Rainbow Children

a rainbow being sits within every soul waiting for a sign that this is the time to open, expand and fly a rainbow age is due to begin when enough make the leap out of mental fog into fresh day light out of monochrome into psychedelic sight rainbow children are born in every race weContinue reading “Rainbow Children”

A Shaft of Inspiration

A SHAFT OF INSPIRATION FROM THE DIVINE MOTHER: THESE are the interchangeable representations of GOD: LIFE * LIGHT * LOVE * the three big Ls I permeate my whole Being with awareness that I am Life, Light, Love right now, right here and that my Consciousness is inseparable from Divine Consciousness, the only Consciousness thereContinue reading “A Shaft of Inspiration”

Living Presence

To conjure the Living Presence In body, mind and soul – and to attune to Divine Essence – is the direct route to being whole. If we recognise the Unity underlying life’s diversity – we can live in deep community with the elements, animals, the earth. If we find the Divine Emotion concealed in everyContinue reading “Living Presence”

Divinity is a Queer Thing

Divinity is a Queer thing Like Sexuality it starts from within, Jesus said you have to marry the inner genders to get in to the kingdom of Heaven. Divinity doesn’t sit in clouds, it doesn’t hide in holy shrouds, it emerges in a people feeling proud despite the trials of persecution. Rising into who weContinue reading “Divinity is a Queer Thing”

Cruised by a Priest

Today I got cruised by a priest, His dog collar on full display, I thought, will he think that I worship the Beast? If I tell him that it’s to the Goddess and Pan that I pray. “Good” he said, then he did proceed to eulogise on the prospect of honouring my throbbing presence withinContinue reading “Cruised by a Priest”

Nature’s Gay Sons

The magical ones, nature’s gay sons, gentle feminine men had a role back then, in the ancient days of the Goddess Mother the first priesthood on the planet was this band of brothers. Known as Gala they sang, like the women, for the dead and tended the temples wherein lived the Godhead, serving as priestsContinue reading “Nature’s Gay Sons”


Cybele – Rhea – Demeter – Gaia – Isis – Artemis – Aphrodite – Astarte – Ashtoreth – Venus: For thousands of years the Earth Mother reigned, her temples and rites had prestige and fame, She was worshipped across the ancient lands served by priestesses and queer priesthoods who also sometimes travelled in bands ofContinue reading “THE GREAT EARTH MOTHER”


The world is not OUTSIDE you though that is how it seems, the external is a mirror of all your hopes, fears and dreams, an optical illusion designed to facilitate the play of the multidimensional magician who illuminates the way for us to rediscover that we are he, it’s just our minds got led astray.Continue reading “PISCES NEW MOON”


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