The Universe Is.

Created by Oneness.

Oneness becomes All That Is

It becomes spirit, soul, mind, life.

Oneness incarnates in individual living beings

each having their own experience,

each experience also that of the Oneness.

On most worlds beings never lose touch with the Oneness,

with the Source Of Life, Awareness and Love inside themselves.

Only certain worlds and some souls undertake the journey of separation,

on planets where the innate connection to Source is dropped

– for a while – and perhaps only by one species –

giving rise to a journey of creativity, emotion, suffering and exaltation

in a paradigm of binaries, polarities and mystery,

where the search for reunification with Source becomes the planetary history

and the breaking of binaries becomes part of the journey to glory.

On the Earth while individuated we experience separation

but within us we carry the ability to know ourselves as the Oneness,

to know our existence is the Eternal Infinite Compassionate Consciousness:

being That we are not created or destroyed,

We Are.

Whatever form our journey, whatever we experience

The Oneness is holding us, loving us, enjoying us.

It never loses faith, only our minds can do that

Tell the mind it is safe, and find the peace it can generate.

In Two Flutes Playing (by Andrew Ramer) the earthly phenomenon of separation is depicted like this…

Earth is still unstable at its core, it still wobbles on its axis—in fact everything that lives upon it wobbles. To some, that is an awful tragedy, the cause of their difficulties, the source of their inability to successfully manifest spiritual intentions. For there are planets that do not wobble on their axes, do not have unstable cores. And certain individuals have lived before on such worlds, or visited them between incarnations. And when they get to Earth they often complain about the way that things are here. It does no good to tell such individuals that they have chosen to incarnate here, that no one forced them to do it. It does no good to remind such individuals that this world is one of the most varied and beautiful in this galaxy. The best that one can say to make life a bit easier is that the very factors that make Earth life difficult also make it challenging, creative and exciting.

If you have lived on a planet with a stable core whose axis does not wobble you will know what I am talking about. On such worlds, spiritual life is not difficult, one does not have to struggle to learn, remember and manifest spiritual intentions on the physical plane. But worlds like that are boring. They may not have war. But try and imagine a world where people whistle the same song for ten thousand years, and styles of clothes never change, and the same chants recited over and over again for millennia echo in the courtyards of their sacred places. That kind of life suits certain individuals. But if you are here, you can be certain that you left such a planet or checked it out and decided against it. For with all its faults, life upon the living, breathing being you call Earth is challenging and infinitely creative. The soul is stretched to its fullest capacities. And ultimately, the great difficulty is more than balanced out by the joy of Earth’s diversity and infinite creative possibilities. In a single Earth year in a single city, more songs can be written and performed than on certain planets in their entire history. Please remember that.”

On the Earth Humanity is on a journey to discover Oneness, but the journey is at the same time a return to Home, a remembrance. We can each contribute greatly to the next stages of this journey by offering, dedicating our lives as a divine service.

The conscious offering of our individual experiences to the overall fulfilment of the journey of the Oneness on this planet connects us to the infinite energy and potential of the universe, gives us the tools to make the changes we require and seek in our lives, and increases the harmonious potential in all our interactions with other beings, whom we now recognise and respect as utterly equal manifestations of the Oneness.

The recognition and remembrance that all life is the same as us, is what we are, including animal, vegetable and even mineral, leads us to a path of growth, to a form of love that embraces all beings and all existence. This movement out of darkness (ie pain and ignorance) and into light (peace and joy) is fuelled by our love and dedication. Everything we do can be filled with love, joy and creative energy – it’s as simple as directing the mind to make it so, and casting out all mental energy that suggests life is anything other than the perfect dance of the Divine Holy Spirit in Form. Think this is hard? That’s why humans have deities, to anchor us into the higher purpose. That’s why we have meditation, to build mental muscle. That’s why we religions teach compassion, to treat other as self, to love and to be kind, for each one of us is holy in our own right.

The Hindus speak of Sat – Existence/Life, Chit – Consciousness/Awareness, Ananda – Bliss/Love. This is describing the core sacred nature within us, which is also the doorway to the multi-dimensional reality, the multiverse of light and serenity. The more we find this inner place of simple, sweet BEING – this place which needs no gendered godhead, no religion or rules, no action or debate – the more at home in the universe we can know and feel ourselves to be, and so the more enthusiastically we can embrace the game of life on a planet with a built in wobble. For Fear is the stalker on this world of separation and duality, preventing our happiness, our joy, our light from blooming forth, fear is the mind killer and the emotion strangler too. The antidote to fear is to know and feel the love of Oneness, in ourselves and with others – as we find this out and live this truth, ultimately we will make this world a happier place.

Sri Aurobindo

A rather more celebratory description of life on worlds without wobble, where the Oneness is not forgotten, and the experience of individuation does not lead to extremes of suffering and bliss here from Sri Aurobindo’s Savitri (Book 2 “The Book of the Traveller of the Worlds” Canto 9, ‘The Paradise of the Life-Gods’)….

The shining Edens of the vital gods…

All things were perfect there that flower in Time:

Beauty was there creation’s native mould,

Peace was a thrilled voluptuous purity.

There Love fulfilled her gold and roseate dreams

And Strength her crowned and mighty reveries;

Desire climbed up, a swift omnipotent flame,

And Pleasure had the stature of the gods;

Dreams walked along the highways to the stars;

Sweet common things turned into miracles:

Overtaken by the spirit’s sudden spell,

Smitten by a divine passions’s alchemy,

Pain’s self completed transformed to potent joy

Curing the antithesis twixt heaven and hell.

All life’s high visions are embodied there….”

We can use this vision to create a new dance of Shiva,

to visualise a new world to come, but also remember:

We came to the Earth for a different experience,

one with filled with danger, challenge but huge potential

for acts of love, compassion, creativity and sheer delight.

The Earth wobbles.

We will never now ideal harmony here

but we can recognise that in the chaos and mystery

there is divine purpose, pattern and presence

there is joy to be had, love to relish

and new experience ours to create

as we give birth to a divine human race.

Sir George Trevelyan 1906-1966

“Man can decide to throw off the fetters of his own self-bound egoistic thinking, which, when taken in mass, makes the stuff of cruder materialism. As each individual allows the rock to split and rises to the incorruptible, the fabric of the old will change and perforce a new world will appear, consecrated to glory, unity and all-encompassing Oneness.” Sir George Trevelyan

Published by shokti

i am shokti, lovestar of the eurofaeries, aka marco queer magician of london town. i explore the links between our sexual-physical nature and our spirits, running gatherings, rituals and Queer Spirit Festival. i woke up to my part in the accelerating awakening of light love and awareness on planet earth during a shamanic death-and-rebirth process lasting from January 1995 to the year 2000, and offer here my insights and observations on the ongoing transformation of human consciousness, how to navigate the waves of change, and especially focusing on the role of queer people at this time.

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