Festival (https://queerspirit.net/). I awoke to the Dimensions of Spirit and Consciousness in 1995, aged 30, when I experienced a complete dissolution of everything I believed about life, of who I thought I was and why we exist, when the ravages of AIDS brought me to the threshold between the worlds..  Yet rather than killing me, AIDS was to be my awakener, to be my Accelerated Individual Discovery of Self.

In 1995 I entered into a five year inner journey, a cocoon called AIDS in which I would transform from gay caterpillar, innocently and ignorantly chewing away at life, into rainbow butterfly ready to fly.  Spirit guides were with me all the way, communicating through signs, wonders and voices.  I dived into a study of the world’s mystical, spiritual, religious and magical paths, applying the skill-set that a degree in History at Cambridge University had given me and set about entering into multi-dimensional reality.

Aged 30 I sat down to prepare myself to die, and started asking deep questions about existence.  A complete transformation of my being began straight away, and I received highly charged visions of a massive change, a paradigm shift, coming for the whole world.  My studies were practical as well as intellectual, I became my own experiment, throwing myself into the path of awakening, surrendering to spirit and letting in the light, coming to understand that we come into life to grow in all parts of our nature – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual – but if we stop growing and learning, we get sick.

At 30 years old I realised how I had been ‘educated’ at school to ‘believe in’ science – aged 12 I had decided I was an atheist, and the Christianity that had added sparkle to my childhood was gone.  While reading for my history degree I was horrified by how much of human history is one long war between various belief systems for supremacy: this had affirmed my atheism and alignment with the modern world’s sense of secular superiority.  What I see now is that science had given me another belief system, or an anti-belief system, had not encouraged me to think for myself, instead to simply buy into what scientists, the modern priests, were telling the world is true.

I emerged from my AIDS Cocoon in the year 2000 and have been serving the evolution of human consciousness in the world ever since.  I am one of the founders of Queer Spirit Festival in the UK and an activist in the global phenomenon of magic, mystery and mayhem that are the Radical Faeries. 

I write about mystical awareness, pagan history and wisdom and about the hidden spiritual history of queer souls on planet earth, expressing through prose and poetry, always with passion and purpose, and intended to assist us all to wake up to divine presence and profound inner peace.

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  1. Hello!

    I just stumbled across this page, which is your page, and here you are! Hello again! In capitals!! You were my central reference for a piece I wrote for an Australian faerie magazine (of which I’m yet to see) but know has been printed but cannot remember the name of anyhow… The piece was on Uranus of which you were the inspiration for so very much of! ..and though I did write you through the a link on the sites (I can’t remember the site’s name right now) but you never replied so that confirmed it’s inactivity. Or something along those lines? Anyway I didn’t think I’d actually get to meet you until last Christmas, an English faerie which you may know (he seems to know you quite well!) named Valkyrie told me that he knew you. I was elated at the time for I thought all was not lost and finally I’d get to thank you… Anyway I found your page all by myself! (..and with Spirit’s assistance obviously!) So Thank-you!!

    Until then my friend, may we connect and create magical things sometime…



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  2. Mr. Shokti. We are members of Black Queer Holland. We plan an The Hague Queer spiritual event.
    Can you contact us or gives us your contact number so we can ask you some advices for speeches.
    Regards Ricardo 0031620435780. Chair man.


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