I am Shokti, Awakener and Explorer of Spirit and Consciousness since 1995, when I experienced a complete dissolution of everything I believed about life, of who I thought I was and why we exist, as the ravages of AIDS brought me to the threshold between the worlds..  Yet rather than killing me, AIDS was to be my awakener, to be my Accelerated Individual Discovery of Self.

In 1995 I entered into a five year inner journey, a cocoon called AIDS in which I would transform from gay caterpillar, innocently and ignorantly chewing away at life, into rainbow butterfly ready to fly.  Spirit guides were with me all the way, communicating through signs, wonders and voices.  I dived into a study of the world’s mystical, spiritual, religious and magical paths, applying the skill-set that a degree in History at Cambridge University had given me and set about entering into multi-dimensional reality.

Aged 30 I sat down to prepare myself to die, and started asking deep questions about existence.  A complete transformation of my being began straight away, and I received highly charged visions of a massive change, a paradigm shift, coming for the whole world.  My studies were practical as well as intellectual, I became my own experiment, throwing myself into the path of awakening, surrendering to spirit and letting in the light, coming to understand that we come into life to grow in all parts of our nature – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual – but if we stop growing and learning, we get sick.


My Books

Aids Shaman: Queer Spirit Awakening (ebook)
AIDS Shaman 3: Dimensional Shift
Aids Shaman: Queer Spirit Awakening
AIDS Shaman 3: Dimensional Shift (ebook)
AIDS Shaman 2: Through the Veils
AIDS Shaman 2: Through The Veils (ebook)


A crucial aspect of Aquarian energy, which is acknowledged but generally underplayed by astrologers, and largely lost to the many of the people it most affects, is revealed in the mythology behind the sign.

The mythology of Aquarius is the story of Zeus, king of the gods, falling for shepherd boy Ganymede, transforming himself into an eagle to swoop down and whisk the boy to the heavens where he became cup-bearer to the gods. When the goddess Hera became jealous Ganymede was forced to move on, but Zeus placed him in the sky forever as the water bearer constellation Aquarius. Planet Earth is currently on the zodiacal cusp transitioning from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius. The rise of human rights, gender equality, digital technology and gay liberation are all signs of this shift beginning in the second half of the 20th century.

Aquarius is the sign of group consciousness. The urge to gather, dance and liberate the ecstatic spirit in the body never went away despite the religious suppression of pagan rites, and in fact it found a new way to burst forth in the 20th century through rock and dance music – raves in the 1990s were for many participants the most religious experiences of their lives. The arriving age of Aquarius is both an age of individual spirituality and collective experience that takes us into ecstatic loving communion, which liberate the soul energy within us. The controlling powers of the past are crumbling, but as yet little has appeared to take their place. We have to find our own light at this time on planet earth, but then be sure to shine it on and with others, for together we ascend, together we make the nightmare end, together we step through the astrological portals into the New (Still Dawning) Age.

This applies to everybody on the planet, but especially to LGBT – Queer people, because we are the ones whose roots, whose spirit, whose history and nature have been the most denied and suppressed. We need spirituality in our lives desperately, or we risk our spirit being consumed by the consumer culture, being moulded into copies of heterosexuals, when in fact our job here is to wake them up to the fact they too are in reality so much more than they think are.

The 5th Dimensional Aquarian Awakening is coming to the planet – watch this space – follow this blog – for more.


The Anal Chakra

Anal sex became the great taboo, the worst sin, the unmentionable sin in the Western world under the influence of Christianity, but in the more mystical lands of the East, where the spiritual potential of bodily pleasure retained the high, sacred status it had once held in pagan times in the Middle East and Europe,Continue reading “The Anal Chakra”

Self Hood

All living beings have Self-hood trees, plants, animals, humans but only humans question where this sense of Self came from the rest of Nature dances in the bliss of Self while only humans are ignorant of the deep Self that is the same Self in all Beings, That’s why nature gives us plants that canContinue reading “Self Hood”

Liberation is the Queer Game

Warriors of Infinity Ambassadors of Peace Dionysian Devi Worshippers and Handsome Holy Beasts… Proud Bottoms, Tops and Masters Sexworkers and Dancers Ravers who saw the Light and People who love the Night… Radical Ladies who Love Ladies Wild Women who work Magic Ungendered Uranian InBetweeners and people whose nature transcends even these Queer possibilities… TheContinue reading “Liberation is the Queer Game”


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“We are arriving at one of the most fruitful and important turning points in the history of the race. The Self is entering into relation with the Body. For, that the individual should conceive and know himself, not a toy and a chance-product of his own bodily heredity, but as identified and continuous with the Eternal Self of which his body is a manifestation, is indeed to begin a new life and to enter a hitherto undreamed world of possibilities…”

–Edward Carpenter

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