Through the Illusions

We are all everyone and everything, change the perception change the experience.

Spirituality is engagement with the potential within us to evolve consciously into mindful, compassionate, passionate and peaceful warriors of the human species.  It embraces the possibility that consciousness is not limited to our individual experiences, but is actually a collective experience which we are each one intrinsic part, equal to all others parts.  Spirituality encourages us to break the illusions of separation, lack and fear to develop respect for all living beings, for the planet and for the potential inherent in consciousness, which becomes accessible to us once the tiger within, the ego, is tamed and directed towards service to the planet and others.


There are hundreds of thousands of rainbow spirits incarnate on the planet at the moment who can see through the lies and illusions being spread by governments, media, big business, military and financial interests who are profiting from the devastating destruction of the planet and its animals and from the division and discord between nations and faiths.  Rainbow spirits see through the confusion spread by the battle between religions, and between religion and so-called ‘scientific rationalism’.  They are in touch with a higher truth, a greater perspective.  Something happens in the life of a rainbow spirit that opens up the mind to the cosmos, and the heart to life.

We are everywhere.  In every nation.  In every generation.

We are not usually in positions of power in the world.  Worldly power rarely interests us.  But wherever we are we wield influence, we shine light, we bring love.

We see a truth beyond right and wrong, beyond conflict and greed, we embody soul essence that is beyond gender definitions, that cannot be limited by labels of sexuality, THAT SEEKS TO EMBODY AND CELEBRATE THE UNITY OF HUMANKIND, THE DIVINE LIGHT RADIATING IN ALL BEINGS AND THE PATH OF AWAKENING. 


If we know we are a rainbow spirit, born to birth a new world, to bring hope and healing where it is needed as we journey through life, there are three key illusions that so many of the sleeping population are deeply involved in, that we must drop.

The first key illusion is that life is composed of separate entities, the destructive lie that leads to death and disaster.  Instead we need in place the awareness that we are everyone and everything. life itself (as David Bowie sang to us in Wild is the Wind back in the 70s).  This is the fundamental building block in our awareness from which either experience of isolation and separation or of community and communion come.

The  second key illusion is around life and death.  Many of us are drawn to practices and experiences that open up our inner awareness to the spirit worlds, where we can communicate with spirit guides, plant and animal spirit helpers, and god forms.  When we have done enough of this to convince ourselves that fear of death is something we no longer wish to carry, then we can find ways to unhinge that fear within us, to release it, once and forever.   This may take some deep work, or it may be easy, maybe easier than we think.  By taking this step we release so much energy into our lives, creative, nurturing energy, and hasten our evolution.

The third key illusion involves gender and sexuality.  Creative energy comes from the sexual centre within us.  Many rainbow spirits are currently channelling their creativity into their sexuality more than into art, compassion and spiritual expression.  The tragedy is that so many rainbow spirits are obsessed with sexuality, but on a rather mundane level, not appreciating it for the divine gift it is, one that has the potential to open our spirits and bring down the blessings of heaven.  It does this quite naturally for us when our souls, our hearts, align with another.   The experience of falling in love is the flooding of our divine nature through us from another dimension.  It easily overwhelms us, damages us because of how our egos attach to it and try to control it, but this experience is a central part of living –  we are here to open our hearts, grow in our souls and incarnate as much of the divine majesty as we are able to do in our lifetime.

Exploring our sexual urges is a journey of liberation.  As the age old taboos around sexuality fall away, so do the rigorous rules and formulas our societies have set up around gender.  The emergence of global, vocal and visible Transsexuality is happening because the human soul is calling us to identify at a deeper level than the labels of gender, also of sexuality/race/religion, that keep the world divided into boxes in conflict with each other.  We have created a single global civilisation and now the Oversoul wishes us to awaken to the unity of humankind on every level.  We can evolve to know the whole of nature as one conscious being: Interdependence is the way of nature, and as we find unity in ourselves we will learn to work in harmony with nature too.  To get to unity we need to fully embrace that what we are is something deeper than the layers of gender and sexual expression that we use to experience life.

Gender variance is nothing new.   Homoeroticism and Same Sex Love is nothing new. In human history there has often been an association between gender variance, homosex and the spiritual realms.  Many ancient tribal cultures considered souls who carry a combination of male and female spirit to have a priestcraft role in the society.  The spreading of taboos around transex- and homosexuality has been part of a deliberate attempt to subjugate the feminine power in human life by dominant males who wish to control the population and direct its efforts towards commerce and conquest.  When European explorers opened up the planet they found that same sex activity, marriage, and gender variant behaviour was considered normal just about everywhere.  In fact on every continent they found that same sex activity and gender variance were associated with the spiritual – in North America they set about destroying the power of the Two-Spirit shamans (whom the Europeans named Berdache, a French word for a passive homosexual, a term that remained in use until the 1990s).  Of course this persecution was going on in Europe also from the late middle ages and peaking in the 16/17th centuries in the form of the witch trials which set about destroying the last vestiges of the old religion by attacking its healers… women and witchy men (Iceland, Estonia, Moscow are examples of places where more males witches were burnt than female).  The same destruction of gender variant/homosexual shamanic healers happened in South America, Africa, India, Australasia.  In Japan and China the Buddhist monasteries were hotbeds of homosex activity, and it took some centuries before this changed.  The outraged Jesuit priests were at first literally laughed out of town because nobody could accept that this sexual expresion was wrong.  To this day, the Dagara Tribe of Burkino Faso in Western Africa regard their ‘queer’ children as Gatekeepers to the Spirit World.  (Sobonfu Some writes about this in her book, The Spirit of Intimacy, and Malidoma Some also spoke about this in the past, which can be found online).

This third key illusion that the Rainbow Spirits … and everybody… urgently need to drop is that our visible gender or our sexuality label reveals who we are.  We are something deeper than these labels, it is not in any way true that male is superior to female, or heterosexuality to homosex.  Yet this is the inheritance of belief we are born into in the world.  To many of the tribal peoples that the Europeans tried to dominate and destroy, and still to this day amongst the Dagara Tribe, it is perfectly normal that there are feminine men and masculine women.  There are several peoples in the world who recognise more than two genders, and for these tribes it is normal that a person can be a different gender on the inside than on the outside.  Normal too that sex does more than create babies or release tension.  Sexual energy is the divine lifeforce in us, utterly holy and full of power.  It can be used to open ecstatic channels to other worlds.. ie dimensions … of energy .. of consciousness… of light.  This is achieved by uniting the male and female spirit within one body, whatever its gender.  Humans are only using a small proportion yet of the power of the heart and the sexual energy possible in these miraculous forms… we are obsessed with technology and missing the divine technology within our own bodies, hearts and minds.  We have been very will driven as a species, at least for a few thousand years.  Before that it seems we lived a simpler existence for a very long time, a time when the goddess was more important than the god, when female power was dominant.  It is the upsurge of male will that has driven the material evolution of the species in recent millennia, but all through that religions have developed to keep us aware of spirit and attuned to love.  Their job is about done.  Many of us no longer find spirit and love through religion, we are unable to for many reasons, but we seek love and spirit in ourselves, in our friends and tribes, in our creative pursuits. We seek to know the core of who we each are – a PERSON not a gender, not a sexuality, not a race.  Those are all parts of the miraculous ways we get to experience being a living rainbow on this planet…  recognising the divine personhood of each other being on the planet, their right to express the energies of the Oversoul in their own unique way and formulation, on this eternal quest of Self Discovery.

When we all start seeing each other as walking, talking, breathing divine light, that is what life on earth will become.


Published by shokti

i am shokti, lovestar of the eurofaeries, aka marco queer magician of london town. i explore the links between our sexual-physical nature and our spirits, running gatherings, rituals and Queer Spirit Festival. i woke up to my part in the accelerating awakening of light love and awareness on planet earth during a shamanic death-and-rebirth process lasting from January 1995 to the year 2000, and offer here my insights and observations on the ongoing transformation of human consciousness, how to navigate the waves of change, and especially focusing on the role of queer people at this time.

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