Conversation with God

In the year 2000 I was emerging from five years in a transformational cocoon called AIDS, wondering how to integrate the cosmic experiences I had been having with being part of the world and joining the living again. The series of Conversations with God books by Neale Donald Walsch were a vital source of insight for me and here are some quotations from Book 1 which I recorded in my notes at the time to refer back to. Two decades later I can happily confirm that I have found all these claims and statements to be utterly true, and the affirmations very powerful..


“If you knew Who You Are – that you are the most remarkable, the most splendid being God ever created – you would never fear.”

“My purpose in creating you, My spiritual offspring, was for Me to know Myself as God. Thus it can be said that My purpose for you is that you should know yourself as Me.”

“Your job on Earth… is not to learn (because you already know) but to remember Who You Are. And to remember who everyone else is. That is why a big part of your job is to remind others, so that they can remember also.”

“You are not discovering yourself, but creating yourself anew. Seek, therefore not to find out Who You Are, seek to determine Who You Want To Be.”

Life is not a school: “School is a place you go if there is something you do not know that you want to know. It is not a place you go if you already know a thing and simply want to experiences your knowingness.”

“It is is not God’s function to create, or uncreate, the circumstances or conditions of your life. God created YOU, in the image and likeness of God. YOU have created the rest, through the power God has given you… In this sense, your will for you is God’s will for you.”

“You will not have that for which you ask, nor can you have anything your want. This is because your very request is a statement of lack, and your saying your want a thing only works to produce that precise experience – wanting – in your reality. The correct prayer is never a prayer of supplication, but a prayer of gratitude. When you thank God in advance for that which you choose to experience in your reality, you, in effect, acknowledge that it is there… in effect. Therefore, never supplicate. Appreciate.”

“Listen to Me in the truth of your soul. Listen to Me in the feelings of your heart. Listen to Me in the quiet of your mind. Hear Me, everywhere. Whenever you have a question, know that I have answered it already. Then open your eyes to the world.”


“As your body is to your mind and soul, so, too, are you to My mind and soul. Everything I experience I experience through you.


AND YOU ARE THAT YOU ARE. You cannot not be.

You can change form all you with, but you cannot fail to be.”


“Be a light unto the darkness and curse it not, and forget not Who You Are in the moment of your encirclement by that which you are not. But do you praise to the creation, even as you seek to change it. And know that what you do in the time of your greatest trial can be your greatest triumph, for the experience you create is a statement of Who You Are- and Who You Want To Be.”


“Events, occurrences, happenings, conditions, circumstances – all are created out of consciousness. Individual consciousness is powerful enough. You can imagine what kind of creative energy is unleashed whenever two or more are gathered in My name. And mass consciousness? Why, that is so powerful it can create events and circumstances of worldwide import and planetary consequences.”

“Pain is a result of wrong thought. It is an error in thinking. Pain results from judgment.”

“Original sin is when your first thought about something is in error. That error is compounded many times [by more thoughts]. It is the job of the Holy Spirit to inspire you to new understandings, which can free you from your mistakes.”

“You are your own rule-maker. You set the guidelines. And you decided how well you have done; how well you are doing.”

“You may do was you wish without fear of retribution. It may serve you, however, to be aware of the consequences.”


“I do not want your worship, I do not need your obedience, and it is not necessary for you to serve Me….

“I desire first to know and experience Myself, in all my glory – to know Who I am.

“Second, I desire that ou shall know and experience WhoYou Really Are, through the power I have given you to create and express yourself- in whatever way you choose.

“Third, I desire for the whole life process to be an experience of constant joy, continuous creation, never-ending expansion and total fulfilment in each moment of now.”

The Soul seeks “the highest feeling of love you can imagine…

“The highest feeling is the experience of unity with All That Is. This is the great return to Truth… This is the feeling of perfect love.”


Religions tend to make us feel bad in order that we will strive to be better, but the faster route to the same destination is


“Celebrate and enjoy all that you create, have created… Whatever is now presenting itself as part of your creation, own it, claim it, bless it, be thankful for it… for to condemn it is to condemn yourself…

“If there is some aspect of creation you find you do not enjoy bless it and simply change it. Choose again. Call forth a new reality. Think a new thought. Say a new word. Do a new thing.”

“The word “I” is the key that starts the engine of creation. The words ‘I AM’ are extremely powerful. They are statements to the Universe. They are commands.”

“WORRY is just about the worst form of mental activity – next to hate, which is deeply self-destructive. Worry is wasted mental energy. It also creates bio-chemical reactions which harm the body… Worry is the activity of a body that does not understand its connection with Me.”

“The soul conceives, the mind creates, the body experiences… The soul then knows itself in its own experience.

“What you conceive you create, what you create you experience, what your experience you conceive.”


SEX: “The energy that underscores sex is the energy which underscores life; which is life! The feeling of attraction and the intense and often urgent desire to move toward each other, to become one, is the essential dynamic of all that lives.”

“Play with sex.. it’s just about the most fun you can have with your body… But, for goodness sake, don’t destroy sexual innocence and pleasure and the purity of the fun, the joy, by misusing sex. Don’t use it for power, or hidden purpose; for ego gratification or domination; for any other purpose than the purest joy and the highest ecstasy, given and shared.”


DEATH: “You are a tri-part being, made of body, mind and spirit… upon death, the body and the mind are not dropped. The body changes form, leaving its most dense part behind, but retaining its outer shell. The mind goes with you too, joining with the spirit and the body as one energy mass of three dimensions, or facets.”

“The greatest gift you can give the dying is to let them die in peace – not thinking that must ‘hang on’, or continue to suffer, or worry about you at this most crucial passage in their life.”


“You are goodness and mercy and compassion and understanding.

“You are peace and joy and light.

“You are forgiveness and patience, strength and courage, a helper in time of need, a comforter in times of sorrow, a healer in time of injury, a teacher in times of confusion.

“You are the deepest wisdom and the highest truth, the greatest peace and the grandest love.


Published by shokti

i am shokti, lovestar of the eurofaeries, aka marco queer magician of london town. i explore the links between our sexual-physical nature and our spirits, running gatherings, rituals and Queer Spirit Festival. i woke up to my part in the accelerating awakening of light love and awareness on planet earth during a shamanic death-and-rebirth process lasting from January 1995 to the year 2000, and offer here my insights and observations on the ongoing transformation of human consciousness, how to navigate the waves of change, and especially focusing on the role of queer people at this time.

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