Rainbow Children

a rainbow being sits within every soul waiting for a sign that this is the time to open, expand and fly a rainbow age is due to begin when enough make the leap out of mental fog into fresh day light out of monochrome into psychedelic sight rainbow children are born in every race weContinue reading “Rainbow Children”

A Shaft of Inspiration

A SHAFT OF INSPIRATION FROM THE DIVINE MOTHER: THESE are the interchangeable representations of GOD: LIFE * LIGHT * LOVE * the three big Ls I permeate my whole Being with awareness that I am Life, Light, Love right now, right here and that my Consciousness is inseparable from Divine Consciousness, the only Consciousness thereContinue reading “A Shaft of Inspiration”


Pleasure is a Goddess The Ancients knew Pleasure dissolves the boundaries Between Me and You. Pleasure is Divine You know this is True Pleasure can unchain the Soul Let the Real You through. . Pleasure opens the Way to Connection, Emotion, Devotion and Pleasure must occasionally make way for the many feelings it sets inContinue reading “Pleasure”

Living Is An Art

Living is an ART, not a SCIENCE: It’s about our MINDS and HEARTS not quarks and atoms. It’s about the CREATIVE SPARK a dance in which all play a part. Just as the stars in the sky make a whole as the leaves and branches make a tree as the blades of grass form aContinue reading “Living Is An Art”


All Change! All Change! All is Changing at Beltane! Take a ribbon, take a chance, let Nature lead us into the Dance! At Scorpio Full Moon the shadows are illumined, the past is released, We commune at the fire with spirits both living and deceased. Dis Pater Pluto takes a four month seat at theContinue reading “BELTANE 2021”

The Web of Life

THE WEB OF LIFE Is a Dancing Oneness LIFE – DEATH – REBIRTH An Eternal Cycle Designed to Carry Us Home. . The Web gave birth to a self-conscious species whose purpose it is to care for the creatures and create with the power divine within us – the Infinite Creative Potential of the HolyContinue reading “The Web of Life”

Spring Rises Within

Fresh Start Aries Moon Day SPRING RISING WITHIN From simple, humble beginnings GREAT THINGS BEGIN. At Equinox the Sun reaches The sign of the Ram: The first month of Spring Is the month of the I Am. Aries Fire warms us at Winter’s end – Spring calls us to growth, To renew bonds with friends,Continue reading “Spring Rises Within”

No Separation

At the root of human woeIs the belief that we’re not whole.In this both monotheistic religion and sciencePlay their terrible roles. Original Sin is the Original Lie,Materialism says there’s nothing when we die,But there’s a deeper truth our souls know wellBeyond the duality of heaven and hellIn addition to the light of scientific reason. TheContinue reading “No Separation”


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