The Return of the Holy Ones

When the Great Wars were over,

and the population numbed by

consumer dreams and TV screens,

the Chosen Ones began to return.

They took on a role that few would choose

but they know eternity and have nothing to lose,

the Holy Children were born to be gay,

to give, receive and make love this way…

to see if the world could find the true meaning of love…

but the centuries of homophobia had blocked this path to liberation,

the people didn’t see that to love the gay children

would lead the world to salvation.

Sacrificing themselves to teach compassion,

men dying of aids birthed a new global queer nation.

Still the wider world didn’t listen,

fighting and phobia continued –

so another troop was sent on the mission.

Genderbending, gentle and kind

definition transcending, born with two minds

part male and part female

these Sacred Souls have returned

and once more we’ll see if humanity has learned

the lessons of compassion,

the power of acceptance –

the essential precursors we need to enter the dance

of the Cosmos United, Pan-Dimensional Oneness

the Multiverse of Consciousness,

where Souls are at Home.

But once more the ‘phobes are fighting

declaring Gender Wars:

is gender physical or internal?

Are we playing with nature’s ‘laws’?

History can teach us another way of seeing

the people born to stand between male and female –

were the Chosen Ones, revered, sometimes feared

their power was considered real and spiritual.

Incarnating as transgender these souls were seen

as being in deeper contact with the divine dream,

as being sources of holiness, wisdom and blessings,

as gateways to the knowledge that there is more to life’s mystery

than it sometimes seems.

When the Great Wars were over

and the population numbed by consumer dreams and TV screens,

the Holy Ones began to return:

called Qedesha in the Bible,

they were called ‘womanish-men‘ in the first English Bible,

‘sodomites’ in the Bible of King James,

‘sacred men’ in Frazer’s Golden Bough

‘male shrine prostitutes’ in modern translations.

Born into a world of science and technology

the Chosen Ones have to break through the ideology

of a world cut off from the Source, the inner Light,

a world out of touch with the second sight

which reveals the cosmos of spirit all around,

that shifts life from the mundane to the profound,

Breaking through the mental walls

makes it possible to hear spirit’s call.

We live in a multiverse of magic and mystery

Queer Souls hold a key to the end of history

and the arrival of an age of LOVE

the Earth in harmony with the powers of Creation

as below, so above.

Published by shokti

i am shokti, lovestar of the eurofaeries, aka marco queer magician of london town. i explore the links between our sexual-physical nature and our spirits, running gatherings, rituals and Queer Spirit Festival. i woke up to my part in the accelerating awakening of light love and awareness on planet earth during a shamanic death-and-rebirth process lasting from January 1995 to the year 2000, and offer here my insights and observations on the ongoing transformation of human consciousness, how to navigate the waves of change, and especially focusing on the role of queer people at this time.

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