Rainbow Children

a rainbow being sits within every soul waiting for a sign that this is the time to open, expand and fly a rainbow age is due to begin when enough make the leap out of mental fog into fresh day light out of monochrome into psychedelic sight rainbow children are born in every race weContinue reading “Rainbow Children”

A Shaft of Inspiration

A SHAFT OF INSPIRATION FROM THE DIVINE MOTHER: THESE are the interchangeable representations of GOD: LIFE * LIGHT * LOVE * the three big Ls I permeate my whole Being with awareness that I am Life, Light, Love right now, right here and that my Consciousness is inseparable from Divine Consciousness, the only Consciousness thereContinue reading “A Shaft of Inspiration”

No Separation

At the root of human woeIs the belief that we’re not whole.In this both monotheistic religion and sciencePlay their terrible roles. Original Sin is the Original Lie,Materialism says there’s nothing when we die,But there’s a deeper truth our souls know wellBeyond the duality of heaven and hellIn addition to the light of scientific reason. TheContinue reading “No Separation”


LET’S GO BEYOND: love is love is love is love whoever loves whomever whether we love one or a lot let’s celebrate what we were born to do let’s celebrate our love let’s go beyond the lies and fear embrace the love that is sacred and queer our love illuminates the dark and opens upContinue reading “LOVE is”

Twenty Twenty OneNess

I’ve long dreamed of a holy Yuletide – a world at Peace and Oneness widely felt, since I discovered Sacred Presence for myself: long dreamed of humanity in deep appreciation of our part in the Divine Mystery and the miracle of Creation. . In 2020 we stopped, Christmas was cancelled for the first time sinceContinue reading “Twenty Twenty OneNess”

YULE 2020

Yule trees shine on silent streets, Within ourselves this year we have to find The Holy Presence of the Yuletide. For some that presence is found in a virgin birth, For others it’s found through Saturnalian mirth – It’s really about the return of the Sun/Son, The Divine Child, the Light of the Soul, TheContinue reading “YULE 2020”


THE WORLDS ABOVE & THE WORLDS BELOW At this time Humanity reaps what it has sown, We each find out how much we have grown in this year of rapid transformation at this time of evolution’s culmination. Religious fools are screaming “End Times” but the end that is due is of the delusion of separationContinue reading “GODDESS PRAYER”

Aurobindo’s Vision

From Sri Aurobindo’s masterpiece Savitri, published in 1940, described on wikipedia as being about “the transcendence of man as the consummation of terrestrial evolution and the emergence of an immortal supramental gnostic race upon earth” A giant dance of Shiva tore the past;There was a thunder as of worlds that fall;Earth was o’errun with fireContinue reading “Aurobindo’s Vision”


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