The Soul decides when it’s time to go

the Body knows and it lets it show

We can resist, we can assist

Dying is inevitable but it’s not the end

As the portals open

We can see, we can listen

Between the Worlds

To the Ancestors’ songs

We might speak of what we see and hear

This will help release the fear

From all those at our side

We might remember why we came here

See the many gifts of being queer

Understand our connection to the invisible worlds

And bring through the blessings, the love unfurled


From Two Flutes Playing:

“Life does not begin at birth or end at death. Life extends beyond body and time, into and out of a spaciousness like the most powerful of dreams. Words alone cannot describe it. Perhaps 3-D film might one day do it, reveal the fluid vastness that life is. But one aspect of life is creating a body to focus yourself in. To do this is holy, to do this is a gift. You live in many bodies, as a painter paints many canvasses. Death is not the destruction of the artist. Death is the beginning of another phase in your timeless creativity.

“Gayness is the coming together of certain strands of humanness. This particular arrangement, particular frequency, resonates well with certain functions in the human community. It is a nurturing frequency, a strong and caring one, that expresses itself in every possible way, yet excels at certain ones. To make art, to dance, to make beauty of body, food, home, all of these can be gifts of this energy. But working with those who are dying, working with death, is one of the skills that have been forgotten, not only by your community, but by the world itself. And many have died without the comforting hand of son, cousin, friend. But time brings all powers back to themselves. Time makes you remember this….

“You as soul create many bodies to express yourself through, in different times, in different places, as female and male, as straight and gay. You are born many times and you die many times. Death is that part of the soul’s process of recreating itself. The work of gay midwives to the dying is not easy. But you can tap into the place where you have done it before. You can tap into your guides, you can tap into the source of love, which permeates the universe. Love binds all together. No one is separate from love, from spirit. And death is not a separation. It is only a change in frequency.”


Life and Death having a conversation where Life asks, “How come people love me yet hate you?” and Death replies, “Because you are a beautiful lie and I’m a painful truth.” Life is called Maya by the Hindus and Samsara by the Buddhists, an illusion of separation and suffering to be seen through, understood and transcended. Finding peace with death is the fastest way to do that. It’s not generally that we choose when we face our feelings and fears about death – it is quite usual that life deals us a card at a certain point on our journey which brings our mortality into focus.



Day is balanced by night. Summer is balanced by winter. Female by male. Right by left.

Life is balanced by death.

Modern culture in the west has cut us off from our own deep inner understanding of death and the spirit realms. The process started under the monotheistic religious hegemony as the priests made entry into heaven dependent on obeying the rules set down for life, but modern generations are afraid of death also because the rationalist atheistic worldview denies that there is any possibility that our core substance, our sense of self, survives the demise of the body.

Yet the world is still full of believers in the spirit, whose hearts just cannot let go of faith entirely just because the rational modern culture tells them to. The heart knows through feelings, which are deeper than words, more ancient and more in touch with the profound and the sacred. And increasingly there are believers who have removed themselves from the philosophical grip of mainstream religion and prefer to think for themselves, respecting and learning from all the mystical pathways of planet earth rather than making one right and the others all wrong, and from direct interaction with spirit.

Belief in a divine source and presence within creation leads to experience of that blessed sacred being, which can come in many many ways. It can manifest as inner peace or ecstatic joy, as a powerful compassionate love for all beings, creative outbursts, or direct communication, in words, pictures or feelings, with other levels of consciousness. Experience leads to faith and the realisation that the spirit is alive in all beings, giving life to all beings and knowing itself through all beings. Humans really are incredible creatures, but to discover our potential we need to face our fears, the biggest of which are usually related to ‘god’ and death. The good news is that god really is love, and not an overbearing patriarch: god, as the shaman says, is life itself. To get to know god-ness, focus on that, not on myths designed to scare the populace into obedience, and we can move on from the age of patriarchal control via religion and the sword, and from the confusion and disrespect for life and the planet that comes from an spirit-denying attitude to life.

If we open ourselves to the flow of spirit through life and feel the existence of eternity within our own being, it gets easier to drop the fear of death. Then we really can become more alive, in the moment, open to what the universe offers us. We can drop the emotional loads we carry and forgive ourselves and others for the mistakes we have made due to fear or ignorance. We can literally enter into a new life, reborn to be miracle workers and help humanity stop fighting over beliefs and GROW UP in time to take care of our ailing planet.


two flutes

From Earth Ancestors, Two Flutes Playing:

“What began with a planetary threat of death by ice now ends with your threat of death to the planet itself. But you survived the ice. You can survive your own inventions if enough of you are able to reconnect to the love in yourselves and begin to share it in the world. There are many, many thousands of us here, Earth Ancestors. Some of us are connected to places on the planet itself, while others are bound to activities, actions, crafts, to groups of people. We are guides and teachers, pattern-carriers. We are woven into human consciousness. Many of us are the particular guides of the gay tribe, sharing our ancient wisdom with you, for we are planetary archivists. But above all—we are Friends. As you evolve, we evolve also. As this next cycle of human history begins, we shall move on and some of you shall take our places, woven into human consciousness, as sign posts for the next cycle of incarnational history. You shall become the guardians of love and work and exploration. You shall join the flow of human sentient Earth energy, as it takes its rightful place in the universal web of consciousness, linking planet to planet, incarnate and discarnate, physical and non-physical. Joyfully. For the soul.

“There are thousands and thousands of us, discarnate Earth Ancestors. We are with you all the time. All that is needed for us to reconnect is your turning toward us in stillness and speaking, your turning toward us in dream and allowing us to come through. Anyone can talk with us. Once, all human beings did it, and one day soon all human beings may be doing it again. For some, it will be easiest to begin by reaching out to someone you have known and loved who has left the physical realm. Talk to them, call on them. Feel their presence, remembering that not everyone will communicate in words. Some will see pictures, some will feel energy, others will simply move from a place of inspiration. Some will sense light, others will be filled with sound or with vibration. All of this is connection. Not words alone, but feeling, love. Turn to us. We are waiting. Trust that the doors between incarnate and discarnate can be opened again. Move through that door from a place of love and wisdom in yourself, and expanded love and wisdom will meet you. Some will see us, some will hear our names. Many will find it easiest to sit quietly with paper and ask for words to be given through you. It may take time to tell the difference between what you write and what is written through you. But we are all one, and it doesn’t matter who said what you write, if it is loving, practical, spiritual and useful.

We are all one, all connected. Let love come through, and it will guide you. Call on us in love. Call on us when you sit alone and in your tribal circles. Call on the scouting ancestors of the East, the flute playing ancestors of the South, your shaman ancestors from the West, and your hunter ancestors from the North. Ancestors, grandfathers of the gay people, call on us in your meditations, and we will be with you to inspire, heal and guide you.

“We are ancient. Our wisdom predates all religions on your world today, although what we taught your physical ancestors remains in the heart of all your faiths. We can step in and out of linear time, although that is not the only time there is. And as your history carries you to the end of this current era and the beginning of the next one, we who have been with you since its beginning make ourselves known to you again. In the past, people turned directly to us for advice. But as information was codified, in story, song, memorized or written down, the connections between incarnate and discarnate humans were largely forgotten. Not lost, but obscured. Not discarded, but misunderstood. People forgot how to make those connections, except through trance or mind-altering substances or accident induced by trauma. People at the end of the Ice Age could all talk to us as easily as you now talk to someone on a phone. Then in a period of less than two thousand years, as the ice withdrew and humans turned their attention to other matters, the close, intimate, constant connections between all incarnate and discarnate human beings changed.

“We did not go away, the Earth Ancestors. But you only opened up to us in trance, in vision, in dream. We sustained unconscious connections as you learned to live in the world in a different way. Till you came to the point in your history when you could both live in a world of technology and communicate with the discarnates. You needed to do this, in order to evolve in consciousness. But now it is time to own your skills and function out of a new wholeness.”


We are all everyone and everything, change the perception change the experience

Let’s rename Death. Let’s call it Passing.

Let’s reunite with the other side of the veil

And drink the blessings of the Holy Grail.

Published by shokti

i am shokti, lovestar of the eurofaeries, aka marco queer magician of london town. i explore the links between our sexual-physical nature and our spirits, running gatherings, rituals and Queer Spirit Festival. i woke up to my part in the accelerating awakening of light love and awareness on planet earth during a shamanic death-and-rebirth process lasting from January 1995 to the year 2000, and offer here my insights and observations on the ongoing transformation of human consciousness, how to navigate the waves of change, and especially focusing on the role of queer people at this time.

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