Two Ram New Moons

These times of change are hitting hard: 2 Ram New Moons, Aries fire of Self striking home because human consciousness is shifting to another zone. 2 Ram New Moons in 2023 they may knock us into sickness, physical, emotional or mental but the thing to remember is this is how it’s meant to manifest forContinue reading “Two Ram New Moons”

Victorian Cosmic Prophets

Some saw it coming in the Victorian age – prophets such as Whitman, Carpenter, Blavatsky, Bucke and James – the Cosmic Human soon to be born a race no longer lost, confused, forlorn – reunited with the Spirit of Life of Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Love with the Heavenly Son and the Divine Daughter movingContinue reading “Victorian Cosmic Prophets”


“The simple truth is, that there has lived on the earth, “appearing at intervals,” for thousands of years among ordinary men, the first faint beginnings of another race; walking the earth and breathing the air with us, but at the same time walking another earth and breathing another air of which we know little orContinue reading “COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS”