The Beasts that lead Britain

The British nation has been led by Horses, Dragons, Oxen, a Dog, Rabbit and a Goat in the last 70 years.  O yes, one of those Horses was a Unicorn.   It’s the 2017 surprise general election, which pits PM Theresa May, a Monkey, against the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn who is an Ox (as both James Callaghan and Margaret Thatcher were also).

Astrology of Prime Ministers of Great Britain since 1945

This table shows the western sun sign, the chinese animal + element, and the combination of the two interpreted as a primal energy of the animal kingdom (ref.

PM dob western chinese primal
clement atlee 3.1.1883 capricorn horse water salmon
winston churchill 30.11.1874 sagittarius dog wood golden retriever
anthony eden 12.6.1897 gemini rooster fire parrot
harold macmillan 12.2.1894 aquarius horse wood unicorn
alec douglas-home 2.7.1903 cancer rabbit water turtle
harold wilson 11.3.1916 pisces dragon fire firefly
edward heath 9.7.1916 cancer dragon fire hornet
james callaghan 27.3.1912 aries ox water hippopotamus
margaret thatcher 13.10.1925 libra ox wood elephant
john major 29.3.1943 aries goat water catfish
tony blair 6.5.1953 taurus horse wood jackal
gordon brown 20.2.1951 pisces dragon water firefly
david cameron 9.10.1966 libra horse fire goose

A courageous Salmon led the Brits out of the devastation of World War II: “Like their animal namesake, those born under this sign are willing to fight an uphill (or upstream) battle regardless of what the end goal is. Once they set their mind to accomplishing something, there is almost no way of stopping them…..This sign practically requires its bearers to have an strong ego. One cannot fight through all of the obstacles life throws at them without believing that they are capable of successes that others find impossible.”


… Atlee

The Salmon is in the Horse family of the Chinese zodiac, a beast lauded for its energy and enthusiasm, and Atlee  was one of four Horses to be Prime Minister since 1945.  The others were Harold Macmillan, Tony Blair and David Cameron.  Of these Atlee was a Water (flexible, intuitive, diplomatic) Horse, Macmillan and Blair Wood (generous, cooperative), Cameron Fire (decisive, aggressive). No Metal Horses on the list.. no Metal anything which might be that although Metal people are said to be very success driven, they can also be inflexible and unreasonable at times, probably making it hard to rise to the top in the fickle world of politics.  Macmillan was the only Aquarian to have led the nation in this period since World War II.  An Aquarian Horse is a Unicorn in Primal Astrology, so he must get the award for Most Magical PM. Unicorns are said to be “outgoing, energetic, smart, and unique… can also be self-centered, attention-starved, restless, and excessively eccentric… Unicorns are simply different from the rest, but they have good intentions. At best they use their energy to change the world. At worst, they become self-obsessed and spin their wheels in all the wrong directions.”


…. Macmillan

There have been four Horse Prime Ministers of Great Britain and three Dragons since 1945.  The politcal battles of the early 1970s were fought between two Fire Dragons – Edward Heath and Harold Wilson.  They were both Water element in their Western Sun sign… Heath a Cancerian and Wilson Piscean, and both insects in the Primal system…  a Hornet and a Firefly.  The intense energy of these two big fire beasts was somewhat cooled by the presence of Water, but their power was not diminished.  “Driven, persevering, and self-sufficient, those born under the Primal Zodiac sign of the Hornet are powerful creators of their own destiny. Not lacking in self-assurance, this is a sign that gets what it wants regardless of the obstacles in its way.” “Firefly is the sign of the idealist. Creative, intuitive, and mysterious, Fireflies are passionate about what they believe in. They try hard to be optimists who want to see the world as a happy place where good things are supposed to happen to good people.”  Considering this, perhaps a Firefly leader could only be a socialist – and indeed a second Firefly leader came along as Gordon Brown, but whereas Wilson was a Fire Dragon, Gordon is of the Water element, which might give him good talents such as diplomacy and intuition but does not bestow the leadership qualities that fire gives.


…. Heath and Wilson

The 1970s battle of the Dragons was followed by a long period of domination by the energy of the Ox.  Both James Callaghan and Margaret Thatcher were Chinese Oxen, he of the Water element and she of Wood.  In the Primal Astrology Callaghan is a Hippopotamus and Thatcher an Elephant.  Perhaps then little surprise that she had staying power like few Prime Ministers have ever had, and that during his years in power it felt like the country was wallowing messily in the mud. Elephants are said to be “romantic dreamers who want to play a unique role in the world…. capable and even inspiring leaders”, Hippos “are serious and forceful when necessary, but mostly they are just hard-working and goal-oriented. They house a lot of inner conflict, as they are simultaneously adventurous, ambitious, reserved, and focused.”

… Callaghan and Thatcher

When Thatcher was deposed, a Catfish, “simultaneously strongly masculine and feminine, aggressive yet sweet, and active yet lazy,” took the reigns – the quiet, indecisive Goat John Major:  “Members of this sign (Catfish) somewhat resemble a hyperactive child. They mean well and truly care about those around them, but sometimes they can’t help but act out. They are genuinely kind and caring but have a tendency to say the wrong thing and offend others.”


… Major

The earthy Taurus Wood Horse Tony Blair – a Jackal in the Primal – took the reigns next and also had staying power, as we might expect from a wooden horse.  This is a moody animal: “Jackals have a deep-seeded need for long-term security that heavily influences most of their behavior….have a hard time living in the moment, and are prone to depression and sulking because their goal seems so far away.”  Tony was a beacon of hope in 1997 but transformed under the pressures of power into a shadowy figure, he has tended to look more and more like a haunted and harried Jackal on the run.


… Blair

David Cameron was in some respects the Conservative version of Blair – young and dynamic leaders appointed to rebirth their parties, attractive to the voters.  No surprise that he, like Blair, is a Chinese Horse.  Heath-Wilson were Dragons, Callaghan-Thatcher were Oxen, and Blair-Cameron Horses. Is it that a certain energy dominates at any one time and two versions of it emerge to fight for supremacy?  Blair’s Wood Horse was followed by Cameron’s Fire, which in combination with his Libran Sun makes him a Primal Goose: “diplomatic, multi-faceted, and strong willed… a quiet power about them…members of this sign won’t stick with any job for too long if it doesn’t satisfy their internal needs in some way. They are such workhorses naturally that they give their all into whatever project they are working on, but are likely to exhaust themselves if they don’t feel purposeful in their work.”


…. Cameron

Horses, Dragons and Oxen have dominated British politics since 1945, but we have also been served by one Dog.. the “loyal, kind, and optimistic” Golden Retriever Winston Churchill, who had led the nation through the dark war years, and returned to power in 1950.  These creatures are the ready made “knight in shining armor, ready to sacrifice it all to save the kingdom” but “they strongly believe that their perspective on life is not opinion but fact and that others, if they were smart enough, should agree completely with their views on life.”  Anthony Eden was a Gemini Rooster (Parrot) and Alec Douglas-Home a Cancer Rabbit (Turtle)… neither Parrot nor Turtle are known for their leadership skills and both of these lasted very short time in power.

…. Winston, Eden and Douglas-Home

Since 2016 we have a monkey in power:

Libra Fire Monkey Theresa May, the Axolotl: “Clever, curious, and friendly, those born under the Primal Zodiac sign of the Axolotl are constantly contending between two distinct sides of their personality. With the western sign of Libra, each individual gains diplomacy, idealism, and a desire to keep the peace. The eastern sign of Monkey adds curiosity, innovation, and humor. Both signs are socially adept, intellectual, and observant, giving this sign many of the tools one requires to achieve all kinds of different goals in life.”  Interestingly, as well as being one, Theresa came to the power in the year of the Fire Monkey, 60 years after her birth, suggesting she has had time to mature and overcome the limitations of the Axolotl (a salamander that stays baby like its whole life). Monkey and Libra are two signs don’t always fit well together. “In combination this sign can be extremely self centered, egotistical, and lazy. Many Axolotls will rely on charm, magnetism, and physical attractiveness to shortcut their way through life.”

…….the new  British PM

At the 2017 General Election Theresa’s Libra Monkey is opposed by Jeremy Corbyn, a Taurus Earth Ox – can’t get much more down to earth, practical and sensible than that!  An echo of the late 70s and 1980s here (Callaghan and Thatcher both Oxen).  Taurus Ox makes Jeremy Corbyn a primal astrology YAK:

“Stubborn determination is the hallmark of the Yak. Those born under this sign simply do not accept “no” for an answer. Hard work and dedication to a cause will earn you the highest respect in a Yak’s eyes. Members of this sign tend to see things as “black or white”, meaning that there is rarely a middle ground to any situation. People’s actions are either right or wrong, things are either good or bad, people are either hard workers or lazy slobs. The word “compromise” does not exist in the vocabulary of a Yak. They know how they feel and have no reason to question it…..a steadfast and uncompromising world view that they truly believe is best for all others to follow. The otherwise quiet and thoughtful Yak can become quite emphatic in sharing their passionate political viewpoints.” Would seem that Jeremy is the right animal for the job.


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