Challenges of Spiritual Manifestation

An excerpt from Two Flutes Playing by Andrew Ramer……

Very early in its history an asteroid came crashing into the planet Earth, knocking it off its course, causing physical damage, and tilting it on it axis. This event disrupted the inner and outer layers of the planet, creating an instability that in order to balance itself out, ultimately resulted in the birth of what you recognize as life. Earth is still unstable at its core, it still wobbles on its axis—in fact everything that lives upon it wobbles. To some, that is an awful tragedy, the cause of their difficulties, the source of their inability to successfully manifest spiritual intentions. For there are planets that do not wobble on their axes, do not have unstable cores. And certain individuals have lived before on such worlds, or visited them between incarnations. And when they get to Earth they often complain about the way that things are here. It does no good to tell such individuals that they have chosen to incarnate here, that no one forced them to do it. It does no good to remind such individuals that this world is one of the most varied and beautiful in this galaxy. The best that one can say to make life a bit easier is that the very factors that make Earth life difficult also make it challenging, creative and exciting.

If you have lived on a planet with a stable core whose axis does not wobble you will know what I am talking about. On such worlds, spiritual life is not difficult, one does not have to struggle to learn, remember and manifest spiritual intentions on the physical plane. But worlds like that are boring. They may not have war. But try and imagine a world where people whistle the same song for ten thousand years, and styles of clothes never change, and the same chants recited over and over again for millennia echo in the courtyards of their sacred places. That kind of life suits certain individuals. But if you are here, you can be certain that you left such a planet or checked it out and decided against it. For with all its faults, life upon the living, breathing being you call Earth is challenging and infinitely creative. The soul is stretched to its fullest capacities. And ultimately, the great difficulty is more than balanced out by the joy of Earth’s diversity and infinite creative possibilities. In a single Earth year in a single city, more songs can be written and performed than on certain planets in their entire history. Please remember that.

Some people would like to stabilize the core and right the planet’s axis. No matter that the planet enjoys its dance, its tilt. Some people, indeed some cultures, have set themselves up in the business of generating planetary stability. To this endeavor the Earth keeps saying, “No, just learn to dance with me.” It shimmies its surface, it drums at the core. It sings and it chants. Energy lines flow and spiral and weave themselves around the planet’s body in strange ways. Its continents are unsymmetrical. It storms and it rages. Such is its essence. Such is its nature. It shifts and it changes. Too fast for some, too often for many. But in its changing is growth and transformation. And those who have come knew this when they arrived here, emerged here. It is time to remember that. Time to move with it.

This planet is a pearl of great price. Its irregularities are what make it so valuable. So you can resist the Earth’s changing, get angry at it, or you can deepen yourself into its flesh and dance with it. Pain, suffering, are not the result of this instability at the core. Fear of the instability is the cause of those conditions. There are more unstable worlds. Worlds with many suns and moons all tugging at them. Worlds with earthquakes and volcanos in constant motion. Worlds whose surfaces bubble endlessly like oatmeal. The beings there adjust to them eventually, move with them. It may take life after physical life. But they do it. As you shall, on your dancing planet. If your ideal of perfection is changeless, if you imagine an Earth where things stay the same generation after generation—imagine again, for that will never happen. So too, if your goal for yourself is a state of static beingness, you need to change it. All life wobbles on this planet. Wobbles, or dances. As sometimes, when someone bumps into you on the dance floor, you turn to them with anger in your eyes. And sometimes, you turn to them and love stares back, and the bruise on your thigh was all worth it. So with Earth. It smiles, and rubs its hip.

When you understand fire, you no longer stick your hand in it, you contain it and cook with it. When you understand the wobble, you no longer fear it or hate it, you move with it, use it. And sometimes, when your life is a mess, when you’ve been in therapy for 57 years and you’re still falling in love with the wrong person—stop blaming your parents or yourself. Stop and take a deep breath and say to yourself—“I’m living on a world that wobbles on its axis. It has seasons and changes. And sometimes, what seems to be going wrong in my life isn’t really a flaw in my nature. It’s just that I haven’t learned to wobble with the world yet.” The Earth laughs at itself. Can you? Can you feel it laughing?

two flutes

Published by shokti

i am shokti, lovestar of the eurofaeries, aka marco queer magician of london town. i explore the links between our sexual-physical nature and our spirits, running gatherings, rituals and Queer Spirit Festival. i woke up to my part in the accelerating awakening of light love and awareness on planet earth during a shamanic death-and-rebirth process lasting from January 1995 to the year 2000, and offer here my insights and observations on the ongoing transformation of human consciousness, how to navigate the waves of change, and especially focusing on the role of queer people at this time.

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