a multiverse of consciousness

The deep belief in materiality

has driven humanity to insanity –

we have to gain a sense of conscious unity

in order to realise our innate divinity.

The tale of conflict and woe,

that divides the world into friend and foe,

is the tale that has to go.

Competition keeps us in the head,

co-operation brings us into the heart,

we have to learn to think from the heart instead

to stop pulling ourselves apart.

The mind is there to question and analyse

and if we’re lucky over time become wise,

but in the heart soul wisdom can always be found,

through the heart we tune into the vibrations around.

It’s through accepting and loving all beings

and letting intuition be our guide,

that humanity will evolve to a new level,

discovering the cosmic senses inside.

We are more than the body, and more than the mind,

everyone benefits, when we choose to be kind.

Transcend the body, transcend the mind –

there’s a multiverse of consciousness waiting for us to find.


“When you live in the moment, you are completely here—the next moment doesn’t matter at all, it never enters your mind. You do not worry about anything, you have no fears of preconceived ideas. Similarly, as you continue on to the next moment you let go of the previous one. The past doesn’t matter to you anymore; you forget it. Nothing can bind you—you are ever free. To truly be able to love, you need to be free of everything. But at the same time, if you are to be completely free, you must have love within… Only when you learn to love everyone and everything can we truly be free. Only then will the night of ignorance come to an end and the day of Supreme Realization begin.” —Mata Amritanandamayi, AMMA

“When I look into the world it seems that so much has been forgotten, and a sorrowful fog of trauma lingers, keeping the illusion of separation dominant and overbearing. It is time to transcend this suffering and remember who we are as individuals, and as a collective, so we can alter the course of generational trauma. Such healing can be triggered through witnessing the face of the Holy Mother in myriad ways, such as mindfulness practice, meditation, art, dreams, near-death experiences, and psychedelic journeys. Most controversial is still the psychedelic experience, even though it has been practiced as a holy ritual longer than can be remembered.

“The use of sacred concoctions to stimulate this dying unto oneself and provoke the experience of oneness is vast in origin and practice. If the psychedelic experience is there to show us this deeper truth and layer of reality, then why has it not been celebrated as a rite of passage for every human interested in such concepts as they come into maturity? Why is it not accepted as therapy, and a medicine, in this experience of being human?

“Thousands of years later, we are now living in times where a great remembering is happening, a fractaling mycelium web is connecting billions of people directly to each other in ways never seen before. Daily stories of unity, alignment, and harmony are surfacing, in opposition to the screaming walls of war and chaos…

“I see no choice after seeing what I have seen, but to be one of Her children on the front lines of Her revolution, of the Divine Mother being remembered and celebrated as the Divine Father steps beside her, into harmonic union.” Amanda Sage in Psychedelic Mysteries of the Feminine (2019)

Published by shokti

i am shokti, lovestar of the eurofaeries, aka marco queer magician of london town. i explore the links between our sexual-physical nature and our spirits, running gatherings, rituals and Queer Spirit Festival. i woke up to my part in the accelerating awakening of light love and awareness on planet earth during a shamanic death-and-rebirth process lasting from January 1995 to the year 2000, and offer here my insights and observations on the ongoing transformation of human consciousness, how to navigate the waves of change, and especially focusing on the role of queer people at this time.

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