Rainbow Children

a rainbow being sits within every soul waiting for a sign that this is the time to open, expand and fly a rainbow age is due to begin when enough make the leap out of mental fog into fresh day light out of monochrome into psychedelic sight rainbow children are born in every race weContinue reading “Rainbow Children”

A Shaft of Inspiration

A SHAFT OF INSPIRATION FROM THE DIVINE MOTHER: THESE are the interchangeable representations of GOD: LIFE * LIGHT * LOVE * the three big Ls I permeate my whole Being with awareness that I am Life, Light, Love right now, right here and that my Consciousness is inseparable from Divine Consciousness, the only Consciousness thereContinue reading “A Shaft of Inspiration”

Self Hood

All living beings have Self-hood trees, plants, animals, humans but only humans question where this sense of Self came from the rest of Nature dances in the bliss of Self while only humans are ignorant of the deep Self that is the same Self in all Beings, That’s why nature gives us plants that canContinue reading “Self Hood”

Liberation is the Queer Game

Warriors of Infinity Ambassadors of Peace Dionysian Devi Worshippers and Handsome Holy Beasts… Proud Bottoms, Tops and Masters Sexworkers and Dancers Ravers who saw the Light and People who love the Night… Radical Ladies who Love Ladies Wild Women who work Magic Ungendered Uranian InBetweeners and people whose nature transcends even these Queer possibilities… TheContinue reading “Liberation is the Queer Game”

Summer Solstice Call

Warriors of Light, Shamans of Shadow Witches of the Winds, Waves, Earth and Fire There are HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of us BORN AROUND THE WORLD WAKING UP TO OUR ROLES DISCOVERING THE DESTINY But there are many more struggling one foot still firmly stuck in the old paradigm of division, dis-ease and dismay….. Let’s castContinue reading “Summer Solstice Call”

the gay-wakening

Time to change the story from dark and gory to one of glory – gay love was never abominable, in fact it’s quite incredible – the ancients knew that there’s something we do which brings harmony, grace and connects people to place. Like the earth Herself, our bodies are divine, intimately, intricately designed to connectContinue reading “the gay-wakening”


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