Song of Queer Spirit

Singing through the clouds

shining through the stars

Rising through the ocean

stirring in the land…..

Queer Spirit….

Calling to queer souls

to remember the ancient ways

celebrating the Oneness of nature and consciousness

the dance of divine design

in which the only thing that believes in separation

is the human mind.

The Sun and Moon and Planets

move through the heavens plotting the way

The Outer and Inner and Transcendent

all must have their day.


Autumn-Winter is the inner season

and Spring-Summer the outer

Transcendence is always accessible

We just have to get ourselves out of the way.

Liberating humanity from gender rules

and sexuality from centuries from repression

Revealing the power in the heart

Queer Spirit sings to Queers across planet Earth

to wake up and know our path.


The Wheel turns and seasons change

It’s time for us to rise again

Once we held the keys to Spirit

Now once again time to live it

To open the gates and bathe humanity

in a queer light of love that brings health and sanity.

Singing through the long dark nights

Singing up the light of day

Queer Light rising, shining, BRIGHT

Remembering our history

Reclaiming our power

Proclaiming our destiny

Here comes our Queer hour.


Singing through the clouds

shining through the stars

Rising through the ocean

stirring in the land…..

Queer Spirit….

Calling to queer souls

Remember the divine design

Free our souls, for now comes our time

To return in full glory

And re-write our story

Powers long forgotten

Are rising once more

Queer Spirit calls us

To walk through the door

Claim our power, claim our truth

We are here to walk proud

Leave behind shame’s shroud

Queer Spirit is calling us HOME.


JULY 26-30, 2017.  WILTSHIRE, UK


Arriving in Spring: the I AM RAM


The spirit of Aries is the sense of I AM

Pisces month concludes the winter journey, Equinox brings the point of Balance

between day and night, light and dark, the ‘inner’ and ‘outer’ halves of the year

between the water of Pisces and the fire of Aries

and between the underlying earth energy of Winter and the air spirit of Spring.

During Pisces we experience the full blast of the emotional/spiritual energy affecting us the collective consciousness

Because our materialist scientific medical paradigm does not give due weight and attention to the emotional and spiritual aspects of human life, many are thrown into difficulties and crises by that wave of winter energy, which is actually there to help us heal and renew ourselves ready for the growth period of the year.  The modern pace of life makes little allowance for the space individuals require to understand and process this kind of energy wave, with sickness in the body the inevitable result.

It has been a deeply transformative 6 months for so many people since the Autumn Equinox. This can be viewed as a time of crisis or one of healing opportunity.  How we viewed the Winter journey in our minds will have influenced how we experienced, and felt during it.  Now Winter releases us: Aries arrives and we shift from the feeling place of Pisces into a an action place based on the fire of the I AM, the individual emerging from the ocean of the collective.  Spirit has had a strong grip on our journeys this winter, but now we are released to forge our paths again, looking forward to the more energetic and expressive seasons now beginning. We should however, continue to listen to Spirit.. speaking to us in our hearts, in the trees, in nature, in synchronicities, through animals and people, and follow the path our soul has already dreamed for us.

Our personal independent wave can now find its way and shine its fire-light, liberated from the oceanic pull of feeling every feeling going around and around the cosmos.

We rise as fire out of the water, the Capricorn moon on the Equinox day giving us the drive to see our path and get moving on our goals.  The moon is waning to darkness during the first week of Spring, with a new moon coming in Aries on March 28th.  The inward pull of the waning moon means that this first week of the new season is a time of blending the energies of inner and outer, finishing off the healing work of winter, bringing us to a powerful point of affirmation and direction at the new moon.

Aries energy is passionate, energetic and enthusiastic. It brings initiative, courage and determination, thrives on physical activity and taking challenges. It helps us get things done.  It’s time to be Who We Are.




Our Most Ancient Original Ancestry

ONCE UPON A TIME all Love and Play and Sex between humans on planet earth was natural, normal and not-restricted-by-laws. We lived in the garden of Eden in the sense that we had not made some things right and some things wrong. We experienced the innocence of being a child of creation.. Every day we saw miracles, the wonder of life impressed us. We explored our urges and lived until we died, which we did without fear, for we saw the dance of eternity in all things, we saw that everything runs in cycles – day/night, summer/winter – and we accepted the death between lives.

Our most ancient original ancestry calls to the modern world’s incarnate queer spirits: the transgendered and the gay and lesbian communities, to the hippy rainbow children, to the disabled communities and to the sexual outsiders – to all who are born to question the authority of the status quo and participate in the shift of human consciousness to higher levels of unity and understanding in all areas of life, from the sexual to the social and political, to the spiritual.

Our most ancient original ancestry calls to us all to remember that we are born souls, free and pure made from the divine template – in god’s image (male and female, in his/her image Genesis 1:27), the Atman is Brahman say the Hindus, the I AM is THAT and the nature of THAT is LOVE/ANANDA/LIGHT. They call us to realise that our bodies are temples, and that sexuality is sacred: it is the divine life force, able to open the channels of spirit within and between us. The time has come to overcome and unravel the fears and taboos around sexuality, and instead honour it for its potential to take us on the fast track to self-knowledge and enlightenment.

Our most ancient original ancestry calls the queer peoples to embrace our nature as twin souls/ two-spirits. The native americans were aware that those born with a combination of masculine and feminine energies had certain propensities that made them best suited to certain roles in the tribe, and today the Two Spirits are reclaiming their history and roles.  There is a history of queer/non-binary people taking roles as spiritual functionaries, shamans and healers on every continent.

Our most ancient original ancestry reminds the queer people of the world that we are born today as spirits following the call of the soul to grow into who we really are and to become what we can be – healers and mediums, artists and poets, creators of harmony and balance within the human race.

Many on the planet still fear and hate us. We challenge them to face their own fears. Our existence challenges them to live up to their ideals of love and religion. We are the sign that humanity is ready for a more heart centred era where we learn to live as one spirit, one species, beyond ignorance and prejudice, putting love at the centre of human life, and giving room for all to follow their hearts.

Our most ancient original ancestry lived at a time before ‘Thou Shalt Not’ had not been thought of. In some parts of the world this original state was never forgotten, but a different paradigm became dominant. The call goes out to invoke this knowledge, this remembrance on behalf of all queer souls, for the good of all people, on the planet today.


A Shaft of Inspiration


THESE are the interchangeable representations of GOD:

LIFE * LIGHT * LOVE * the three big Ls

I permeate my whole Being with awareness that I am Life, Light, Love right now, right here and that my Consciousness is inseparable from Divine Consciousness, the only Consciousness there is. It becomes for me the continuum for manifesting whatever, whoever I richly, steadfastly desire – be it perfect health, abundance, the right environment round about me, companionship, energy and rest of the adventure which is joyfully my Divine Right so I can freely share my Beingness. I shall not compromise. I shall feel, think, speak and behave out of this base of knowingness. I AM this knowing and this being, for I am that I am! So Be It Now!

We are determining it, it is not determining us. Therefore: perfect health, abundance, companionship, field of labour are our choice. But Divine Director has already chosen! So we are the chooser and the choice. There is but One Way as there is but One Will. Life, Light and Love is ME, and this Me has chosen to incarnate without loss of Divine Identity. Act in accordance with this Knowledge and you act in the full power of God. The skin is the organ of connectedness with all around you. The cells act in obedience to your direction. Keep clean healthy and joyful, playful, abundance-full…. leap for joy and share your joyfulness! We are all connected with one another as the Divine Connection! SO BE IT NOW!

DEAR Children of GOD, be of good cheer! Why not open yourselves to being aware of your place in the Divine Design? For today you are free to accept the full inheritance as Love. Light and Love pour into your hearts and make this day always a magical one. Explore your Divine, unsevered connection enwrapped in the skin of tangible, unconditional feeling of being loveable and loved.



Carlo (1927-2012) was an Ambassador of Peace, an Avatar of the New Age and a Channel of the Ascended Masters.  I met him at the  Connections spiritual conference in London in 1998 and he played a crucial role helping me accept and understand the massive transformation that I was undergoing.  We journeyed together through dimensions, brought messages through from St Germain and the above channelling from the Divine Mother.  Through him I got to speak with Sweet Mother and the great teacher Aurobindo (“we call him Satchi” said Sweet Mother) and learn that my role here is to create and not to channel:  “We want to hear your words, hear your music, we don’t ask you to channel ours.”











Queer Shamans

THE QUEER SHAMANS who play, dance and work in light and dark

not afraid of either

for they are in touch with the ether

and the rainbow that lies beyond

the illusion of duality

the effects of electromagnetism and gravity

they’ve come to restore some sanity



calls together awakening queers in touch with nature and spirit

… explorers of consciousness, lust and love…  of laughter, light and liberation

The potential lies in us to bring together day and night

To reveal the multiverse beyond

To sing the Goddess song.

Sometimes that song is full of rage

Sometimes it’s sweet and nurturing

Unlocking the gifts of crone and sage

The next chapter of the Aquarian story

Calling to the Witch in every Queer

To the Priestess in every Lesbian

To the Shaman in every Gay barman

The Divine Mother in every Bear

The Abbot in every Faggot

The Deity in every Dyke

The Radical in every Faerie


Queer Spirit Festival.  July 26-30, 2017.  Wiltshire UK


Warriors on the Way of Awakening

The Full Moon Eclipse in Leo (February 10/11, 2017) opens a portal for a leap in the collective consciousness of humanity.  The Sun is in the sign of the collective spirit, Aquarius, while the Full Moon shines brightly on our individual manifestations of the Oneness that gives rise to our existence.  The Eclipse indicates a shift in consciousness, coming for us individually but with the potential to make a powerful impact on the whole,  especially regarding our understanding of our place in the whole, and how the whole fits and works as a single dance present in all creation.  Also in how we express our part in that, how we ‘show up’ in the world.

The Eclipse gives us the push to let go of old beliefs.  attitudes, and  behaviours that do not serve our well -being in the world.  Beliefs that foster the experience of separation, alienation and fear within us.  Aquarius is the most cosmic air sign and it wants us to know ourselves as both the individual ego identity and as the awesome, transcendent Oneness that shines within us on its many dimensions.

The materialist, scientific, rational paradigm that seeks to reduce all existence to numbers and equations, is not serving our collective evolution as a species.  Many societies are in crisis. This time of awakening is a time of shift towards a remembering that life is a mystery school, a dream within which we can wake up and learn to dream consciously, creatively, compassionately.


The idea that life is one consciousness experiencing itself multifacetedly and subjectively, is spreading in the world.  Teachers such as Eckhart Tolle, Amma, Mooji, Deepak Chopra, Adyashanti are leading and revealing the shift as humanity learns that all religions are attempts to shine light on the single Truth. But the deep-rooted beliefs that we carry in separation do not let go easily. If we fully embrace the idea of one consciousness, one love, then that love will transform us absolutely, but it can take time to let go of old thinking patterns and self-destructive attitudes.  This is the path of surrender and grace that monastic communities have long studied, and this is a journey that is best undertaken with support.

Once we have embraced the idea of one consciousness we then embark on a journey of discovery, of questioning and challenges, teaching us to surrender to the path our own soul has already laid out for us.  Embracing life as a mystery school, we start to find signs and wonders, clues and keys to our own spirit and to the infinitude of reality.  Luckily our ancestors left maps for us to use.  The Wheel of the Year is the Pagan calendar which also acts as a guide to the constantly flowing and changing energies of nature, which affect us all the time.  We can deepen our relationship with and understanding of the One Love by being aware of moon phases, celebrating the quarter and cross-quarter festivals, and learning about the energies of the astrological signs, which take us each year on a journey through the soul, into human potential.  Astrology is a wisdom tradition that teaches us much more about the divine complexity of existence than materialist science can touch.  Christianity tried to suppress astrology for centuries because of the knowledge and power it can unlock.


As Eckhart Tolle wrote, “All religions are equally false and equally true, depending on how you use them. You can use them in the service of the ego, or you can use them in the service of the Truth. If you believe only your religion is the Truth, you are using it in the service of the ego. Used in such a way, religion becomes ideology and creates an illusory sense of superiority as well as division and conflict between people. In the service of the Truth, religious teachings represent signposts or maps left behind by awakened humans to assist you in spiritual awakening, that is to say, in becoming free of identification with form.”

The big trap that Christianity is stuck in is based on a fundamental misunderstanding of the mystical nature of many of the utterances ascribed to Jesus. When he declared ‘I am the way, the light, the truth’ he was speaking at the cosmic Self, that we all are.  He was in fact telling us ‘I AM IS THE WAY’…. The I AM that we all experience individually is the creator source god.  The Self is what is happening in Creation.  This would have made more sense perhaps to the Jewish people at the time because their name for God, YAHWEH, means exactly that – I AM.  Hinduism gives the same message when it says the ATMAN, the individual soul, IS BRAHMAN, the Oversoul. Each one of us is a manifestation of the ONE.  This basic mystical truth was hidden by religions that became servants of the state, from Roman times onwards.  Religions became systems of control and domination, of separation and division, but the fundamental truth – that the One Spirit can be found within us all, through any sincere spiritual path, and through the simple day to day experience of life lived from the heart – will always be here.

Let’s take Jesus off his cross.  He was put there by those who wish to put us all there.  He symbolised our divinity and our suffering while we played out the game of history.  Jesus is a love god, came to show us what we are.  The Kingdom of Heaven is within, he told us.  Hallelujah. Maybe enough of us are now hearing it for the ripple effect of this Leo Full Moon Eclipse to be huge.   The light of the Leo Self can shine in us as the glory of the Aquarian rebirth coming to humanity.  There are warriors on the way of awakening in position all around the globe and the game is on.


Super Human: Chems and Consciousness

Shamans across the world have always used substances from nature to expand their consciousness and commune with other layers of reality.  Modern humanity has all kinds of chemical magic that we have added to this pot of potential, but pays too little attention to the reality of the multiverse our trips take us too.

LSD opens the mind

Ecstasy opens the heart

Cocaine boosts the power centre

Crystal Meth/G/Mephedrone expand the sexual drive

(at least that’s all gay men seem to be using them for)


If we take them all is human potential unleashed?

Better to understand that human potential exists without the chems

When we understand what we are:  divine ecstatic souls incarnate

Chems become signposts to the Way, doors to our own nature,

That can show us the unity of consciousness on the dance floor

Take us on journeys through the infinite mind space

That can reveal how strong and mighty the love within us is

Can point to our powerful potential as humans

And unlock the spirit trapped in the body.

They can reveal the thing that science keeps concealed

That the mental, emotional and spirit planes

Are vast, eternal and REAL.


We have travelled and explored the physical

Right down to the quantum level

But while we are a species trapped in conflict and division

The gates to the other realms remain largely closed

One day all will see that the soul is part of infinity

The mental, emotional and spirit dimensions

Are as real, as vast, or even more so, than the physical

Humans have a lot to explore and discover yet

But we still haven’t got a grip on the basics.


The idea that existence is an accident

Or the result of a physical big bang

Will be as ridiculous in the future

As the idea of a flat earth is to us today.

The idea of denying God

Because of the amount of suffering on planet earth

Will be as ridiculous in the future

As the idea that the earth is the centre of the universe.


Existence is made of the forces of Creation

Preservation and Destruction/Transformation

These are the God powers and they exist in us

We live in a free will zone with divine power

In our thoughts, hearts, will and loins

We are the Creators, Preservers, Destroyer/Transformers

It’s time to own our powers

And recognise

That One Spirit is emanating here

As black, yellow, red, white, as straight, bi, queer

The refugee suffering loss is you

The Age of Aquarius will be online soon.

To get there we have to break so many delusions

Escape and transform so much confusion

But when unity is grasped

And our power so vast

Embraced and channelled for love

The veils will lift and the multiverse be revealed

The r-evolution will come.


Stay strong through the tumult

Life is a game but it’s destination is clear

Move beyond division, move beyond fear

The Age of Aquarius

The Age of the Super Humans

Is almost here.


Gay Sex is Magical

Magic… the act of Transformation of Consciousness at Will

This is what queers do.  When we get together with a shared intention we weave our emotional and sexual energies in ways that create atmospheres, in which magical experiences happen.  Cavernous railway arches become nirvanic dance venues.  Cellars become incredible sex  dungeons.  Park toilets become sex temples.  Woodland cruising areas become Pan’s Arcadia.  Sometimes we take drugs to enhance the experience, and once again we are performing that very act of magic, as defined by Doreen Valiente, English witch prominent in the revival  of the craft from the 1950s in the UK, the act of Transforming Consciousness at Will.

Thing is, there is more to this magic stuff than getting a good fuck.  Sexual energy is powerful when directed through will and especially when empowered by love, as Alistair Crowley discovered.  “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law” said Alistair and we could say that many gay men running around on the chemsex  scene at the moment are followers of his creed.  In particular an absence of care and compassion for each other is glaringly apparent, our scenes can be very abusive. It would be better if the ‘Wiccan Rede’ as spoken by Doreen Valiente was deeper in our consciousness  – a few decades after Alistair’s wild experiments in magic Doreen gave us this: “And it harm none, do what ye will.”  We could trace a root for this creed back to St Augustine in the 4th Century AD, who wrote “Dilige, et quod vis fac”, which can be translated as “Love, and do what you will.”  The Free Spirit movements of the Middle Ages developed this into a belief that a soul in a state of love union with god could not sin, whatever they did, a belief the Catholic church took great pains to eradicate.

The forces unleashed in our sexual games can turn out to be stronger than our wills, and is why we also need strong love in our hearts to balance the demanding energies of lust.  The sexual drive, or the urge to get high, can take over our lives.  Never before in recorded human history have men been as free to have sex with each other, shamelessly and promiscuously, as we are now.  AIDS didn’t destroy our new found liberation, though HIV certainly held it back a while.  Now, thanks to PEP and PrEP and undetectable viral loads, that liberation is spinning so fast, out of control for increasing numbers.  GAY MEN ARE PLAYING WITH THE CREATIVE AND DESTRUCTIVE POWERS OF THE UNIVERSE, OPENING THE GATES TO FORCES BEYOND OUR CONTROL, INVOKING DEMONS AND  ENTITIES WITH NO IDEA WHAT TO DO WITH THEM.  Those demons may simply exist within our own beings, or not, but I use  the word to describe dark, hungry, insatiable, destructive forces that can suck away at a person’s soul until we are left emotionless, friendless and empty.  There is rather a lot of this going on, it’s less visible than AIDS, but it is also devastating –  a kind of soul death, though the physical shell, the zombie, lives on.

Gay sex clubs and saunas may disappear, our cottages have closed and our parks are quiet, but more men are cruising than ever before.  We cruise on our phones now.  The sexual urge can be pursued at any moment in any place by anyone. This is a sexual liberation that the world has not seen before. But good magic doesn’t just come from sex.  It comes from our connection to nature, from how we connect to each other, and to ourselves.  Unfortunately too much of the action on the sex scene seems to feed a sense of disconnect and isolation, it is not good magic at all.

The chase is exciting.  The liberation is … liberating.  The pleasures to be had are… unlimited.  The big lie of the scientific paradigm is that pleasure is a just an irrelevant by-product of human life.  Pleasure is rather a core principle of nature.  The glorious diversity and joy in nature surely reveals that?  Life is not all about functionality.  It is also about sensation, pleasure, bliss, union and communion.


A key to working our queer way out of the mess some of gay life seems to be heading deeper into is LOVE.  Not necessarily finding a monogamous partner and shielding ourselves  from  the world’s temptations… it’s more that we need to acknowledge that we have big hearts and that the love in us, just like the sexual joy in us, wants to expand and grow – infinitely.  We are capable to loving many, loving the whole world.  It is the love we carry as queer souls that empowers our magic, our ability to create fabulous zones of creativity, play and release.  When we learn to love ourselves first and bring love to our sex games and love to do all we do then the dark forces that eat away at us will abate.  Loneliness, insecurity, drive our games.  But so does the search to experience, expand and know love.  When we choose to meet each other in order to share love as well as lust we open energy channels that infinitely heighten the experience.  Drugs then will cease to have such a hold.  I once wrote on my Grindr profile… “Chems are a substitute for love… Let’s have more love in our sex games”.  But for some reason this was not allowed by the grindr censor.

Actually, the  greatest single drive behind the massive drug use going on in gay men’s lives in some places, and the equation of sex with drug use, seems to be a wish for uninhibited abandon and surrender to the sexual urge. Drugs switch off the critical mind, which can lead to some poor decision making and severe risk taking, but they allow men to experience themselves as the utterly crazed and liberated sex slut they maybe dream of being.  So I suggest there are two huge steps we could take as gay men to overcome this harrowing and difficult part of our evolution:

  • OVERCOME INHIBITION. This is an individual challenge for each man who wants to feel sexually free, but could be encouraged by ‘public health’ campaigns similar to the safe sex message that we used to be bombarded with from every direction.   We need public campaigns celebrating the liberation that comes from ditching the shame, fear and guilt we carry around sex, that rejoice in arse licking and cock sucking as forms of divine meditation.  “I get so high from having good sex I know drugs would only mess it up” would be the message.
  • VIEW SEX AS MAGIC. Magic is the Art of Transformation of Consciousness at Will. Magic, like sex, shifts our emotional and mental energies into new places.  Through the body’s sensations we can enter elevated states of consciousness –  and increased awareness of chakras, of the play of the elements within us, and of the potential in our hearts to give unconditional love, will take our sex games ever further into magical realms.

I meet guys in their 20s who lament that gay sex has become a drug fuelled pastime in their adult lifetime.   If at that age they can remember a simpler time, we have not come very far down this dark tunnel.  I am not trying to deny that drugs can add to the sexual experience, I am simply observing that what we really seek will not be found via a tina pipe or bump of meph.  We can use enhancements if we choose, but they are a lot more fun if we actually know what we are doing sexually.  And if we really know what we are doing, and are free of the inhibitions that restrict our joy, the drugs will perhaps become a distraction, a hindrance, something easily left behind.








Sodomy is Prayer


Sodomy is prayer

The penis is the most potent symbol of the divine masculine principle

With each ejaculation it has the potential  to create life or deliver disease that can lead to death

The sacred power of sexuality was recognised by ancient religions the world over

India has not entirely lost its heritage here – the Shiva lingam is worshipped still in temples

In India there used to be temples honouring sexuality full of fantastic erotic art which the Christians and Muslims destroyed.

As there had been in the Middle East during the nearly 10 millennia of the Mesopotamian empires

And which still existed amongst the tribes of Israel

Kings Chapter 14 mentions the phallic poles erected as worship of the earth mother Asherah

And male shrine prostitutes, the Qedesha, which means The Holy or Consecrated Ones

But which was translated in the King James Bible simply as sodomites.

Sodomy is about pleasure

Pleasure is the principle of the divine feminine

Receptive receiving the potency of the masculine

It does not matter what gender our body might appear

We are all a mix of feminine, masculine and more

Sodomy opens the backgates  to Heaven

Which as Jesus said is found inside

Those who receive the fist know this best


Throughout ancient Europe the spiritual work was performed by women, feminine men and transgendered people.

The galli were wandering priest/esses of the Goddess Cybele in the time of the Roman Empire

Ergi was the word for the femininsed shamans of Scandinavia

There were male witches burned across Europe during the Witch Hunts as well as female

Christianity has its own queer history.  Saint Sebastian.  Serge and Bacchus.  Saint Anselm. Aelred of Rievaulx, Michelangelo.

But mostly Christianity went about stamping out any traces of the link between male sexual love and the sacred, destroying movements such as the Cathars that accepted it, and wiping out pagan worship, in which it had always featured.  Ancient mythologies all included deities who changed gender, who had same-sex love affairs, who were worshipped in single gender sex cults.

When the Christians went to the Americas they were shocked to find cross dressing gender benders in  same-sex relationships performing  roles as sacred functionaries in the tribes, and sodomy totally accepted as normal, as it was in Africa and the Far East until the Europeans spread their poison.  In China and Japan homosex was even seen as a privilege enjoyed by the monastic classes.  In Africa there are records of powerful  gay male wizards, eg the Quimbanda in Angola

Islam has its own queer history.  Until very recent times Sufi love poetry through centuries reflected the joy of love and intimacy between males.  Rumi, Hafiz are great medieval queer mystics who realised divinity through knowing love with another man

Plato testified to this too.

“Plato’s theory of love is fleshed out in the Phaedrus and the Symposium. Like many Greeks of his era and social position, Plato is most interested in the same-sex desire that can exist between an older and a younger man, but there is no reason to suppose that his theory of love does not also apply to other kinds of erotic relationship. That having been said, Plato distinguishes the kind of love that can give rise to philia from a baser kind of love that is enjoyed by those who are more given to the body than to the soul. Rather than underpin the search for truth, this baser kind of love is almost designed to impede it.

“… if erotic love can be transformed into the best kind of friendship, then it can open up a blissful life of shared understanding in which desire, friendship, and philosophy are in perfect resonance with one another.”


In some parts of the world there are more men exploring their sexual desires for other men more freely, more frequently than ever before

In others men like us live in fear as do other queers

AIDS taught us that unbridled sexuality is dangerous

Drug addiction and dark abusive sexual scenarios are teaching the same thing now to many men

But sexuality is divine, is holy

It can transform us, uplift us or destroy us

We play with fire when we connect sexually with others

Even more so when we take chemicals too

We shift our consciousness through an act of will

Which is the definition of magic

We are witch souls, shamans, playing our games as we always did

But now there are so many of us

And we have so little idea what we are doing.

Fire is the element that lifts us to Spirit

That sets our souls alight

When we play we are praying

Pumping energy into the world

But if our thoughts are dark

Our prayers come out twisted

We are called Gay

Because we are souls ready for Freedom and Joy

But without an anchor in spirit

Without the spirit of prayer

A man can get lost.

If we look for, recognise and give love to god in each other when we meet

Our prayerful play will open heaven’s gates

It will be better than Tina, than Mephedrone, than G

It will be the triumphant return of Sodomy

To the Holy Act it was designed to be.

When Bodies unite and Souls unite

We give birth to Light.


Once upon a time, the whole world over, the phallus was revered as a sacred:


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shokti: Tales of Queer Mystical Emergence

As 2016 draws to its end I reflect on the changes in gay life since I came out of the closet in 1986 aged 21.  The coming year, 2017, will see a lot of soul-searching and analysis of the journey the lgbtq community has been on since the partial decriminalisation of sex between men in ’67.   Here some thoughts from someone whose life was kicked into passionate and romantic technicolour by the act of coming out, but nearly cut short by AIDS a few years later, and who has transformed from shy-repressed country boy to global activist via the embrace of the spiritual aspects of his homosexuality.

21 was the legal age of consent for gay sex when I came out, and although it was fear of social rebuke rather than respect for the law that led me to hide my sexual attractions during my teenage years, the timing does demonstrate that as a young man I didn’t want to rock the boat, to break the rules.  Coming Out of the closet was for me a catalyst for many things, not simply sexual acts.  From this point on I no longer felt obliged to obey the rules and follow the norms of society.  Far from using my Cambridge degree to get myself onto a well-paid career path I became a queer kind of ‘drop out’:   the exploration of the sexual urges, so long repressed, and the excitement of love affairs and potential relationship became much more important to me than the pursuit of work, status and money.

I had been repressing my urge to have sex with men since at least the age of 12.  The only gay representations I saw on TV at that age were characters such as John Inman, Larry Grayson and Kenneth Williams – and while I found them all very funny, there was no way I wished to be seen to be ‘like them’.  In my later teenage years there was a shift – suddenly glamorous gay pop was all over the TV.  1981 saw New Romantic music and style offer a promise of a brighter future after the gloomy years of the 1970s, where punk seemed to be symbolic of the collapse of society.  Boy George, Marc Almond, Pete Burns, Jimmy Somerville were presenting queerness to the world, and the more ‘straight’ bands of the time, such as Duran Duran, Spandau Ballet, were in some ways even more camp and gay.  Rock star Freddie Mercury’s homosexuality became known.  Being queer became less associated with the fey male, the box of queer expression opened and revealed its more masculine side, its rebellious side, its in-your-face side.

In my college at Cambridge University there was one out man and one out woman.  Plunged into this new world I continued to hide who I was, had girlfriends and tried to be ‘normal’ – until one day I wandered into a public toilet on Jesus Green and found myself surrounded by men standing at the urinals with hard ons.  What a rush!  I soon got out of there, head spinning, but plucked up courage to go back late that night and had my first experience of getting picked up and taken to a guy’s house.  We had a good time but the guy stuck a bottle of poppers up my nose and slapped lube on my arse without me expecting either move, so I also got slightly freaked out and left his house shaking.

Soon the public toilets of Jesus Green and Midsummer Common, plus Saturday nights at the city gay pub, the Burleigh Arms, became my happy hunting ground.  I would sneak into my college late at night with towny pick-ups, exploring this new freedom with so much enthusiasm that the work of the final year of my history degree got neglected.  I learnt things the hard way –  eg that if a strange man spends the night biting your neck the whole college will know about it afterwards, I also got to learn quickly about crabs and scabies.  A working class country boy at heart, I was much more at ease in the town’s gay pub than I was in the university gay society, where I felt out of my depth amongst the high camp and privilege, the dinner suits and posh accents.  It was my last year at Cambridge when I came out and I knew that what I wanted to do next was get to London and start exploring and enjoying the pleasures I had so long denied.


In London I found cottaging was going on everywhere.  Pretty much every high street, and several back streets, had public toilets where men went to meet other men, went to release tensions, or simply went to pass the time of day.  Some of these cottages had a dangerous, edgy feel to them but others felt like sacred spots where we were free to do what we liked.  I found the same on Hampstead Heath, which at that time at night was heaving with men.  I also found my special spots where I could go dance, socialise, and pick up men to spend the night with – such as the Bell in Kings Cross.  I got to fall in love with fabulous men, such as Keith a black model from New York, Antony an east end hottie, I discovered how much I loved to dance, but I found mainstream gay bars and clubs too poppy, bitchy and camp, while at the Bell I was amongst an alternative crowd of dykes and queers, often sporting bleached flat top haircuts or shaved heads and Doc Martin boots, dancing to the Smiths, Soft Cell and Siouxsie.  For some years this was my scene, my home.  It was a mixed gender space where trans people, women and gay men all mixed together, and I tended to find myself more at home in such spaces over the years than in men only zones, where things can quickly become all about sex (with the ongoing atmosphere of judgement and rejection that this can foster).  I worked in 1989 at the Black Cap for 6 months, and when I moved to south London in 1990 the Market Tavern became my frequent haunt.  In ’91 I had a spell working at the Earls Court men only fetish bar, the Coleherne and by this time was regularly on the Heaven dance floor tripping the night away.


I came out into an atmosphere of hope and fear.  Gay liberation was still a ‘new’ thing; HIV had only just been received that name, after its early profile as ‘gay cancer’.  Men were scared, but there were also many ‘smalltown boys’ like myself out there fresh faced, optimistic and hungry for love. Safe sex was the message, but when I fell in ‘love’ with someone condom use fell away.  I didn’t know anything different to this scary scenario of course, I had not experienced anything else.  I grew up afraid of being gay, so when I came into the gay world I guess I just accepted that fear was part of the picture.  Not only fear of AIDS, but also fear of attack – the danger involved in public sex in toilets and parks gave an adrenalin rush that made the whole sexual adventure a highly charged one.  I would never have taken drugs while playing in that world, it was important to have your wits about you, to be alert.  At least twice I was threatened as a result of picking up someone in a toilet – had money stolen off me, had a knife pulled on me.  In 1990 I was cruising on Clapham Common when a gang of teenage lads attacked me, hitting me over the head with a tree branch.  My head split open, the blood freaked out the lads and somehow triggered me into such a rage that I was able to tell them all to clear off, and I got myself to a phone box to call 999 (there was an ambulance strike on and so I was taken to hospital in the back of a police van occupied by homophobic officers).

2017:  a much easier time to be gay… or is it?

To be promiscuous in the 1980s took courage.  Toilets and parks were busy cruising spots but they were dangerous.  Promiscuity is much easier nowadays since most of it happens at home.  Toilet sex is pretty rare now – the 1990s saw the closure of most cottages.  I was never a fan of telephone lines and contact ads in magazines as methods of meeting men, they seemed clumsy methods of getting satisfaction compared to instant results in public spaces. Now we have cruising website and mobile phone apps such as Grindr, Scruff etc which have made promiscuity easily available to all who want to try it.  It can still be a scary, even dangerous, experience to meet men this way, but the fear, and therefore the adrenalin level is much lower – perhaps this is why casual sex has become so wrapped up with drug use.  Drugs offer a quick way to shift reality and bring some dramatic tension to the affair.  Men say they use them to overcome inhibitions, and hope the horror stories of addiction and drug related breakdowns will not become their story.  I feel fortunate that I never relied on chemical substances to aid my sexual liberation.  I know it is silly to romanticise cottaging (though park cruising can be fantastic), but my experience of turning up on stranger’s doorsteps and diving into sexual communion has been mixed – while occasionally amazing, the lesson surely is that making sex dates via apps is a lonely and limited occupation, in comparison to meeting in person in a public situation, where you get a sense of the person’s energy and attitude, which can be a more reliable guide than simply looking at erotic pictures of them.

The three decades that I have been Out have seen the liberalisation of attitudes to gay sex and the spread of public sex venues, such as gay saunas, naked bar nights and dedicated fetish clubs, in the UK.  In the late 80s in London we had a few tiny gay saunas, all of them tense due to fear of police raids and the internalised homophobia of the men in them.  In the late 90s sauna culture finally exploded in London, with several large venues opening.  Some of these have gone now, as have several of the sex clubs that opened in that time.  Other, non sex-focussed, gay venues have gone too, to much outcry from some of the community.

A bit of perspective is needed.  Thirty years before I came out there were no out and proud gay venues, there was only the sordid world of cottaging.  Toilet sex was so widespread that a parliamentary report into gay sex laws ten years before the eventual partial decriminalisation stated that no respectable man would be seen going into a public lavatory because of the associations.  The gay scene sprung up in the 1970s and 80s – In London gay bars opened in many parts of town, occasionally provoking a backlash from those who felt such venues should be restricted to places like Soho.  Most of the suburban and district bars have since closed, but so have many iconic central locations too, such as Camden’s Black Cap and Soho’s Madame JoJos.  Sex venues that have come and gone include the Fort, the Block, the ManBar, the PlayPit plus several saunas and our most recent loss, fetish venue the Hoist in Vauxhall.

Obvious factors are often quoted for this phenomenon – gentrification pushes out what is still too often perceived as ‘lowlife’ activities; cruising apps make bars less crucial to our sex lives; gay people are more accepted in society and so do not need as many dedicated spaces.  These factors may be true, but another might be that commercial businesses that rely on people getting intoxicated to make their living, is not the best model for gay life.

These days, 30 years after Coming Out, my energy goes into creating community spaces where queers can commune socially, sexually and spiritually all at the same time.  I lived with full blown AIDS for 4 years in the 1990s – I prepared myself to die, opening my mind to questions of spirituality for the first time.  When my mind opened the light came flooding in, taking me to places in myself that I had already met while flying high on lsd in our gay temple Heaven or on the dance floor at the Market Tavern, but this time they felt much more ‘real’.  AIDS woke me up to a multi-dimensional reality, brought me to an Accelerated Individual Discovery of Self, and now I work to create spaces that facilitate others reaching that place of spiritual revelation, or to deepen the awakening already going on.

When I came out in 1986 the Edward Carpenter Community was already running retreats for gay men far away from the commercial scene in wonderful places in nature.  Similarly to the Radical Faerie gatherings that were emerging in the USA (but rather more formal and structured, being British), these community spaces were set up by men who could see there was more to us than being good capitalists and consumers.  As AIDS took its toll these community spaces became vital healing zones offering support to many.  Also in the cities, the AIDS crisis brought out a spirit of compassion and community, it brought us together, eg lesbians helping out gay men – the vile efforts of the Conservative government to prevent the ‘promotion’ of homosexuality in schools via Clause 28 also adding to the vital need to be strong as a community.

Since the successful medication to treat AIDS arrived in the late 1990s I have witnessed a massive explosion in the hedonistic side of gay life.  Where drug use was a relatively minority pursuit amongst queers when I came out, in the first decades of the 21st century it has become normal amongst all ages and slices of society.  We hear horror stories of professional men losing their livelihoods and their sanity through drug dependency, of young guys full of innocence and hope being drawn into dark drug scenes where abusive behaviours and nasty diseases abound.  Rates of HIV infection have not dropped amongst gay men, in contrast to rates among other groups.  A well known London clinic recently celebrated a fall in HIV+ diagnoses for the first time, but I notice this coming in the year that home testing kits for HIV became available, so wonder if their data means anything.

Home testing kits for HIV!  When I received my diagnosis we were handled with care – this diagnosis was a death sentence, which it may no longer be thanks to medical advances, but the impact of a positive diagnosis is still a life changing one, and I wonder how people react when alone at home they find out they are positive.  For me, HIV came to mean Healing Is Vital, because it was a catalyst for my growth as a spiritual being, and this is how it could be approached today.  But the capitalist system we live in wants us all to be productive consumers, not liberated souls aware of their eternal nature and their independent, perhaps rebellious, impulses.


In the 2000s the Labour government gave gay men an equal age of consent, plus adoption rights and civil partnerships for all queers.  Bizarrely it was under the Conservatives that this became the right to equal marriage.  The Tories have come a long way since the evil of Clause 28, but having failed to repress us out of existence they now seek to buy us off, to persuade us to buy into and support the crumbling edifice of western capitalist imperialism.  But we are a global people.  We exist in every race, religion, class etc. And we are still subject to persecution around the globe.  I believe the calling is to shift our focus to a bigger picture of our place in the world, to find our true nature and purpose.   In the UK the liberty we now enjoy is spoiled by the self-destructiveness and abuse going on in our, largely invisible, sex scenes.  As someone whose gay journey led him to face death and experience an awakening to the spiritual dimensions of life I observe that it is a shortage of spiritual awareness in gay life that leads us into the darkness.

Part of that lacking spiritual awareness is a simple appreciation that sex is about the soul as well as the mind and body, that sex itself is the doorway to ecstasy, bliss and release – drugs can help but when they become the path we have relinquished control of our own lives.  Harry Hay, one of the founders of the Radical Faerie tribal exploration of gay community, said that gay men have a natural affinity towards treating each other as equals, adopting the term subject-SUBJECT to describe this ability to see the other as another self.  This seems to be the exact opposite of what gay men are up to via cruising apps – where a consumerist approach encourages us to use each other as objects for our own satisfaction.

As we start to discuss 50 years of partially decriminalised sex between men, it will become clear that while much has been achieved socially, legally, politically, to make our lives safer and easier, spiritually, as a community, as a portion of the human race, we are still in the early stages of self awareness.   The second part of the spiritual truth that we need to collectively embrace is that the genderbenders have served as spiritual functionaries in every part of the world throughout human history, and work out what this means for us today.  The Christian church spent a thousand years wiping out the old pagan religion in which same sex love was honoured, then when the Europeans arrived in the Americas they set about doing the same thing there.  Also in Africa, Asia Christian Europeans imported a homophobia that still has shockingly horrific consequences today.


A big shift since the 1980s has been in the visibility of Trans people.  At Trans Pride in Brighton i have experienced a movement of peaceful, but determined, people making their way forward and feel it must have a similar spirit to early Gay Pride events in the 1970s.  The big lesson that gay men and women can take from the Trans community is that gender is ultimately a non-binary, fluid phenomenon.  Tendencies amongst gay men to denigrate the feminine side of our nature are anti-progressive, and apart from a few pumped up macho types, i think we mostly get this.  The LGBTQ community is here shaking up the world’s understanding of many things, including gender, sex and spirit.


The Two-Spirits of the American tribes are finding their way back into the picture, however, and so are queer pagans in Europe.  In less mystical quarters, in a very down to earth sense also, queers are becoming more self-aware, more confident about the positive contribution we make to society.  We were defined by scientific minds in relation to our sexual practices, but we are much more than our sexual acts.  Radical Faeries are an example of queers redefining ourselves from the inside and telling the world who we are, not accepting the limiting and prejudiced definitions of others.  Queer Spirit Festival in Wiltshire, UK (July 26-30) is a new venture (having its second outing in 2017) where up to 500 queers of all genders and sexualities will come together to celebrate our magical qualities and talents, to discover more about who we really are.

Also in the UK in August 2017, at an enchanted castle location in Northumberland, a gathering of 120 radical queers from all over the world will take place – the second Global Gathering of Radical Faeries, offered in the spirit of creating a global consciousness amongst queers that acknowledges our roles as agents of change in tumultuous times, as healers and artists, as peace bringers and awakeners for the whole planet.   A team of British and American faeries are calling together queers who have a sense of our tribal power,  and we are fundraising to bring in activists from Africa, Asia and the Middle East.  30 years into my gay journey I am proud to be part of a rapidly growing network of conscious queers who seek to change the story on this planet of what it means to be gay, lesbian, bi or trans.

From Smalltown Boy to Global Faerie, I have learnt that being gay is a catalyst for personal evolution, but also learnt the hard way that if we do not embrace our evolution, nature will force it on us.  A lot of men are stuck at this stage right now, with few elders to show them an alternative route – because the most radical, adventurous men of the 70s and 80s mostly died.  As one who survived the plague, but only just, I long to tell the young gay people coming out today that there is much more to who we are than sex, marriage, fashion, glamour and good parties.  Our capacity for joy and heart centredness makes us revolutionaries; our love of ecstatic states makes us scouts of consciousness for the species; our liberation after centuries of repression has only just begun, there are many more things to discover about us.  In 30 years of being Out I am happy to have discovered some of those things in myself and to have found other queers also aware that we are on a quest of self-discovery and that our queer nature has a purpose, a function – to improve life on earth.


Let us consider and articulate the gifts we possess and the crucial role we play in contributing to all cultures around the globe. Where are we respected and honoured? Where and why are we misunderstood and oppressed? What strategies can we create to connect our queer spirits and form a world-wide network of loving companions? What support would we appreciate and what support can we offer to each other?

Through sharing our stories and celebrating our strengths, let’s co-create a planetary wave of love and consciousness and of recognition for all LGBTIQA+ people. Come and add your voice!










Winter Solstice brings the return of the light – the promise of summer is held within the darkest, longest night that opens the Winter season.  The Sun arrives in the cardinal earth sign Capricorn, the sign of the Goat, depicted as Pan with the tail of a fish – this imagery is said to come from a myth where the Greek gods shapeshifted themselves into animals to escape the monster Typhon.  In Greek and Roman mythology Capricorn was considered the “Gateway of the Gods” – this first month of the Winter season invites us on a journey into the transpersonal aspects of our collective conscious existence.  The Great Gods Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune are all poised to teach us and help us evolve during the Earth season, Winter.

Capricorn energy is ambitious, active, industrious.  The Winter season has arrived but the Sun shines on us still, highlighting this part of the collective human spirit that is concerned with building a concrete future that serves society.  The ruling planet this month is Saturn, the God of Time, who brings a restraining energy to the cosmos, the energy of restraint and discipline by way of balance to the expansive, generous spirit of Jupiter, who was ruling the last month of the Autumn during Sun in Sagittarius.


The Winter is the season (in the northern hemisphere) where the ancient gods of the outer planets offer their weighty vibrations to our story here on earth, attempting to remind us that we are part of a transcendent unity of consciousness, love and spirit.  Capricorn energy is about creating institutions that serve the whole society, Aquarius, ruled by the revolutionary energy of Uranus, seeks to bring love, light and understanding to the community, plus ensure personal freedom within that societal whole, and Pisces, ruled by the mystical Neptune, feels the feelings of the whole and merges into it via the emotional/spiritual planes.  Before Uranus was discovered, the ruler of Aquarius was considered, like that of Capricorn, to be Saturn, which reminds us that is a time of year when there are restrictions in place and lessons to learn.  Nature’s seasonal journey affects us, we are also part of her…  In Winter we have to retreat, take time to rest and be dormant, to reflect and dream.   If we do not take this time for ourselves, to let our spirit recharge, then nature delivers us colds and flu to slow us down.

Pisces was once considered to be ruled by Jupiter, whose energy is generous, jovial and abundant.  Not words often associated with the last part of the Winter season.  People often dread the Winter, and a belief in Seasonal Affected Disorder has spread widely.  But the seasons are doing their thing, and as part of the earth we are perfectly designed to cope with that.  We have forgotten how to adapt to the changing energies, humans have come to expect that we should somehow stay more or less the same – in energy, in work, in family life etc – throughout the whole year.  In fact Nature is calling us to be flexible and explore the many aspects of Being that are available to us as conscious manifestations in the universe.  Winter is a time when the planets are calling us to remember our part in the cosmic whole.  During the Autumn we shed leaves just as trees do… our leaves are emotional and energetic.  Autumn can have painfully intense periods as old parts of us die off.  As Winter comes we can look forward to a more settled, earthed, calmer time where our connection to the spiritual planes can bring us healing, inspiration and hope.

The ruling planets of Winter are on our side. Saturn has a very sexual, celebratory side as well as more serious aspects, which are there to help us improve and hone our lives.  Uranus wants us to find our uniqueness, find out how we stand out from the crowd, and revel in it.  Jupiter reminds us that there is a lot of joy and pleasure to be had from Piscean energy…. While the modern planetary ruler of Pisces, Neptune, reminds us the way to that joy is to become attuned to the mystical currents of creation, to unconditional love.

Winter invites us to slow down, turn within – some of the time.  If we take the time to do that we will reap benefits.  Winter also brings us the active energy of Capricorn, which includes the Yuletide party season (Pan loves to party – the Romans celebrated the Saturnalia festival at this time), the radical, humanitarian energy of Aquarius and compassionate, cosmic spirit from Pisces.


Imbolc is the festival of earth awakening which comes halfway through the Winter season, celebrated on February 1st, but also on the closest New Moon to that date.  At this festival we can harness the energy of potential, promise and divination as the Spring energy starts to slowly awaken in the earth, getting ready to burst into high speed growth from March.   The Maiden aspect of the Goddess is celebrated at Imbolc, following on from the Hag/Crone/Grandmother who was leading us through the last stage of Autumn and into the Winter.  The Maiden brings the promise of a fertile, creative and abundant year ahead, which will be all the more amazing if we have taken time in the Winter to visit the inner worlds, commune with the gods of the season, in order to heal ourselves of past hurts, free ourselves from limitations (especially in our concepts of Who We Are and What Life Is), and plant seeds of intention and ambition for the year ahead.


Winter is about Wonder

as the winds howl and the rain lashes at the windows

as faerie lights twinkle and christmas trees sparkle

warmth enters the heart and enchantment is felt

the year may be at its darkest point

but human love and goodwill keeps the light burning

banishes the shadows and brings cheer over fear

we are entering the WONDER time of year

look at a snowflake, soak up winter sun

since the solstice a time of delight has begun

when holiness is celebrated and souls come home

when it is easier than usual to live in the zone

winter is the time to absorb the wonder

feel held in the mystery we all find ourselves in

heal what needs healing so a new life can begin

discover the wonders of GOING WITHIN.


The Changing Story of Being Queer



on the one hand, we got this:

“At present, the most egregious violators of LGBTI peoples’ human rights include these countries:

  • Egypt (“one of the world’s biggest jailers of gay men,” where LGBTI community leaders estimate that as many as 500 LGBTI people have been sent to prison.)
  • Saudi Arabia (In one recent year, religious police reportedly arrested and convicted a total of 260 people.)
  • Morocco (Dozens of trials for same-sex intimacy are cited by LGBTI rights advocates each year, but are rarely reported in the media.)
  • Nigeria (Dozens of arrests have been reported, but Nigerian media rarely follow up with reports about any subsequent trials).

And possibly:

  • India (almost 1,500 people were arrested in 2015 under India’s colonial-era anti-gay law, but it was unclear how many of those arrests were actually for sexual assault rather than for consensual same-sex relations.)”

while on the other we get rational science falling in love with our ‘biological’ function…

‘homosexuality is nature’s way of ensuring the truly gifted aren’t burdened with children’ ‘homosexuality is a catalyst to connect different groups of people together’


and excited clairvoyants with good gay friends wax emotional about gay men’s nature:


it’s early days in the journey of LGBTIQ people defining ourselves, going beyond those limiting lettered labels and telling the world who we are

but those days are arriving:



QUEER SPIRIT FESTIVAL 2017…  Wiltshire, UK, July 26-30. Camping festival of queer spirituality for 500 cosmic queers.

“Queer Spirit seeks to reclaim, reveal and release the divine magic in the body, in sexuality, and help us to heal shame, guilt and fear (around the physical form and sexual expression) that we may have inherited from the mainstream culture… so that our capacity for love, ecstasy and joy expands, our flesh itself become radiant with compassionate soul power.

“Queer Spirit also takes us on the journey to Self via transcendence of binary male/female, light/shadow models of existence. It takes us into the exploration of connection with community and nature as well. Community is where we find true healing and support in our personal transformation. Nature is our teacher.

“For many thousands of years before men wrote down words said to be God’s and used them to impose order on society, the divine spoke to humans through nature – through trees and plants and creatures, through the sun, moon, planets and stars, through elementals, faeries and other magical winged beings. We may have forgotten the language but they are still speaking, and the language of nature is the language of the soul, waiting in us to be remembered and spoken again. Listening is key here. Listening to nature and listening to each other. Also watching, smelling, feeling, tasting. The senses take us into the many layers of divine presence that exist in every moment everywhere. Time in nature wakes us the deeper levels of our senses and time with other queers in safe, sacred space in nature opens up a universe of possibilities….

“500 Queers in Nature. It’s going to be earthy, emotional, radical and r-evolutionary.”


RADICAL FAERIE GLOBAL GATHERING and SYMPOSIUM on Queer rights, health, history and culture…..  Northumberland, UK August 8-17, 2017.

Queer people of every culture on the planet joining together!

“Let us consider and articulate the gifts we possess and the crucial role we play in contributing to all cultures around the globe. Where are we respected and honored? Where and why are we misunderstood and oppressed? What strategies can we create to connect our queer spirits and form a worldwide network of loving companions? What support would we appreciate and what support can we offer to each other?

“Through sharing our stories and celebrating our strengths, let’s co-create a planetary wave of love and consciousness and recognition for all LGBTIQA+ people.  Come and add your voice!”


death came to get me, the doctor said:

“in seven years you are surely dead”

death crept around and brought decay

but my life was not about to end that way

open wide – open high

surrendered to earth, rising to sky

death showed me there was more to life

and more to me than the mind bound I

led by the goddess on a path of love

where all things are one and there is always enough

shown I could feel peaceful about the prospect of death

and shown that infinity is reached through the breath

i dropped who i was and became who i am

an infinitely expanding yet still quite small man

who seeks nothing more than to bring love, to bring light

and help my sisterbrothers to understand the dark night

nothing is permanent, though love is the key

turn it and open and we will all come to see

that though hearts may hurt and sometimes break

there is always more love to make

although we may seem to get lost up the path

it’s ourselves we are finding, we’re here to learn our part






Physicists say it, mystics have always said it, ravers take drugs to feel it –






Like children we have enjoyed our toys

Unaware for a long time that we were destroying the planet that enables us to live, using up its resources and wiping out many of its inhabitants

Like madmen we have developed technologies that we can use to destroy ourselves



Ignoring the strongest impulse in us –


How many on earth now want to continue to live the old dramas of conflict?

The earth is in crisis. Time is running out

Voices of peace and compassion must become stronger than those of conflict and hate



Sailing through Scorpio

sailing through the scorpio month

deep feelings draw us deep inside

into the darkness into the mystery

escaping the terrible grip of history

humanity squeals and squirms on the line

but the shift is happening

this is the time


deep within the scorpionic waters

comes relief and sweet release

into the void depart the fears

moving beyond the rage and the tears

time apart is time for healing

the shift is happening

no more concealing


the moon is taking us to an earthy peak

full moon in taurus means that we should seek

to balance security – stability with flow

with openness to infinity and the ways we might grow

in the dark times our seeds we nurture

the shift is happening

we step into the future


nature retreats and so must we

pulling in to find peace and be

in the now and in the know

igniting our souls with the fire glow

the fire of Self, the fire of Spirit

the shift is happening

and we’re shifting with it


humanity on a collision course

all our illusions exposed

dropping them all like leaves from trees

sending them off on the autumn breeze

scorpio takes us to the core of being

the shift is happening

our souls we are freeing


dropping desire, we learn to fly higher

exploring desire, we learn to be wise

sloughing the past we may enter the vast

Thingdom of Heaven

where we have always been

scorpionic revelations

when we sail in between

the shift is happening

life is not what it seemed

tis the season of Scorpionic dreams


Starseeds: Earth IS your home

Planet Earth is the cradle of consciousness.  Humanity is birthing a union of matter and spirit, of heart and mind, heading towards a new age of higher vibrational living.  Many souls who have incarnated to help this shift manifest name themselves STARSEEDS or LIGHTWORKERS which helps them to locate others around the world who are making their own discoveries during this rocky transition time.

Many starseeds become so alienated and distressed by the relentless darkness that seems to grip the world.  They question why most people around them are blind to the effects of their own negativity, they despair at the levels of hatred, greed and aggression in the world.  It’s no surprise that many starseeds go into a place of believing they ‘do not belong’ to this planet.  They sometimes buy into a belief that being here is difficult, forgetting that their beliefs are creating, not reflecting, their experience.

But Starseeds listen!  The Earth IS our home!  We came to be the wayshowers, lightbearers, the heros of the times.  We came to birth the Age of Aquarius.  Not by destroying the Old World, it is doing that just fine by itself – we came to create the new, stepping aside from the 3d insanity gripping so much of the species to find innovative and exciting ways of community living, ways that put ecological and emotional sustainability at the centre of a multidimensional picture, ways that hasten our evolution as a species and bring healing and compassion to the world.

The feeling of not belonging, experienced by so many lightbearers, need not be associated with the planet itself, it is in fact a reaction to the outdated paradigm that most of humanity is buying into.  The rational scientific establishment has us all hooked into a linear timeframe that sees life and history as straight lines, and where everything can be reduced to chemicals and atomic reactions.  Life is however the product of the cyclical nature of the earth’s journey around the sun, the moon around the earth, the planetary movements in the solar system and the sun’s voyage through the Milky Way.  It is also the manifestation of the conscious presence of the universe, and to feel properly at home in it we can get to know ourselves as the Whole as well as the Individual.  Concsiousness is itself a fractal pattern, cyclical in nature.  We need to become consciously part of the cycles, experience and know them inside ourselves in order to escape the delusions gripping the world and that can grip us.  Luckily the Universe is right here teaching us.


The clue may be in the name: Starseeds will bloom and prosper when they are reconnected to the stars.  This reconnection needs to take place in the heart and mind in order to manifest experientially.  The energy and direction of our minds and hearts are ours to choose.  Informing our minds about the paths and cycles of consciousness, opening our hearts to nature, to the seasons, to the elemental presence, will improve how we feel about being on planet earth.  We are part of planet earth but we can fall into the mental trap of separation as easily as non starseeds, we just interpret it differently.  Our minds can be focussed instead towards deepening our mental, emotional and spiritual relationship with nature, the planets and constellations – and we will soon feel much more at home because we will feel ourselves held, loved, protected and guided.

The Sun takes us on a journey through the twelve stages of the Circle of Consciousness each year, from the individuation of Aries through to the collective emotional field of Pisces.  It gives us the chance to tune into the properties of the various facets of consciousness each year and learn more about how they manifest in us.  The twelve stages follow a pattern of FIRE-EARTH-AIR-WATER, repeated three times.  The Moon takes us (in our inner being) through the same cycle each month, from new to full to darkness, affecting us all as our internal energies rise and fall in sync.   Each 2.5 days the moon moves to the next zodiac sign, the background elemental energy shifting.  Being aware of the elemental forces that the sunlight and moonlight are beaming down on to us can help us navigate life’s energetic swings and so make wise, informed choices to better get the most out of the particular spirit around on any day.


The Circle of Consciousness

ARIES        FIRE          i am             the first 4 signs focus on the experience of the Self

TAURUS    EARTH     i have

GEMINI     AIR            i think

CANCER    WATER     i feel

LEO             FIRE          i will           the second 4 signs focus on Self in relation to Other

VIRGO        EARTH      i analyse

LIBRA         AIR            i balance

SCORPIO    WATER     i desire

SAGITTARIUS FIRE    i see            the last 4 signs teach us about Self in relation to Whole


AQUARIUS  AIR            i know

PISCES         WATER     i believe



Only then can our true destinies unfold.

USA ELECTION: Fire Pig versus Fire Dog


The 2016 American Presidential election is a battle between two fire spirits – Hillary Clinton the Scorpio Fire Pig and Donald Trump the Gemini Fire Dog.

Primal astrology combines western and chinese zodiac signs to dig deep into the collective consciousness and find an animal that sums up the character of a person

Hillary is a Scorpio Fire Pig… primal animal SQUID:
“They are highly capable, intelligent individuals who seem to know everything. Generally good natured, they also have a hidden inner dark side which resides deep within themselves. The sheer power and self-control they hold inside radiates out to others and can even scare people away.”


Donald is Gemini Fire Dog… primal animal DEER:
“Deers are very intelligent and quick witted. A fast-moving mind in combination with an inclination for anxiety can be a dangerous cocktail, and when taken to the extreme can turn overly stressed Deers into conspiracy theorists and paranoid neurotics.”


Barack Obama is a Leo Metal Ox, which in the Primal zodiac comes out as a SUN BEAR

“Those born under the sign of the Sun Bear are something of a contradiction. On one hand they are funny, outgoing, warm, and upbeat, but just as often are serious, overly hard-working, determined, and even stubborn. They are excellent in social situations, able to charm with ease and speak with great authority. Sun Bears are natural leaders who command the respect of even their most bitter of detractors…. This is an optimistic sign that believes that what you give will be returned to you, so for the most part they try to stay positive at all times. Showing weakness is not part of their nature, so don’t expect them to back down from a challenge.”

In the 2012 election he defeated Pisces Fire Pig Mitt Romney, a Zebra, and back in 2008 he won against Virgo Fire Rat John McCain, a Mouse.  (His infamous running mate Sarah Palin is an Aquarius Water Rabbit, which gives us a Sloth!)

Going back in time now…

George Bush Jnr. Cancer Fire Dog = Pit Bull   “will fight to the death to defend its friends and family with relentless vigor. They believe strongly in justice and fairness”

Bill Clinton.  Leo Fire Dog = Shih Tzu  “playful and funny and people truly enjoy being in their presence. They can also be controlling and demanding”

George Bush Snr. Gemini Wood Rat = Chipmunk  “restless, self-reliant, and expressive. They value honesty and integrity in others… tend to be opinionated and like to gossip about others, but simultaneously have a deep fear of being judged by others.”

Ronald Reagan. Aquarius Metal Pig = Pufferfish “intelligent, insightful, kind, helpful, and well-liked. They can easily be taken advantage of though, and they tend to go along with any plan as long as they believe they are doing good. The only time they become truly dangerous, though, is when they realize they have been pushed too far.”

Jimmy Carter.  Libra Wood Rat = Vulture “Charming, friendly, and intelligent..idealists at their core..endlessly ambitious and want to live the perfect life. They not only have big dreams, but big expectations from life.”

Gerald Ford. Cancer Water Ox = Black Bear “hard working and capable..need to be in control of every situation that affects them.”

Richard Nixon. Capricorn Water Rat = Aadvark “Independent, ambitious, and always on the move..have a burning desire deep inside of themselves to survive and to conquer.”

Lyndon Johnson.  Virgo Earth Monkey = Penguin “humanitarian leaning..idealism is what makes them who they are”

John F Kennedy. Gemini Fire Snake = Lemur “Lemurs know how to express themselves. Their grasp of language is second to none and they can use this to get what they want in life.”

Summary:  Since Kennedy, the USA has had 3 Fire spirit Presidents, 2 of whom were Fire Dogs (Bill Clinton and Bush Jnr). Earth Wood and Water presidents haven’t shown staying power, only Metal spirits have effectively withstood the reign of Fire (Reagan, Obama).

Trump is another Fire Dog. Despite his shortcomings he has retained a high level of support – people like dogs. They are often less keen on pigs: Hillary Clinton’s Fire Pig Scorpio spirit frightens many. Although for sure as a Fire Pig she could make a competent and strong leader, she is somehow unfathomable and struggling to touch the hearts of a large percentage of the American nation, while Trump’s dog continually barks nonsense – sparking outrage and rejoicing in equal measure. People like dogs, some actually prefer the dangerous ones.  Fire Dog versus Fire Pig is not a pretty battle.df0874e78c18b72b8dbe7ea90a10569amp550x550mattefffffft-3u2

The Boys in Black and Purple

we’ve lived   we’ve died

we’ve been in between


we’ve seen where we’ve been

where we’re going


we’ve heard the Word

now we sing it


we’ve tasted Truth

and we love it


we’ve touched Infinity

now we are it



26 senses

only present tenses

we’re dropping pretences

for a liberation game


angelic souls every one

finding rebirth

in the Sun


immortal all sounding the call

spirit is here

sincere and queer

the task dear awakening humanity

is to lose all shame, all greed, all fear


the boys in black and purple

are still right with us here



Words channelled in union with dead brothers who sacrificed themselves in the aids holocaust that the evolution of human science and spirituality might be hastened and the time soon come when worlds unite, the multiverse be revealed, and planet Earth enter the Age of Aquarius.

The secrets of Kings 14:24

Everybody knows about Leviticus 18:22, yawn yawn, the ridiculous arguments continue to rattle on in some quarters.  But there is a much more interesting passage in the Book of Kings that we rarely hear about, and it tells us rather more about homosexuality in the ancient world.

Kings Chapter 14:

22Judah did evil in the eyes of the Lord. By the sins they committed they stirred up his jealous anger more than those who were before them had done. 23They also set up for themselves high places, sacred stones and Asherah poles on every high hill and under every spreading tree. 24There were even male shrine prostitutes in the land; the people engaged in all the detestable practices of the nations the Lord had driven out before the Israelites                   (New International Version)

Judah was one of the 12 tribes of Israel, and was said to be displeasing the Lord by erecting totems to the Mother Goddess Asherah.  Asherah, along with Astarte and Anath, was one of the three great goddesses of the Canaanite pantheon. In Bronze Age writings from the city state Ugarit she is called the Creatress of the Gods, consort of El, the Creator.

Worship of the Divine Mother had been ubiquitous throughout the ancient lands of the Middle East for at least 10 millennia.  It is hardly any wonder that the people of the tribes of Israel wished to cling on to their old beliefs and practices, that they resisted the rules imposed by the priests of the Father cult.  In the temples of the Mother Goddess, cultic prostitutes, male – female – and transgendered – played an important role in the temples, attending  to pilgrims seeking a communion with the holy spirit.  The word translated as ‘male shrine prostitute’ is Qedesha, or Kedeshah, which more literally means ‘CONSECRATED’ or ‘HOLY ONE’. This ancient and widespread phenomenon lasted among the Israeli tribes, historians reckon, until the 7th century BC. The Book of Deuteronomy comes from that time, in which it is stipulated: “None of the sons of Israel shall be a Qedesha.”  (23:17)

Deuteronomy 23:17-18 may reveal the type of religious practices involving homosexual acts from which Israelites wished to distance themselves: ‘None of the sons of Israel shall be a temple prostitute. You shall not bring the fee of a prostitute or the wages of a male prostitute into the house of the Lord your God’.

But if you grew up on the King James English translation of the Bible, instead of sacred prostitutes in service of the Goddess Asherah, in Kings 14:24  you read simply of ‘sodomites’ in the land.  All spiritual reference behind the powerful word Qedsha was stripped away, part of the Christians’ determined and persistent effort to eradicate any sense of connection between the homoerotic and the sacred dimensions of life.

This short passage in the Book of Kings tells us in a few words all we need to know about the reason the Hebrew lawmakers set out to make the act of buggery into an ‘abomination’ (which is itself a very poor translation of TO’EBAH, which scholars indicate means something more like “ritually improper,” or “involves foreign religious cult practice”).  The taboos against male sexual relations, plus against cross dressing (Deuteronomy 22:5), were part of the assertion of macho male dominance over the culture, part of stripping away the spiritual power of women and feminine men, a power they possessed through their closeness to the sacred energies of the goddess, who the warrior men of the age were determined to push out of the picture.  This process of course continued into the Christian Church, where the Mother became a humble virgin, (her darker more powerful parts tucked away and disguised inside the mystery of the Holy Spirit).

The very first translation of the Bible into English, in the 14th century under John Wycliffe referred to male and female ‘whores’ in the pagan temples and the religious role of ‘womanish men’ who ‘did all the abominations of the heathen’, including leading the Jewish people in their creation of altars, sacred groves and tall poles for the Goddess Asherah.


Kings 14:23-4 reminds us that monotheism was a concerted effort to destroy the power of the Divine Feminine and of those who served her.  However, the ultimate truth is that the Goddess, and her servants the ‘Holy Ones’, allowed this to happen, knew it must happen.  The men of war must have their day The result is the modern, industrial, interconnected world we now live in today.  But that world is at a tipping point. Now is the time for the Goddess to return, for her servants to wake up from the nightmare of shame and persecution that we have suffered for so long…. to wake up and find our roles again, reuniting the sexual with the spiritual, lifting the veil that has hidden the goddess and kept humanity in a state of disconnect, confusion and torment. 

The Christian church spent 1000 years persecuting and destroying the male and female priests of the Old Religion in Europe, succeeding in eradicating all memory of the link between sexual and spiritual energy.  Then the Europeans arrived in the Americas and found that cross-dressing, gender benders were the sacred functionaries of the tribe.  So they set about destroying their power and did the same wherever they went in the world, importing their homophobia.  But then something happened.  The Goddess played her card.  The men lost faith in their God, they started to question and forget him.  This paved the way for our return into picture, and ultimately for Hers.

Monotheist religions have pushed the idea that reproduction is the only purpose of sex, thus denying and stripping away the spiritual potential in a sexual act, whatever the genders of those involved, to lift the human soul into the blissful embrace of the divine.

Sex between man and woman can lead to reproduction.  Sex between people of the same gender does not have this biological purpose.  It is entirely spiritual – it is about body and soul connection.  It is about opening the gates to consciousness, to love.  TO TRANSFORMATION.  Gay sex ain’t no abomination.  IT IS A RITUAL.


AMMA mother of bliss

Amma (Mata Amritanandamayi Devi) The Mother of Immortal Bliss tells it like it is

Is God a Man or a Woman ? The answer to this question is neither—- God is That. But if you must give God a gender, God is more female than male, for he is contained in She.


The Divine is present in everyone, in all beings, in everything. Like space it is everywhere, all pervading, all powerful, all knowing. The Divine is the principle of Life, the inner light of consciousness, and pure bliss—–. It is our very own Self.


Life is a mystery. You cannot understand it unless you surrender, for your intellect cannot grasp its expansive and infinite nature, its real meaning and fullness. Bow down low and be humble; then you will know life’s meaningammayoung

There is a rhythm to everything in the cosmos. The wind, the rain, the waves, the flow of our breath and our heartbeat—everything has a rhythm. Similarly, there is a rhythm in life. Our thoughts and actions create the rhythm and melody of our lives. When the rhythm of our thoughts is lost, it reflects in our actions. This will, in turn, throw off the very rhythm of life. Today, this is what we are seeing all around us.


The first step in spiritual life is to have compassion. A person who is kind and loving never needs to go searching for God. God rushes toward any heart that beats with compassion-it is God’s favorite place.


She who has no birth or death, and yet is the cause of all births and deaths, is Mother.


The creation and the Creator are not two… When we see Mother Nature as the embodiment of God we will automatically serve and protect her.


Children, divine love is our true nature. it is shining in each and every one of us. When your heart is full of innocent love, you are absent; the ego is absent. In that state, only love is present; individuality disappears, and you become one with the Divine.


If the sun shines down into a thousand different pots filled with water, the reflections are many, but they are each reflecting the same sun. Similarly, if we come to know who we truly are, we will see ourselves in all people. When this understanding arises, we learn to consider others, overlooking their weaknesses. From that, pure love will dawn from within.


The sweetness and bliss bestowed by desireless devotion is something unique. Though advaita (the state of non-duality) is the ultimate Truth, Mother sometimes feels that it is all meaningless and would instead like to remain just an innocent child in front of God.


There is a child
within everyone.
The desire to search
for this child is felt
by all living beings…
This child like innocence
deep within you is God.


Amma’s 2016 European Tour:

October 11-12: London, United Kingdom
October 14-15: Dublin, Ireland
October 17-19: Houten, Netherlands
October 21-23: Winterthur, Switzerland
October 25-27: Paris, France (subject to change)
October 29-31: M.A. Center, Hof Herrenberg, Germany (subject to change)
November 3-5: Barcelona, Spain
November 7-9: Toulon, France
November 11-13: Milano, Italy
November 15-17: Munich, Germany
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The Libra New Moon is the point where Nature completes the gear shift from Summer to Autumn that begins at the Equinox in September when the Sun entered the sign of the scales, bringing energy of balance as we move into the darker half of the year.  This period of balancing is so crucial, and so fundamental to our experience here on planet Earth that it has long been marked by religions via a 9-10 day period of rituals, remembrance, reflection and thanksgiving.

To the Hindus this is the time of Navratri, a 9 day festival of the great goddess Durga, a precursor and preparation for Diwali, the Festival of Light, soon to come.  For Judaism and Islam this new moon is such a potent turning point it is regarded as the New Year and is marked by 10 days of introspection, mourning, the ‘weighing up’ of the ‘good’ and ‘bad’ deeds of the year – for Jews this leads to Yom Kippur, the day of Atonement.  Christianity no longer adheres to the Moon cycles (except for the Easter festival), but enters into a time of thanksgiving for the harvest and the good things in life.


This is a period when the sudden change in nature affects us deeply.  A time when many in the modern world will feel battered by life’s trials, weighed down by fatigue as they resist the inward pull, and the pull to balance the self on all levels.  This part of the spiritual process, which is as necessary for us to undergo as it is for nature herself in order to be ready for the winter and the renewal it will bring, is missing for most people.  The religious ceremonies of this time serve a purpose… they help to bind us together, to unite our hearts and minds with the divine streams of consciousness – and so guide us through this transition.


We do not need to be part of religions to access this grace and guidance.  The Goddess is easily found on the inner planes, and always waiting to hear our prayers and connect to us.




The Equinox festival is sometimes called Mabon, which is a Welsh Celtic name for the Divine Child, and this time of balance can be seen as a magical period when the divine child in us is set free to play, to enjoy the autumn colours and sunshine now that the harvest is over and before the colder, darker time comes.  The Pagan chant ‘The Mabon’ invites us, as do the big religions, to celebrate the holiness of life as the season changes…

I am the Mabon, I am the Child

I am Yr, the Golden Bough

I am the Dart that the Yew lets fly

Three pure Rays, the Pillars of Light

I am Wren, the King of Birds

I am Bard and Teller of Lies

I am the Stars within the Void

I am the Light that will Never Die

I am the Song within the Heart

I am the eye of the Aeon

I am the I am the Mabon

Good spiritual practice brings us to remembrance of our innate oneness with All That Is… we are invited by Nature at this time to let go of our fears, express our tears and prepare ourselves for rebirth into a greater, brighter and more miraculous version of Who We Are. Samhain is coming – time of the Ancestors, time when the veils are thin, time of death and rebirth – death of the little self, the frightened self and birth of the cosmic part of the soul, the eternal part of the Self, into our lives right here, right now.  The more fear and sorrow we can release from our energy bodies at this time the more LOVE can get in, the more we will grow and thrive during the months to come.


The Celtric Tree Calendar guides us along this path – we are now in the month of the Ivy Moon….

LESSON OF THE IVY – from The Wisdom of Trees by Jane Gifford

Ivy reminds us of the movement of the heavens and the way this is reflected on earth. It has the ability to bind all things together. It can wander freely, linking tree to tree, or form dense thickets that block out the light and restrict passage. Ivy brings shelter or overwhelming darkness and reminds us that where there is life, there is also death. Ivy represents the wandering of the soul in its search for enlightenment and it carries a warning to be sure of the direction of your desires so that you avoid being ensnared by them.


To the Hindus the Libra New Moon kicks off a 9 day period of Goddess worship, dedicated to Durga, the Devi, Mother Goddess…. Both the start of Spring and of Autumn are seen as auspicious times to worship the divine feminine.  She is worshipped through turning within, a period of introspection, self-nurture and regeneration, which brings strength and vitality for the season ahead.  Durga is celebrated in 9 forms over the days.  The forms, as described on,  are:

Shailaputri. Shaila means stone, and putri means daughter. Praying to this aspect of Mother Divine brings strength (like a stone). It brings commitment. When the mind is wavering, chanting the name of this Devi Shailaputri helps the mind to be centered and committed. It gives us strength, courage, and composure.

Brahmacharya means celibacy. Celibacy brings a lot of strength. Brahmacharya also has a higher meaning than just celibacy. Brahma means infinity and charya means moving. Put together, Brahmacharya means moving in infinity, which signifies knowing your vast nature. You are not just the body, you are like a glow of light. When this truth comes to your awareness, then you are in Brahmacharya. When we recognize our true nature, we become vast and powerful with a lot of vigor, valor and strength.

Chandraghanta. This form of Devi is depicted as wearing a bell-like ornament in the shape of the moon. The moon is connected with the mind, and the Ghanta (or the bell) is an instrument connected with alertness. The ringing of the bell brings the mind to the present moment. Just as the moon waxes and wanes, the mind also wavers. Chanting the name of this Devi brings the mind in our control with increased alertness.

Kushmanda means pumpkin. A pumpkin has many seeds and each seed contains the potential for many more pumpkins. This is representative of the creative power and its eternal nature. The whole creation is like a pumpkin. As Kushmanda, the Devi contains the entire creation within her. She is the Devi who can give you the highest prana (creative energy).

Skandamata is the mother of Skanda or Subramanya (Lord Karthikeya). She is depicted as riding a lion with the baby Skanda on her lap. This signifies courage and compassion. The lion signifies courage, while Mother Divine is the embodiment of compassion.

Kathyayini represents the nurturing aspect of the Divine Mother. She embodies the values of sharing and caring. She signifies the finer qualities of being in a relationship. The ultimate relationship is the union with oneself (soul).

Kaala is time. Time consumes everything in creation, and time is a witness to everything as well. Ratri means deep rest, absolute rest at the level of the body, mind and soul. Without rest, how can you be bright? Kaalaratri represents the deepest rest so that you can attain dynamism.

Gaura varna means white color. White represents purity. Purity comes out of innocence. Maha Gauri is the combination of brilliance and innocence. Gau also means knowledge. When we pray to Maha Gauri, she gives you the wisdom that is the elixir of life.

Siddhidhatri is the one who gives all the siddhis. Siddhi means perfection. When you want something, and if before the want arises it is available to you, that is called Siddhi (when you receive before you even feel the need, and when you receive more than what you need). A sadhak or seeker will get many siddhis on the path. However, if you misuse or run behind them, they will be lost. Siddhidhatri fulfills all desires and bestows powers naturally. Perfection and enlightenment are the gifts of Siddhidhatri.

Goddess Durga, Maa Durga, wallpapers, images, Maa Ambe, Happy Navratri
Goddess Durga

The month of Libra is ruled by the feminine energy of Venus, is followed by Scorpio, where Mars takes the reins and the deep, magical time of Samhain, when the Crone or Grandmother aspect of the Goddess and the Horned God move into the centre of the picture.  As we move far from the heights of Summer nature is offering us a time to attune deeply to the divine feminine, as experienced through the moon and seasonal cycles, found within our own souls and there to be shared with those we love. 

No surprise that this is the time each year that Mata Amritanandamayi, the Mother of Immortal Bliss, AMMA, has visited Europe to generously and freely dispense divine Mother love to us since the 1990s.  The Divine Feminine energies are rising all around the planet as humanity wakes up from its nightmares into new vibrational realities.



Goddess I am your child

Come be always at my side

Lead me through the veils to light

Grant me your holy second sight

Teach me of the eternal way

Sacred are the Goddess Days

The Return of the Goddess

The Holy Spirit Herself



Birthing her children

Into her Domain

The Wheel of Life

Takes us round again

Teach us of the Eternal Way

Sacred are the Goddess Days


The Age of Aquarius is being born bit by bit

I remember being fascinated by the idea of telepathy as a young teenager, arranging once an experiment with a friend where we would tune in at a certain time and transmit images or words to each other across a couple of streets.  I recall that I did this standing in my parents’ bedroom, perhaps some instinct in me drew me to connect to their energy to make this happen.  I had read a book on telepathy written by a scientist and although I did not exactly understand it, my interest was tweaked.

My friend forgot the rendezvous time and of course nothing happened.

Nowadays telepathy is a fairly normal thing to me.  It’s not about direct conversation mind to mind, it’s more about sending energy, messages and love to somebody’s spirit, and being open to receive what others might be sending to me. My teenage experiment was entirely an act of will and thought. I would have had no notion of connecting heart and sexual energy into the telepathic communication, but have of course since learnt that we communicate vast amounts via emotion and desires. When I wish to tune into the collective energy field I can get there via raising sexual desire energy, bringing it into the heart and releasing into the mind and spirit.  Emptying the mind, I move into a ‘passive’ mental state where I can observe what enters it from spirit, which might be images, words or feelings coming from the many people who have a place in my heart.

The key to this i would say is to simply KNOW that we humans are a collective consciousness, and let oneself enter into the field of spirit via meditation.  Today I am even writing at the same time as observing the inner senses.  The predominant colour coming into my inner sight is a pale mauve, occasionally shifting into pink.  A deep green is close by.  Focussing around my legs I sense the realm of nature spirits, faerie elementals, especially tiny flame creatures and green hatted little elves (! hi guys!).  Tuning into the body’s midrift I get the vibration of brothers who left life recently, close allies protecting and enjoying the very visceral human childlike part of my being. As I rise through the body there are the Mothers and Grandmothers nurturing and loving me and my loved ones.  Rising through the heart I see a vision of the Horned God, a young and vibrant PanMan, priapic holding a staff and a large golden ring.  Above him there is sky with white clouds, the sphere of the Grandfather, the clouds his beard and the sky reflecting the sparkling blue of his eyes.

And then sunshine.  Golden rays of unending sunlight.


Suddenly an ocean rises, water fills the cosmos.  This water is the spiritual love that Aquarius pours from hisher urn.  There is a vast amount of it waiting in the spiritual sky and coming our way.  Aquarius, though the Water Bearer, is the Fixed Air sign of the zodiac.  Once Aquarian energy is on course, on purpose, its fixed nature means it is steady and strong.  (Of course in a world that prefers to keep the spirit world out of the picture, confined to holy places and people, relatively few Aquarians are really living out the potential of their sign as yet).   The popularity of meditation and mindfulness practices around the world is an indication of the growing Aquarian consciousness (as are humanitarian efforts to help refugees and also the visibility of lgbtq people around the world).  Meditation builds mental muscle, so that when the spiritual water pours in, the mind can stay open, be fully present, enabling the body to become the vehicle of spirit descending, channelling into the earth plane.


The Age of Aquarius is being born bit by bit. At this point in human history, how we know ourselves, how we use our minds, how we understand emotion, sexuality and spirit is being utterly transformed.

There are many ways we can take to this transformation.

For sure we need time alone and time with others

We need to acknowledge and let go of what has gone before

Renewing our relationship with Life, Self and Other often

When life is known as the adventure that Consciousness is on

Humanity’s Awakening is hastened

We each have our own keys inside

To the greatest revolution that Humans have yet to experience.


Queer is a Spiritual Calling

IN THE ANCIENT TEMPLES OF ISHTAR, that stretched across the lands of Mesopotamia, which we nowadays call Iraq, Kuwait, Syria and the border lands of Turkey and Iran, from at least 10000 BC, the Goddess, often known as Ishtar, was served by transgendered priest/priestesses.

They were called ASSINNU, KURGARRU, KULU’U, and the worship of Ishtar is deeply associated with eroticism and sacred prostitution – sex used to create spiritual connection.

Empires rose and fell in the region but the worship of Ishtar stayed strong.  Eventually as we know times changed and the goddess worshippers became persecuted lowlife, though in some corners of the planet.. such as amongst the hijra of India, some connection to the past has been kept alive through the centuries.

The gendervariant priests of the ancient world even get a mention in the Old Testament… as the QEDESHIM (‘The Holy Ones’), servants of the Canaanite goddess ASHERAH, who were condemned by the Israelites for the same sex eroticism and cross dressing in their ritual practice.

As the centre of power shifted over time into Europe, the genderfluid goddess worshippers came too.  The Galli were ritual celebrants who were known for acts of public castration in ritual, which the priests undertook to be closer to their Goddess, Cybele.  This worship spread into the Roman Empire.

Sexual practices and homosexual priests and priestesses were normal in the pagan religion of the ancient world. Pan, Dionysis, Aphrodite were among the deities worshipped sometimes in single sex cults.  When Roman Emperor Hadrian’s young lover Antinous died mysteriously while sailing on the Nile, the spirit of Osiris was invoked and Antinous raised to the level of a god.  His cult was so popular it spread throughout the empire within a decade and was an attempt to revive the power of the old religion in the face of the competition of the more rigorous new faith, Christianity.  That religion was also based on the love of men for each other, but it took the turn of making the body into something dark, and sex into a sin. So the old ways of knowing god through sexual connection were lost, and those that involved knowing god through sexual connection between same gendered people became totally taboo.  Rival religious groups throughout the middle ages –  eg the Manicheans, the Cathars, the Bogomils – had a more relaxed approach to all sexual relations, but over the centuries the Catholic Church tightened its grip on people’s moral behaviour, often associating heresy and same sex activity together.

The remaining male and female witches, druids and healers of the old religion were persecuted until the old ways were pretty well eradicated during the witch hunts of the 15-17th centuries.  Those born with inclination to love members of the same sex were forced to hide their nature, and the spiritual connection that goes with that love was largely lost, although, ironically, channelled also into the monasteries, convents, churches and art of the Christians.  The Middle Ages saw a flowering of love culture in the single sex monasteries, and earned them a reputation as beds of homosexual activity, which made it all the easier for Henry VIII to turn the population against them when he decided to kick the Roman church out of England in the 16th century.

From that time the link between same sex love/gender fluidity and the sacred dimension was thoroughly destroyed in Europe.  Gay life would reemerge by the 17th century in the growing cities, in molly houses and cruising spots and in the dreams of the Romantic period, when the long lost playful arcadian days of the pagan past were missed.  But having finally, after about 1000 years, achieved the eradication of the link between god and queerness at home, when the European explorers set out to conquer the world they found the same link going on strong just about everywhere they went.

Most peoples of the world had no big hang ups about different kinds of sex until the Europeans came along.  Temples in India showed all kinds of sex acts in their stone carvings, just as had been the case in ancient Middle Eastern lands.  In fact many cultures recognised that tribe members who carried both  male and female spirit in themselves were in touch with the invisible realms and were honoured for that.  The Two Spirits of the native Americans are the most famous example.  Each tribe had its own special name for the shamans – The Navaho called them the nadle, the Oglala call them Winkte, Absaroke of Montana used Bo-te, which means not-man, not-woman. Zuni say Ko’thlama…….  Sources as late as the 1930s from the Navaho tribe reported that the nadle (a term that could apply to men and women shamans) were sacred and that without them the tribe would perish.  The Europeans set about destroying the power of the shamans, and by the 19C shame AROUND THEIR PRACTICES was having its effect. .………. the Europeans called the shamans berdache, being French slang for a passive homosexual.  This name stuck until the 1990s, when the struggle of the native American two spirits to reclaim the nobility of their role took off.  The Europeans went around the world in early modern times being shocked at the blatant enjoyment – and holy associations – of same sex relationships that they came across.  In Japan and China homosexuality was seen as a privilege enjoyed particularly in the monasteries, and people laughed when the Jesuits suggested it was sinful.  In Angola, Quimbanda was the name given to men who dressed as women and had sex with each other – they were held in esteem by the tribesfolk as wizards. (Antonio Oliveira de Cardonega 1681 )

One tribe on this planet by some miracle never lost its knowledge of the spiritual nature of its queer children.  The Dagara of western Africa call gay men ‘gatekeepers’ and women ‘witches’. They see us as holding certain vibrations that connect the earth to the spirit, and see our sexual rituals as necessary for the well being of all.  Malidoma Some and Sobonfu Some, two teachers the Dagara have sent into the West to share their wisdom, have both testified to the crucial need of gay people to be acknowledged for our spirit, and not reduced to our sexuality, for our spirit makes us into healers, shamans and gateways for important energies into the world.

We have always been this.  The reason there are such high rates of mental illness, drug use, suicide amongst gay people is because we are living in a world that does not see who we are – but in fact do WE properly see who we are yet?  The spiritual challenge of being queer is to  embrace our gender fluidity or our queer sexuality as a call from the soul,  to know ourselves fully and completely, to search for our own truths, for the keys that unlock who we are, all our unique talents and gifts – as spirits in a human experience.  There is so much more to us than our sexual expression.  Gay life has so much crisis going on because crisis makes us sit up and face ourselves.  AIDS was the crisis that woke me up to the deeper reality of my soul.  Today I co-create queer spiritual spaces where our natural, playful, divine spirit can emerge, but I am aware that most queers in the world do not see who we are. Luckily some of us, more and more of us in fact, have noticed, our eyes are opening, and everything you once believed about being gay/queer may be about to change.

Queer Spirit Festival Logo


A gathering of the queer tribes exploring and celebrating who we are was first held at a site in Wiltshire, UK, a land of ancient stone and mysterious crop circles at the full moon 17-21 August 2016.  A second festival took place at the same site in 2017 and a third in Northamptonshire in 2019.  Photos, testimonials, t-shirts and more at…

Written in the Stars

The journey of life is written in the stars

As Above So Below

The pathway to wisdom is there for all to see

The choice to see it or not… is ours.


The starting point is Oneness, that’s why astrology works…

At the moment humanity’s got life inside out

The belief in separation seeds fear, hate and doubt

Confusion reigns in matters of the soul

Humanity has forgotten that Heaven is the goal.

We’re living in material world and ignoring the Whole


Yet Oneness is What We Are

The One that shines in all beings

She is Me, He is You, They are all things that be.

We are not individual rational observers of a material universe

We ARE the experiment, the music, the melody and verse.


Spirit born of Fire, Body moulded of Earth

Feelings like Water, Mind like the Air

The I Am Eternal exists everywhere

Our eyes are its eyes, our ears hear for it

Our hearts beat with its rhythm, its love and its wit.

There is really no separation, As Below, So Above

The doorway to magical consciousness IS Love.


The Solar System is a map of the Soul System

Of the astrounding and cosmic miracle that is Life

The planets tell us how the streams of existence are flowing

By reflecting the subtle planes that we do not perceive

The Zodiac is a route map to Self Knowledge and Wisdom

Laid out in the sky for all to study, but…

It can only be read properly by those awake to the game

And they can use it to lead us away from pain,

Out of the matrix and into a zone

Where gods and angels wait to welcome us home

The One Spirit so long divided, so long in suffering, pain and shame

The One Spirit, so many souls, awakening… to the Ultimate Game.

Remembering the Journey, Remembering the Quest

Remembering that Life is Sacred and We are Always Blessed.


QUEER SPIRIT: the next step

The expansion of LGBTQ life into the spiritual dimensions could be the catalyst for our emergence as a GLOBAL FORCE, a tribe of lovers, radicals, healers, artists… of agents of change bringing about a more accepting, open-minded, heart-centred world.  This summer for 5 days in Wiltshire a few hundred queers who are exploring and celebrating their spirituality as well as their sexuality will gather for the world’s first Queer Spirit Festival.  Beyond the sexual, social and political, this is taking the journey of our collective liberation to the next level, to the spiritual core of who we are.

The pace of change in LGBTQ life over that past few decades has been rapid.  Nobody would have expected gay marriage two decades ago.  It took over 3 decades before the age of consent for gay men was equalised in the UK with that for heterosexuals, but that was quickly followed by adoption rights, civil partnerships, protection at work etc for all of us.  Two decades ago men were dying left, right and centre from AIDS.  Now we have effective medications, we have PEP and PrEP, creating a sexually charged men’s environment that has not felt so liberated since the 1970s.  Queer life evolves fast.  While gay men’s life in particular seems to spin down the alley of hedonistic excess, leading to addictions and diseases both physical and mental, the issues we are facing as a community prompts many voices to speak out about the need for Brotherhood, for Community – the need to care about each other as well as to get good fun from each other.

These were in fact the lessons the AIDS years taught us, but which we have not yet been properly learnt. Before the effective HIV meds arrived, in the late 1990s, those of us that were HIV+ realised that our greatest hope of survival was a positive mindset.  We learnt that our thoughts really do create our experience of reality.  Men who fell into despair died, whereas I believe many of us who looked for the light in the darkness are still around.  The LGBTQ community pulled together and became stronger during the AIDS years, and the political achievements of the past 20 years are a result.


But political freedom, and social acceptance, is not the whole of the story.  Amongst gay men, as rates of HIV and Hep C infections continue to rise, addiction rates soar, as sex becomes more and more of a commodity (found easily by tapping fingers on a phone), the gaping holes in the soul of our community are revealed. 

When I came out in the mid 1980s the message in gay life was ‘Don’t Die of Ignorance’… AIDS was hanging over us. Safe sex was being invented.  Our community was under attack from right wing media and politicians.  The political battle was on.

It would be a whole decade before I came across the knowledge that historically, because of the way we queers carry both masculine and feminine within ourselves, we had often served as spiritual functionaries in tribal societies, and were even respected for that.  When  I read the book Gay Soul, a series of interviews conducted by Mark Thompson with 16 gay elders, including Harry Hay, Ram Dass, Andrew Harvey, Paul Monette and poet James Broughton, I became aware of a spiritual, philosophical lineage in gay life that ties us in not only with this historical energy of the tribal shamans, but also with modern evolution of spiritual awareness of the human species.


Those modern thinkers interviewed in Gay Soul are developing the legacy and vision first given to us by Walt Whitman and Edward Carpenter in the late 19th/early 20th century.  Whitman envisaged a new democracy emerging from the ‘divine love of comrades’ and Carpenter saw ‘the Uranians’ (both male and female) playing a vital role in helping humanity overcome taboos around the body and sex, putting love and relationship at the centre of human life instead of business and finance, and bringing the divine Self into relationship with the body.

This legacy of vision and potential is still not widely recognised in LGBTQ life, but it’s clear times are changing when I see the editor of London scene magazine QX, James Egan, posting about our historical shamanic/spiritual roles on Facebook.  If the journalists who work to keep the queer population informed wake up to our spiritual nature, the word could spread and another rapid period of growth and transformation could happen for our community soon.

The TWO SPIRITS of the Native American Tribes are the most well-known example of the shamanic energy and history of queer souls on the planet, but in fact they were far from being the only one.  When the Europeans landed on the shores of the New World and reacted in horror to the acceptance of sodomy, of cross dressing, of same sex relationships (and the association of all this with practitioners of spiritual healing and service – they gave the name Berdache to the shamans, from the French for a passive homosexual), it was after the Church had spent centuries wiping out the last vestiges of this phenomenon from European lands.  The old religions had held a very positive attitude to sexuality, viewing it as a gift of the gods, a holy force within us, and in the millennia preceding the domination of Christianity spiritual power had resided in those with the best access to those sexual powers – women and queer men.  European examples include the Seidr shamans of Scandinavia… the Galli priests of ancient Europe….the cult of Antinous…the Cathars and Bogomils in medieval times.  In some parts of the continent there were in fact more men than women burned during the Witch Hunts of the early modern era.

It wasn’t only in the Americas that the European invaders found an active link between homosexual/transgender people and the spiritual.  In Angola the Quimbanda were cross dressing, sodomizing wizards who were greatly respected by the people.  In Madagascar the Tsecats were the queer bards and poets of the tribes, the Mwammi, who were men living as women, were the prophets of Zambia.  Moving to the Far East, same sex activities were largely regarded as a privilege enjoyed within monastery compounds by Buddhists monks.  Francis Xavier of the Jesuits complained  “It is visible and public to all, including men and women, young and old, none of whom think much of it nor despise it as it seems to be a common habit indeed.”

The Dagara Tribe of West Africa honours their gay and lesbian children as the Gatekeepers to the spirit worlds.  Their teachers who have come to the west, Malidoma and Sobonfu Some, have both written and spoken about.  Sobonfu Some observes, “Gatekeepers are people who live a life at the edge between two worlds—the world of the village and the world of spirit… . The gatekeepers stand on the threshold of the gender line. They are mediators between the two genders. They make sure that there is peace and balance between women and men.”  The Somes stress the importance of gatekeepers to the tribe as a whole. Sobonfu observes, “gatekeepers are encouraged to fulfill the role they’re born to, to use their gifts in the interests of the community.”  She comments that to define a person by their sexuality, as we do in the west, is to seriously limit their potential.  She also tells us that in the Dagara tribe it is perfectly normal that a person may not have the same internal gender as their outer physical one.   These issues that have caused, and are still causing such conflict and suffering in the world, may in fact be the key to unlock who we really are and, once accepted, bring our true potential into the world.

The big world religions, while often so hostile to our kind, have also been havens for us.  Gay men and women throughout centuries were able to serve their communities and live a peaceful life in Christian churches and monasteries.  For much of its history, Islam displayed a much more tolerant and celebratory attitude to same sex love relationships than it does now… the great Sufi poets Rumi and Hafiz being examples of how love for the same gender was seen as having holy potential.  Ancient Greeks such as Plato were onto this too.

With all this history lined up behind us, it becomes clearer that the modern LGBTQ manifestation is missing a core element…. Our relationship with the spirit dimension.  I would argue that the sexual and chemical excesses of gay life are a clear sign of this.  Many gay men and women are shamanic souls born with the ability to ’connect the worlds’ and be healers for the species and the planet.  The emergence of a more vocal and visible Trans community is a sure sign of the same thing – gender norms are breaking down, because gender – sexuality – are not who we are.  The human spirit is waking up – and wants us to wake up – to the core nature of what we  are as humans, ie ONE DIVINE CONSCIOUSNESS EXPLORING ITSELF, CREATING ITSELF, REMEMBERING ITSELF. 


The roots of our queer spirit go back to a time long before man made religions dominated the earth, to a time when direct communication with the spirits of the land, plants, creatures and skies was normal.  For thousands of years the gender benders were the servants of the Goddess, and sex was honoured in temples as a sacred force within us that can connect us to the Gods.  To discover and reclaim those roots today the most effective method is to GET BACK TO NATURE.  Nature has no rules, no books, no gurus, no bishops.  She teaches us that we, and our beautiful sexuality, are natural, sacred and needed.  Connect directly to the earth and spirit, and we find out who we are.

Radical Faeries have been meeting in sacred groves, on holy mountains and forming queer sanctuaries of healing and self-discovery since the 1970s in the USA, 1990s in Europe.  There have been Radical Faerie gatherings in the UK since 2005.  On the sidelines of gay life the exploration of our spirit, of our potential as healers and radical agents of change and transformation, has been going on quietly, so that as we reach the point where the political, legal and social journey to liberation (in the west) leads gay life to the next frontier, the spiritual frontier… there is an army of lovers waiting to show the way through to the next steps for our community.

Queer Spirit Festival Logo

A manifestation of this accelerating energy is the world first QUEER SPIRIT FESTIVAL coming up August 17-21 in Wiltshire this summer…. Space for 500 queers to camp in a wonderful setting in nature… dozens of workshops on offer, performers, healers, ceremonies and lots of dancing.  Queer Spirit is about us connecting to the ancient, natural, forces of this planet, about finding our deep connection to the elements, to ancestors, animals spirits and even to angels.  There is a multiverse of consciousness out there waiting for us to join its dance consciously, compassionately and queerly.

There is so much to being Queer.  We break down society’s taboos, fears, barriers, and have been doing so for some time now.  But the situation for our kind in many countries is not so good … we are still persecuted, arrested, killed for being who we are. This is the result of hundreds of years of evil propaganda about us put out by so called religious people, which some are still putting out today.  Queer Spirit is about us taking our identities and roles into our own hands, it is the next step in us telling the rest of the world who we are – a global manifestation of human diversity, colour and love, and refusing the limitations of the definitions and abuse put onto us by others.  We have power in our queer hearts to bring positive transformation to life on earth, to grow into a global force of warriors for peace.  Our path to growth involves LOVE, JOY and COMMUNITY……

Of which there will be plenty to go round at QUEER SPIRIT FESTIVAL!  Please help us spread the word and invite your friends!  Hope to see you in the magical meadows of Wiltshire!


Read more and get your tickets at:

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The Beasts that lead Britain

The British nation has been led by Horses, Dragons, Oxen, a Dog, Rabbit and a Goat in the last 70 years.  O yes, one of those Horses was a Unicorn.   It’s the 2017 surprise general election, which pits PM Theresa May, a Monkey, against the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn who is an Ox (as both James Callaghan and Margaret Thatcher were also).

Astrology of Prime Ministers of Great Britain since 1945

This table shows the western sun sign, the chinese animal + element, and the combination of the two interpreted as a primal energy of the animal kingdom (ref.

PM dob western chinese primal
clement atlee 3.1.1883 capricorn horse water salmon
winston churchill 30.11.1874 sagittarius dog wood golden retriever
anthony eden 12.6.1897 gemini rooster fire parrot
harold macmillan 12.2.1894 aquarius horse wood unicorn
alec douglas-home 2.7.1903 cancer rabbit water turtle
harold wilson 11.3.1916 pisces dragon fire firefly
edward heath 9.7.1916 cancer dragon fire hornet
james callaghan 27.3.1912 aries ox water hippopotamus
margaret thatcher 13.10.1925 libra ox wood elephant
john major 29.3.1943 aries goat water catfish
tony blair 6.5.1953 taurus horse wood jackal
gordon brown 20.2.1951 pisces dragon water firefly
david cameron 9.10.1966 libra horse fire goose

A courageous Salmon led the Brits out of the devastation of World War II: “Like their animal namesake, those born under this sign are willing to fight an uphill (or upstream) battle regardless of what the end goal is. Once they set their mind to accomplishing something, there is almost no way of stopping them…..This sign practically requires its bearers to have an strong ego. One cannot fight through all of the obstacles life throws at them without believing that they are capable of successes that others find impossible.”


… Atlee

The Salmon is in the Horse family of the Chinese zodiac, a beast lauded for its energy and enthusiasm, and Atlee  was one of four Horses to be Prime Minister since 1945.  The others were Harold Macmillan, Tony Blair and David Cameron.  Of these Atlee was a Water (flexible, intuitive, diplomatic) Horse, Macmillan and Blair Wood (generous, cooperative), Cameron Fire (decisive, aggressive). No Metal Horses on the list.. no Metal anything which might be that although Metal people are said to be very success driven, they can also be inflexible and unreasonable at times, probably making it hard to rise to the top in the fickle world of politics.  Macmillan was the only Aquarian to have led the nation in this period since World War II.  An Aquarian Horse is a Unicorn in Primal Astrology, so he must get the award for Most Magical PM. Unicorns are said to be “outgoing, energetic, smart, and unique… can also be self-centered, attention-starved, restless, and excessively eccentric… Unicorns are simply different from the rest, but they have good intentions. At best they use their energy to change the world. At worst, they become self-obsessed and spin their wheels in all the wrong directions.”


…. Macmillan

There have been four Horse Prime Ministers of Great Britain and three Dragons since 1945.  The politcal battles of the early 1970s were fought between two Fire Dragons – Edward Heath and Harold Wilson.  They were both Water element in their Western Sun sign… Heath a Cancerian and Wilson Piscean, and both insects in the Primal system…  a Hornet and a Firefly.  The intense energy of these two big fire beasts was somewhat cooled by the presence of Water, but their power was not diminished.  “Driven, persevering, and self-sufficient, those born under the Primal Zodiac sign of the Hornet are powerful creators of their own destiny. Not lacking in self-assurance, this is a sign that gets what it wants regardless of the obstacles in its way.” “Firefly is the sign of the idealist. Creative, intuitive, and mysterious, Fireflies are passionate about what they believe in. They try hard to be optimists who want to see the world as a happy place where good things are supposed to happen to good people.”  Considering this, perhaps a Firefly leader could only be a socialist – and indeed a second Firefly leader came along as Gordon Brown, but whereas Wilson was a Fire Dragon, Gordon is of the Water element, which might give him good talents such as diplomacy and intuition but does not bestow the leadership qualities that fire gives.


…. Heath and Wilson

The 1970s battle of the Dragons was followed by a long period of domination by the energy of the Ox.  Both James Callaghan and Margaret Thatcher were Chinese Oxen, he of the Water element and she of Wood.  In the Primal Astrology Callaghan is a Hippopotamus and Thatcher an Elephant.  Perhaps then little surprise that she had staying power like few Prime Ministers have ever had, and that during his years in power it felt like the country was wallowing messily in the mud. Elephants are said to be “romantic dreamers who want to play a unique role in the world…. capable and even inspiring leaders”, Hippos “are serious and forceful when necessary, but mostly they are just hard-working and goal-oriented. They house a lot of inner conflict, as they are simultaneously adventurous, ambitious, reserved, and focused.”

… Callaghan and Thatcher

When Thatcher was deposed, a Catfish, “simultaneously strongly masculine and feminine, aggressive yet sweet, and active yet lazy,” took the reigns – the quiet, indecisive Goat John Major:  “Members of this sign (Catfish) somewhat resemble a hyperactive child. They mean well and truly care about those around them, but sometimes they can’t help but act out. They are genuinely kind and caring but have a tendency to say the wrong thing and offend others.”


… Major

The earthy Taurus Wood Horse Tony Blair – a Jackal in the Primal – took the reigns next and also had staying power, as we might expect from a wooden horse.  This is a moody animal: “Jackals have a deep-seeded need for long-term security that heavily influences most of their behavior….have a hard time living in the moment, and are prone to depression and sulking because their goal seems so far away.”  Tony was a beacon of hope in 1997 but transformed under the pressures of power into a shadowy figure, he has tended to look more and more like a haunted and harried Jackal on the run.


… Blair

David Cameron was in some respects the Conservative version of Blair – young and dynamic leaders appointed to rebirth their parties, attractive to the voters.  No surprise that he, like Blair, is a Chinese Horse.  Heath-Wilson were Dragons, Callaghan-Thatcher were Oxen, and Blair-Cameron Horses. Is it that a certain energy dominates at any one time and two versions of it emerge to fight for supremacy?  Blair’s Wood Horse was followed by Cameron’s Fire, which in combination with his Libran Sun makes him a Primal Goose: “diplomatic, multi-faceted, and strong willed… a quiet power about them…members of this sign won’t stick with any job for too long if it doesn’t satisfy their internal needs in some way. They are such workhorses naturally that they give their all into whatever project they are working on, but are likely to exhaust themselves if they don’t feel purposeful in their work.”


…. Cameron

Horses, Dragons and Oxen have dominated British politics since 1945, but we have also been served by one Dog.. the “loyal, kind, and optimistic” Golden Retriever Winston Churchill, who had led the nation through the dark war years, and returned to power in 1950.  These creatures are the ready made “knight in shining armor, ready to sacrifice it all to save the kingdom” but “they strongly believe that their perspective on life is not opinion but fact and that others, if they were smart enough, should agree completely with their views on life.”  Anthony Eden was a Gemini Rooster (Parrot) and Alec Douglas-Home a Cancer Rabbit (Turtle)… neither Parrot nor Turtle are known for their leadership skills and both of these lasted very short time in power.

…. Winston, Eden and Douglas-Home

Since 2016 we have a monkey in power:

Libra Fire Monkey Theresa May, the Axolotl: “Clever, curious, and friendly, those born under the Primal Zodiac sign of the Axolotl are constantly contending between two distinct sides of their personality. With the western sign of Libra, each individual gains diplomacy, idealism, and a desire to keep the peace. The eastern sign of Monkey adds curiosity, innovation, and humor. Both signs are socially adept, intellectual, and observant, giving this sign many of the tools one requires to achieve all kinds of different goals in life.”  Interestingly, as well as being one, Theresa came to the power in the year of the Fire Monkey, 60 years after her birth, suggesting she has had time to mature and overcome the limitations of the Axolotl (a salamander that stays baby like its whole life). Monkey and Libra are two signs don’t always fit well together. “In combination this sign can be extremely self centered, egotistical, and lazy. Many Axolotls will rely on charm, magnetism, and physical attractiveness to shortcut their way through life.”

…….the new  British PM

At the 2017 General Election Theresa’s Libra Monkey is opposed by Jeremy Corbyn, a Taurus Earth Ox – can’t get much more down to earth, practical and sensible than that!  An echo of the late 70s and 1980s here (Callaghan and Thatcher both Oxen).  Taurus Ox makes Jeremy Corbyn a primal astrology YAK:

“Stubborn determination is the hallmark of the Yak. Those born under this sign simply do not accept “no” for an answer. Hard work and dedication to a cause will earn you the highest respect in a Yak’s eyes. Members of this sign tend to see things as “black or white”, meaning that there is rarely a middle ground to any situation. People’s actions are either right or wrong, things are either good or bad, people are either hard workers or lazy slobs. The word “compromise” does not exist in the vocabulary of a Yak. They know how they feel and have no reason to question it…..a steadfast and uncompromising world view that they truly believe is best for all others to follow. The otherwise quiet and thoughtful Yak can become quite emphatic in sharing their passionate political viewpoints.” Would seem that Jeremy is the right animal for the job.




From ancient symbols of spirit .. the pentagram, the yin-yang, the om… to religious icons of the great faiths.. and modern images of peace and world unity.. the rainbow infuses all with a message of hope and love.

In Dzogchen Buddhism of Tibet, the rainbow body (Tibetan: འཇའ་ལུས་Wylie: ‘ja’ lus, Jalü or Jalus) is a level of realization. This may or may not be accompanied by the ‘rainbow body phenomenon’. The rainbow body phenomenon has been noted for centuries, including the modern era. Other Vajrayana teachings also mention rainbow body phenomena.

in the Epic of Gilgamesh: the rainbow is the “jewelled necklace of the Great Mother Ishtar” that she lifts into the sky as a promise that she “will never forget these days of the great flood” that destroyed her children.

I have set my rainbow in the clouds, and it will be the sign of the covenant between me and the earth.   Genesis 9:13

As the appearance of the rainbow in the clouds on a rainy day, so was the appearance of the surrounding radiance. Such was the appearance of the likeness of the glory of the LORD. And when I saw it, I fell on my face and heard a voice speaking.  Ezekiel 1:28

In Norse mythology, a rainbow called the Bifrost Bridge connects the realm of the Gods, Asgard and Midgard, the human world.

In Greco-Roman mythology the rainbow was considered to be a path made by the messenger Iris between Earth and Heaven.

The Rainbow is the symbol of the Gay Rights movement and also of New Age Rainbow Gatherings because both groups are parts of humanity reaching for liberation of the human soul.  The Rainbow is the sign that all things shall be well………


ACTUP FOR LOVE 28 June 2016


I AM PROUD to support ACTUP FOR LOVE in Trafalgar Square on the 47th anniversary of the Stonewall Riot in New York.  Stonewall marked a vital stage in the emergence of queer identities, community and culture, an outburst of new, self-affirming energy that marked the moment the visions of Walt Whitman and Edward Carpenter, and of Harry Hay and the Mattachine Society, began to manifest throughout the western world.

ACTUP in the 1980s and 90s was the continuing embodiment of the most radical, pioneering spirit of our queer tribes. Governments and pharmaceutical companies were forced into action.  When queer people focus their power things get done.  But every time that political and social attitudes towards lgbt people improve,  there are many of us queers who assimilate into the mainstream, lose the fighting spirit and forget how much there is still to be done.

This happened in the 1950s, when the socialist leanings of the Mattachine Society in the USA were soon dropped, in the 1970s when after a degree of political freedom, having as much as sex as possible became, for gay men, the, understandable, preoccupation.  In the 80s we had to fight back and we did… against Section 28 and against government inaction on AIDS.  We learnt that the establishment, despite the legal sweeteners, was still not our friend. We learnt to ACT UP.  We knew that SILENCE= DEATH.

From the late 90s the atmosphere changed for us dramatically.  The end of the epidemic, age of consent reform, civil partnerships, adoption rights, rights at work and in the military, increasing trans visibility and acceptance… gay marriage!  No wonder most of us today are buying into the capitalist dream, giving our blessing to the military-industrial-political machine by marching at Pride in corporate teams bearing company logos, in military uniforms, our parade led by a team of bankers (with blue, Red Arrows flying overhead.  A lot of blessings have come our way in the last two decades and we are paying them back by buying into, without critique, the very system that has attacked, imprisoned and medicalised us for hundreds of years.

I fully acknowledge how far society has come, what a good and positive signal it is that we can be out and proud at work and even in the military.  I am grateful to the system for what it has given us but I must ask… is that system serving the freedom and liberation of us and all people?  Or is it keeping the population locked in darkness, conflict and servitude? Is it really anybody’s friend?

The UK is falling apart, even England’s football team demonstrated the despair that has hit the nation. We have pulled ourselves not only economically – but judging by people’s reactions to Brexit – somehow spiritually – out of sync with the rest of the continent. And perhaps it’s a divine intervention that there has been a pro-EU rally called in Trafalgar Square at the same time as the long planned ACTUP FOR LOVE action.  The Spirit of Stonewall lives on…

At GAY PRIDE on Saturday I saw the whole world marching together – every race, every religion, every sexuality.  All of us able to get along, smile and even LOVE each other.  This I know is the future.  A future that lgbt people could do a lot to bring about by seeing ourselves as a global people, as a manifestation of the unity energy of the Age of Aquarius, born to drag the portion of humanity that is obsessed with conflict and money into a new paradigm of love, cooperation and sisterbrotherhood. That’s what Walt and Edward Carpenter foresaw us doing.  Where we queers put our energy, we put our blessings. And we have blessings to give because we are in fact a spiritual, not sexual, people, an emerging reality that some queers explore in secret radical faerie groves and castles, queer tantra retreats and this summer the faeries are coming out of the forest …..

I am one of a team bringing QUEER SPIRIT FESTIVAL to planet Earth this summer. In Wiltshire August 17-21 a few hundred folk will gather for 5 days of exploring and celebrating who we are as Queer Souls finding the way to love, community and AWARENESS – to liberation of the mind, heart and spirit.  Until the gay universe realises that our liberation will never be complete until it includes the spiritual as well as political and sexual aspects of Who We Are, there will be a need for some of us to ACT UP and make a noise, for many will be drawn to assimilate and  their radical spirit die in the mainstream melodrama.  As the United States is waking up to right now post Orlando, We are a people that can change the world.  What kind of world is it that We want?



Queer Spirit Festival Logo

The Days, the Gods and Us

There is more to the days of the week than meets the eye on a calendar.  The days meet us on a soul level too.  This is an example of the simple but profound patterns of the cosmos that modern humans have forgotten or ignore, that could bring so much benefit, healing and transformation were they remembered.

Monday is the day of the Moon. It’s the day our emotional bodies want our attention. A day for self reflection and recharge.  But in our world the working week starts on a Monday, so people get pulled into movement and activity when their souls would rather be doing something much more intimate.  That’s why we don’t like Mondays.  If the working week began on Tuesday instead there would be an immediate boost to the mental health of the entire population, because…

Tuesday is the day of Mars, Mardi in French, Tues comes from the Norse equivalent war god Tyr.  The day has action energy behind it, drive and passion.  It’s get up and go, go out and get, no holding back energy. But after a hellish Monday we, and our work, most likely rarely get the full benefit of the Martian power.

Wednesday is Mercury’s day, or Wodin’s.  Wodin is associated with healing, knowledge, battle, sorcery, poetry, frenzy.  Mercury of course with communication and commerce (and thievery).  All highly effective sounding for the business world to thrive on Wednesdays (after a good lie in on Monday and a gear-setting Tuesday), and the frenzy often comes out in the pub on a Wednesday evening.  But Mercury and Wodin are also gods of the underworld, of death… and that’s how many folk feel on a Wednesday, like death warmed up, longing for the weekend.  If only there had been a day to recharge on Monday after the excesses of Saturday (and maybe Friday and Sunday) the working week would be so much more… productive and satisfying.

Thursday is Jupiter’s day.  We all know Thursdays feel good. We probably think it’s because the weekend is near, but Thursday is the day of the most expansive, generous and jovial of the divine frequencies.  Jupiter was called Zeus in ancient Greece, and he is the patron of the Aquarian age, since it was he who placed the beautiful shepherd boy Ganymede in the sky as the constellation Aquarius, a sign in the heavens that the day of love between males will one day be honoured as divine.  Thursdays are extra charged during the current acceleration of frequencies bringing the new age into being.  A good day to honour Zeus, who of course got stripped of his good humour and his homosexuality, merged with Saturn and turned into a faceless monotheist dictator god.  Thursdays are good days to joyfully reclaim the king of the gods and put him back in the pantheon, because coming next is…

Friday, the day of Venus, or Frigg, wife of Wodin, in the old Norse nomenclature.  Fridays are all about love, beauty, sex, prosperity and desire.  Good for work and for play, as can be seen on Friday nights in every town.  The energy of Venus is so strong this one goddess day is the balance to the trinity of male god days, those of Mars, Jupiter and Saturn.  Mercury is the queerest of the planets, and his can be seen in his astrological glyph that is the Venus symbol with horns.  The Sun and the Moon, although often described as male and female, do not really relate to gender at all… they teach us about the soul, as experienced on the outer and inner perspectives.

Saturday is the day of Saturn.  He is the serious daddy of the cosmos, the balance to Jupiter’s expansiveness.   The Jewish people recognised this and keep Saturday as their sacred day.  The energy of Saturn has many attributes, so Saturday is both a day for sorting things out, attending to our practical needs, and for attending to our relationship with the  sacred, which might be done as a contemplative, humble activity – although an equally traditional form of worship is to get high, ecstatic, drunk and laid. (The good old pagan ways the church has spent so many centuries trying to repress). But O yes the natural ways persist still in the modern world, we are not completely cut off from them….. Saturday night Saturnalian bacchanalia still grips the world, in milder and wilder forms of course, but the sacred function of getting wasted, ecstatic etc is mostly lost.  Brazilians often remember it.  Party with Brazilians if you need more insight into what I mean.  Learn about the orishas*, the spirits who party with us, with whom we connect our spirit when we get high. In Europe we used to honour Pan, the deity who enjoyed, encouraged and blessed our pagan celebrations – of the old gods his worship lasted the longest in Europe, and was only stamped out by his spirit being bastardised into the Devil, the Christian invention, the dark mirror of their all-perfect deity, as sex and intoxication became taboo and repressed.  Saturn likes to party, but preferably for a purpose – which might be to bond groups of people, to open minds and hearts, to focus energy for positive goals.  The lack of sacred and purposeful function in much modern partying directly relates to the amount of drugs people often consume in their search for a special experience.  Meaning and purpose brings connection.  They make life more fun.  They make it special.

Sunday is of course the day of the Sun, sometimes seen as the first day of the week, sometimes the last.  The day of the Sun is the day of the Self, which was taken over by Christianity and made into the day we bow down to the God – outside in the heavens, unreachable, distant and demanding.  The complete opposite of where we should be looking for God.  The arrival of eastern spiritual wisdom in the west over the past century has gradually shifted awareness here, and maybe now there are more people in Europe and America who see that divinity is found within, in our hearts and minds – and here to be found in this life, not in heaven afterwards – than ever before.  Of course Jesus himself told us to look within, we would find the kingdom of heaven there, and mystics in the west have always managed to do so, recording their discoveries and sometimes being executed for them.  Sunday is the day to be a mystic.  To celebrate God, the Self in All Things.  To see the light in each other, in nature.  Many mystics like to party….  Sunday is a natural day to dance, because God, the Self, is the Dancer and the Dance.  Drugs become less relevant when the intoxicant is divine love.

And then Monday … ah… we get to lie in, rest up, see how we feeling after the love and joy and release of the weekend, nurture and look after ourselves, ready to go out and be creative, productive and compassionate in the world again.  Hooray for living in a world that balances the freedom and joy our souls need to flourish with the work we have to do to build a prosperous, peaceful world.  It could be that way if we can make up our minds to make it so.

And, o yes, why does this irrational, illogical system of the days of the week, the gods, and us, have any meaning or reality?  Perhaps because WE designed it that way when we were still a unified consciousness, a spirit planning the most almighty adventure of its eternal existence.   Knowing that a time of forgetting, of separation, would come, we lay down signs, clues, tracks so that the mystery could unfold and the awakening come.  Could it be as simple as giving people a lie in on a Monday morning to shift the mental health of the world and reconnect us all to the divine flow?  We are always manifesting the qualities of the divine energies behind the days of the week in our individual and collective stories with little idea that we are doing so. We could be doing it more consciously, joyfully and successfully!  If only people got a lie in on a Monday the world might start becoming a better, happier place.  Our task is to create an Aquarian culture that honours all aspects of Who We Are, reconnects us to the cosmos and so empowers us to start sorting out the mess humanity is still creating on planet Earth.

*orishas: The orishas are the emissaries of the Divine.  They oversee the forces of nature and the endeavours of humanity in the Yoruba religion, each manifesting certain qualities of the One Divinity.  As well as supporting us in everyday life, when we get drunk or high we connect to the collective streams of spirit, so having good relationship with the spirit guardians of those streams can benefit and protect us.

Pride is a Peace Rally

100 years after the First World War the world has changed in so many ways, and gay liberation is one of the incredible advances of the past century.  Yet, despite the horrors of the so-called Great War, peace has not yet arrived on planet Earth.    The emergence of an LGBTQ community is a sign of the shifting times, of the emergence of a more liberal, liberated age, but the controversies that arise when we reach Pride season are also a reflection of how far there is still to go in our troubled world.  As we parade on the streets of our cities each summer we send out messages to the rest of the population about what we stand for, how we feel about the world and what we would like to see in it. It is important that they (and we) get to know what is upsetting us too.

We of course are marching to express our joy and gratitude at the freedom we have in this country to express ourselves, to love and be sexual with each other.  Our Pride parades are a rainbow gathering of folk of all ages from all the world’s races, nations, faiths and sexualtities.  Our parades reveal how playing with gender, exploring different identities and roles, rejoicing in each other, spreading acceptance and love into the world are fundamental parts of what lgbtq people do, are ways in which we are changing the world.

In the second decade of the 21st century the horrors of our age are paraded daily in the media – war, corrupt political systems, corporate greed, environmental destruction. We may be gay and fabulous but we are entitled to have views on these matters.  Any idea that Pride is just a party now that we have gay marriage etc is laughable.  The presence of big corporations and the military on the parade is hailed by many as a sign of how much things have changed in our society, and lauded for the signal their involvement sends to other parts of the world.  This is true.  But it is not the whole story.

The military performs a vital and noble function in our society.  It is there to defend us, does vital humanitarian work around the world and the people who serve in it are dedicated and well intentioned.  They deserve the right to march at Pride without criticism.  But arms manufacturers?  Political parties?  Oil companies?  Banks?


The London Pride website says

Our Parade provides a platform for every part of London’s LGBT+ community (lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans*, queer, questioning, intersex, non-binary, asexual, polysexual, genderqueer and gender variant people) to raise awareness of LGBT+ issues and campaign for the freedoms that will allow them to live their lives on a genuinely equal footing.

“It gives us a chance to be visible and speak loudly to the rest of the city about what we have achieved, how far we have come and what is still needed.”

It’s good that we can ‘be visible and speak loudly’ about what’s going on for us, but we are not encouraged to say what we feel about what’s going on in the rest of the world.  The presence of the soldiers and sailors, the bankers and drillers, of the gay christians and muslims too, reassures the establishment that we are good, obedient citizens, grateful for the legal status they deigned to give us, not rocking the boat and dutifully putting all our pink pounds into their pockets (except the slice that goes to our drug dealers of course), playing along with their tired, old, conflict and competition driven games that set people against each other and use up the precious resources of the Mother planet.

There are always a few protestors at Pride, but they are viewed by organisers and gay media as a fringe issue, an annoyance.  The Red Arrows will fly over London Pride this summer and all the marchers will go “Hooray, the military-industrial, capitalist machine is looking after us”… or will there be an ominous moment of realisation?  Yes the military deserve our respect and honour, but what LGBT people all over the world need in order to be safe is PEACE. All people need peace. Life on earth is in crisis and the vast amounts of money channelled into weaponry, nuclear and conventional, and into the ever expanding bank accounts of the rich, could and should be used for better purposes.  I have a feeling most of the people on that march would rather see that future than one where the horrors and mistakes of the last century are repeated in this.

It’s not that peace can come overnight. It’s not that capitalism can be replaced with a more compassionate and sustainable system just like that. In a few decades the campaigning power of LGBTQ people has brought about massive changes in the world, but now at our Prides we are encouraged to be simply happy, grateful citizens.  In fact it is quite possible to be proud and pissed off.  It is quite possible that a few voices on the sidelines are saying the very things that one day everyone will think… that is in fact how it always works.  Change takes time, but in the queer universe it comes quicker than elsewhere. Imagine if gay pride became a peace rally, calling for an overhaul of how the world is run.  Pride is already a rainbow nation parade, it is much more than a party for sexual minorities….  and in that fact there is a r-evolutionary power waiting to be seized.



In synchronistic timing with the current Pride controversy regarding the Red Arrows flypast, queer artist Ernesto Tomasini currently starring in Symphony For A Lost Generation, a 3d holographic show about the human tragedy of the First World War.

It is through our queer art and music that we get to express our feelings about what goes in the world.  Pride should be a reflection of our hopes and dreams, our compassionate hearts and our peace-loving souls, and a place where we can debate as a community what we stand for – not expecting us all to agree, but because the conversation needs to happen. 

Below is a link to a playlist of songs and poetry from queer artists on the subject of war. See how many of them sing its praises.


Bronski Beat. No More War

Frankie Goes to Hollywood. Two Tribes and War

Culture Club. The War Song

Klaus Nomi. Total Eclipse

Depeche Mode. People are People

Elton John.  Border Song

Lou Reed. Kill Your Sons

Bob Dylan. Masters of War

Freddie Mercury. There Must Be More To Life Than This

Indigo Girls. Tether

The Cranberries. Zombie

Jayne County.  Deviation

Tracy Chapman. Why

Morrissey. This Is Not Your Country

Radiohead.  Burn the Witch

Joan Armatrading.  In These Times

Ani Difranco. Self Evident

Soft Cell.  Darker Times

George Michael. The Grave & Shoot the Dog

Queen Latifah. Evil That Men Do

Nine Inch Nails. The Hand That Feeds

Anohni. Drone Bomb Me

David Bowie. I’d Rather Be High

Antony and the Johnsons. Another World and Rise

Village People. In the Navy

Erasure. Turns the Love to Anger

R.E.M. It’s the End of the World

Flanders and Swann.  20 Tons of TNT

Wilred Owen. Arms and the Boy

Walt Whitman. Beat! Beat! Drums

Marc Almond. Day & Night. Brave Boy. Tears Run Rings

Fancy.  Long Way to Paradise

Marlene Dietrich.  Where Have All The Flowers Gone?

Beltane Full Moon 2016

after a slow start…. May 1st this year came as the Moon was waning in Pisces.  Rather than the surging, uplifting, wild, free and connecting energies associated with Beltane the whole world was experiencing a pull inwards.  The Moon in Pisces provided a collective spirit in tune with the Wholeness, a water based frequency calling for surrender, introspection, forgiveness, healing.
For several days from May 1st the introspective journey continued as the Moon went into darkness and then rebirth in Taurus the following weekend.  This was the universe offering us the chance to let it all go… to release as much fear, shame, darkness, gloom out of our soul bodies as we possibly could.  As we get more confident and light-filled on the path to Self it becomes easier, more natural, to use these dark moon periods to slough off old skins, dead energy, ready to be open and clear inwardly to receive the purity and potential that the New Moon  brings.  For some this period may have revealed how strongly they hold on to things, especially emotions and fears, that limit potential and hinder growth.
Taurus New Moon brought the real start of the Belane season.  The period from the Scorpio Full Moon in late April until New Moon on May 7th was pre-Beltane, a drawn out period of inner clearing.  Much shit may have got shaken up.   But the rebirth is here, and it is very physical.  Taurus New Moon switches on our relationship with the body… and with other’s bodies… inviting us to explore and enjoy embodiment, sensuality, sexuality, pleasures olfactory, gustatory and so on.
Jupiter just ended its retrograde last Monday and it’s expansive powers (currently boosting Virgo energy in the world… the drive to improve life, make things better) are released. The sense of holding back, of a long drawn out dark half of the year, vanished and as we wake up, all around us here in the UK the natural life of the planet is singing the praises of a magnificent spring full of colour and passion. The world is awakening.
There is more to come… Beltane energies are building and building.  There is a full moon coming at the weekend (May 21st) that shoots us like an arrow from the earthy Beltane spirit into psychedelic cosmic mind energy, as Sun arrives in air Gemini and Moon arrives already plump and poised for fullness into fire Sagittarius.
Spring brings Awakening, but how do we stay awake and not fall back into gloom at the state of life on earth?  Firstly, to truly have a chance to be healthy and in good state of mind we need to be anchored to the core unity of life and consciousness, in whatever form we feel our soul best knows that core. For some this will mean a relationship with the earth mother, for others with a sky god – or the other way round, the earth father (The Horned One: Pan, Cernunnos), the sky mother (eg as Quan Yin, wisdom has often been depicted in the world’s mythologies and religions as feminine). Some feel a relationship with the Wholeness requires no personfication at all.. but the key is relationship. The Sky God’s followers have had it all their own way for far too long.  But those who encourage us to have no anchor at all, to see life as a random and meaningless experience are the ones spreading most darkness and chaos in the world, all nicely disguised as ‘reason and rationalism.’
Secondly, we need to become aware of and aligned to the cycles of nature and consciousness that are constantly affecting us.  Knowing the core unity of life gets us half way there – it gives us strength, but we exist in an ocean of consciousness and light that is constantly shifting and changing.  Core unity and stability can only be held on to if we learn to steer our ship through the seas.  The stars are there to help us with this internal navigation just as much as they have helped sailors in boats throughout time.
1000 years of the Church attacking and banning astrology as the work of the devil laid the groundwork for rational materialist science to deny the validity of the study of the stars.  The consequence is that many spiritual people today are not realising that astrology is a wisdom science that evolved over aeons and has crucial contribution to make to our evolution today.  Once the unity of life and consciousness is embraced however, the patterns within life should become more easily recognisable.  Since All is One how could the stars and planets NOT be reflecting what is happening down here on the planet.  As Above, So Below… the ancients worked it out a long time ago.
The Sun travels through three cycles of the four elements every year, in the order FIRE EARTH AIR WATER. For a month at a time each of these elemental forces is dominating in the ‘background energy field’, the spirit, of our experience. The Moon’s progress through the zodiac plane of the sky follows the same pattern, but completes three cycles in a month, and 12 to 13 cycles per solar year. Every 2.5 days the background spirit coming from the lunar frequency shifts from fire to earth to air to water. Each lunar month has two  weeks of expanding and two of contracting moon energies – these affect our emotional and spiritual bodies intensively.
However spiritually directed our lives become, until we attune ourselves to the cycles of nature and enter into the dance of life consciously we will frequently find ourselves bashed, batttered and buggered by the tidal waves, eruptions, storms of consciousness that are hitting humanity on individual and collective levels so intensely all the time. Attunement is much simpler than most people think, but it does take time. Each year journeying around the sun offers the chance to gain insights into how life works, to get to know ourselves better and more deeply. The Sun and the Moon were worshipped by the ancients because they not only gave physical light.. they taught the secrets of life. People also listened to the earth, had their minds opened by magical plants and experienced their integral unity with all life. Today most of the world has been convinced to stop listening to the Mother, to see her as a resource, and to no longer anchor themselves to any sacred point of unity in the consciousness. The result is chaos – in the human spirit, in our communities, in the environment.
The power to rise above chaos into divine love is in the hands of humanity.  The Beltane Full Moon on May 21st takes the accumulated energy of an intense month of soul work undertaken by many across the planet who are stepping aside from the traditional modes of conflict and division that have humanity crippled and the planet bleeding, into a more conscious community life, and sends it into the collecrive consciousness with the power of the Sagittarian centaur’s arrow.  Our prayers and rituals can influence the whole.  Beltane celebrates the REUNION of spirit and matter, the return of abundance, the holiness of all life, of the body, of sexuality.  The power to rise above chaos into divine love is the hands, the hearts, and the holy sexuality, of humanity.

Wham! Bam! Beltane!

Beltane Full Moon 2016 has arrived just a couple of days after the Sun reached Taurus this year.  We have barely released the Martian heat and soothed the burns of the Aries fire Sun month and welcomed in the sensual, calmer (unless riled), earthy Taurean vibrations, when immediately we are being called to face and find a balance with the deeply emotional, wild and transformational energies of the Scorpio Full Moon.

This is the Moon when we have been known to be running naked through forests, jumping over fires and surrendering to the erotic call of the Horned One, right?  How many of us are feeling like that right now I wonder?  Tonight I feel the world is filled with tears and sense of loss, while at the same time there is rejoicing in the life and art of Prince, and for many in the UK, comedienne Victoria Wood, who have both unexpectedly exited the world stage left: there is a rich mix of emotion in the air.  Taurus celebration and Scorpionic release.  Full Moon impact felt on a global scale.  And the beautiful thing is that this Scorpio Moon is going to cleanse our emotional bodies, purge and renew them.  The going may be tough but the result could be awesome.

While Taurus deals with matter, personal values, material goods, possessions, and security, Scorpio rules the destruction of form, shared possessions, change, and transformation. The Sun in Taurus wants us to be happy with the simple, tangible things in life, while the Scorpio Moon draws our attention to complexities, intangibles, and mysteries.  This Full Moon is opening the gates to a Beltane period that can bring us renewal, rebalancing, strength and increased awareness.

During the Spring the element of Air is the ruling power, underlying the seasonal energy, bringing us freshness, light, new ideas, communications…. and encouraging us to open and expand our minds – to let in the fresh air and sunlight.  During the first month of Spring the Air combines with Fire element of Aries Sun, giving us a very charged period when life forges ahead after the Winter. The Fire spirit has been extra strong this year as so many other planets in Fire zones too. When the Sun arrived in Taurus  we entered  a month where Air combines with Earth, bringing calmer vibrations, sensual times, a sense of slowing and relaxing into the season. This slow down also boosted by Mars and Pluto having just started their retrograde periods. Their stationing some days ago brought sudden jolts, sudden shifts into a lot of our lives, and perhaps much frustration at the sudden sense of enforced slow-down. 

Taurus brings Beltane, the festival of fertility and sexuality, and the message that through pleasure can be found healing and transformation.  That is one of the key truths of the magical reality that we call life, one that has been largely hidden and denied by western ‘civilisation’ for a very long time.  At first the Church repressed sexual pleasure.. Then science claims that pleasure has no spiritual function.  But the lids have been coming off the pleasure valve since the 1960s.  Beltane is a good time to rip them off, let go of any remaining shame and guilt around the body and sensual enjoyment.  All Acts of Love and Pleasure are the rituals of the Divine Feminine.

In our journey to greater awareness, light and inspiration this Spring we might also remind ourselves that western culture has also, to massive destructive effect. forgotten that…

  1. Consciousness/Life is a Unity.  We have it within ourselves the tools and technology to experience this directly, alongside and complementary to our individuality.  Scientific materialist culture has convinced everyone they exist separately and temporarily.  The opposite is the truth we need to inhabit as a species now.
  2. The Earth is a living organism.  She is like a Mother to us and we are treating her terribly.  She speaks to us through the cycles of nature, through the elements, the animals, plants and minerals. We have forgotten how to listen to her.  We have forgotten her cycles, which means we have forgotten our own cycles.. so more and more people are falling into mental illness. Spiritual illness is even more widespread but not talked about at all.  We can come into relationship and harmony with her by humbling ourselves, stepping down from the heights of our ‘great civilisation’, and returning to the simple, core elemental facets of existence, returning to relationship with the elements, with the spirit, and with each other in new tribal formations where Oneness and Love are the founding stones of human community.
  3. The role of LGBTQI+ people is one of connecting peoples, connecting worlds, bridging genders and bringing a rainbow age of peace and joyful celebration of the Spirit that we all are, beyond the shallow differences of race, religion, gender, sexuality.  Queer beings were once healers, shamans, wisemen and women in cultures across the world, on every continent – we performed sacred functions for the tribes because the balance of masculine and feminine within us brought us into close communion with the holy spirit.  (And in the West the Christian churches are full of gay clergy despite their avowed doctrinal stances).  The current drug related dramas affecting so many gay men are a symptom of this need for queer people to embrace the spiritual within themselves, to get in touch with something much more ancient and poweful than the patriarchal religons that have shaped human society and moulded human minds for so long.  Their rejection of us is a signal to us to go to Spirit directly, for that way we will remember why we are here in the first place.

At Radical Faerie gatherings around the world Beltane is celebrated each May amongst ever expanding groups of queers and their allies.  The Oneness is celebrated. The Earth is celebrated. The cycles are honoured. The genders are bended and blended. The Queer Ones  reclaim their roles for the humans.  The Goddess returns.

Queer Spirit Festival

A gathering of lgbtqi+ tribes and individuals who celebrate love, nature and the spirituality in our sexuality:

Queer Spirit Festival is arriving on the planet this summer at the Aquarius Full Moon in the cosmic county of Wiltshire, home of ancient stones and mysterious crop circles. 5 days, 4 nights of magical happenings, spiritual explorations and lots of space to play in nature…. of dance, performance, ceremonies, campaigns, workshops, creativity, great vegan and veggie food and much, much more. The festival is aimed at all ages and all genders and is intended to be a loud and positive statement about the loving spirit and the healing power growing amongst the many branches of the queer community tree.   Workshop topics include a Firewalk, Faerie Wand Making, Spirit Guide journeys, Yoga, Voice, Creative Writing, Kabbalah, Tantra, Mask Making, Circus Skills and Ecstatic Dance.  Meeting in nature (there is camping space for 500), connecting from the heart, co-creating a zone of FREEDOM OF SELF EXPRESSION where we can play, heal, shine and show the world something about who we really are, at the Queer Spirit Festival the fun and festivity also has a focussed and serious intent as we open from the inside to the roots of who we are within the human family, and reach for the creative potential in our queer souls. We will open our hearts and celebrate our radical spirit.

Historically, same-sex lovers and gender fluid individuals have played roles in their communities associated with the sacred dimension of life – this is the largely hidden part of our history which modern gay culture has barely embraced. The decline of the controlling, censoring influence of the Christian churches in the west has enabled our political liberation but we have been coming out in a spiritual vacuum. Many queers have a deep, compassionate, mystical nature and seek to find ways to explore that. (Gay culture celebrates outer beauty and good times but does not (yet) encourage us to take the inner search to self-knowledge. It’s likely that many of those who ignore or resist that inner call end up going down the road to drug addictions, and end up coming to spirituality while in recovery from those). We can pursue the spiritual search within established religions, but many of us choose to find our own path, seek for our own truths, often through magical or esoteric pathways. This is leading to a massive growth in lgbtqi+ spiritual groups that explore meditation, shamanism, witchcraft, yoga, tantra, spiritual dance practices (etc) and which are not associated with any religion.

Queer people are starting out on the path of reclaiming the spiritual roles they once played among the Native American and other tribal peoples the world over, including in Europe in the pre-Christian era. To this day, our role as spiritual conduits is recognised by the Dagara Tribe of western Africa – in this tribe (see link below), as once in many cultures around the world, the combination of male and female energies within certain people is seen as giving those people the gift of insight and communication with the unseen realms. The Dagara believe “that to then limit gay people to simple sexual orientation is really the worst harm that can be done to a person.” (Malidoma Somé)

Today, as queer beings play with gender, as we open our minds and hearts and bodies, we are discovering and opening our souls, releasing the magic within, in order to heal ourselves and become healers for the world around us. The mystical inner marriage of the male and female has been seen by mystery schools since thousands of years as the way to birth divinity within a person. Jesus refers to this in the gnostic Gospel of Thomas, part of his formula for entering the kingdom of heaven is to “make male and female into a single one, so that the male will not be male nor the female be female”. He also emphasised that another crucial factor in escaping the pain and delusion of samsara and entering into the light of heaven is the ability to be as playful and free as a child….. At the Queer Spirit Festival we will be dancing through the gates to paradise – opening to a field of being where all are loved, all are accepted, all are cherished, where the faery child in us can play, dance and sing, leading us into places of connection and communion. In this way we will be able to remind ourselves and show the rest of the world that queer people are nature’s divine children, here to find new ways of being, of living and loving, so badly needed on planet Earth. This time was foreseen by our heroic ancestors Walt Whitman, Edward Carpenter, Oscar Wilde… and by mystics such as Aurobindo (who wrote about ‘the suneyed children of a marvellous dawn’)… was also foretold in the Native American prophecy of the Whirling Rainbow. The world needs our healing gifts. It’s time to dance, stretch and put on our butterfly wings.

The Queer Spirit Festival dedicates its drive to celebrate the spiritual nature of lgbtqi+ people to our sisters and brothers around the world, so many of whom still do not live in safety and peace, with the right to love whom they choose. The message this festival can send out to the world is that lgbtqi+ people are waking up to our own spirit, our own nature and gifts. Our existence does not need to be justified by religion, science or medicine. We are claiming and proclaiming our own nature – which is that of love, peace, compassion, tolerance, joy and love. We are connectors of worlds, conduits of spirit energy, healers and celebrants. At the Queer Spirit Festival the queer tribes are having a SECOND COMING OUT, and this time we are celebrating our spirituality as well as our sexuality, and the magical, healing transformation that comes from marrying the two.



Malidoma Somé of the Dagara People:

“The gay person is looked at primarily as a “gatekeeper.” The Earth is looked at, from my tribal perspective, as a very, very delicate machine or consciousness, with high vibrational points, which certain people must be guardians of in order for the tribe to keep its continuity with the gods and with the spirits that dwell there. Spirits of this world and spirits of the other worlds. Any person who is at this link between this world and the other world experiences a state of vibrational consciousness which is far higher, and far different, from the one that a normal person would experience. This is what makes a gay person gay. This kind of function is not one that society votes for certain people to fulfill. It is one that people are said to decide on prior to being born. You decide that you will be a gatekeeper before you are born. And it is that decision that provides you with the equipment (Malidoma gestures by circling waist area with hands) that you bring into this world.”


Read about the Whirling Rainbow Prophecy:


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Enlightenment and Awakening













 poem by Adele Bright Daffodil



When I experienced a sudden, mind-exploding wake-up call from the Goddess in the mid-1990s it was like coming round from a monochrome, idiotic dream and finding myself in a reality of technicolour, limitless, divine potential.  From being closed to spiritual notions since teenage years, I now willingly opened my mind to the notion of Enlightenment – and set my sights on achieving it, figuring I might as well since AIDS was taking over my body and pushing me fast towards death.  I experienced a long period of heightened energies, rapid insights and revelations, entering frequently into excited states of ecstatic delight as i adventured within the multi-layered worlds of Spirit that were suddenly coming into my awareness.

I searched for explanations of the psychic and mystical phenomena happening to me daily in books about Witchcraft and Kabbalah, Buddhism and the Tao, and went on from there to explore mystical teachings from throughout human history.  Three principle notions took hold in me at that time – that consciousness is a singularity, somewhat like an ocean, in which we are the waves; that it is possible to navigate that ocean with a skilful, informed mental approach; and that Love is the key within us to unlock the doors to the multi-dimensional realities of our own souls and bring us into harmonious relationship with life, with the Singularity.

The Singularity has been misleadingly personified in human cultures as a God figure, but which teachers from ancient times onwards have always been telling us, is something way beyond the scope of our human minds to comprehend – it is useful to personify it as God to make it easier to relate to, to open our hearts to, which we can do while still recognising there is so much more to the divine mystery, the divine presence – a huge joy at being alive in fact comes from the discovery and celebration of That, from exploring Who We Are, what consciousness is, what love is.  These are things that move our souls, but not the things modern society encourages us to believe in.

In 1995, with a T-cell count already well below 100, this journey into a new spiritual awareness began – I felt invisible hands guiding me, heard voices speaking to me, saw visions and received a sense that I was in a 5-year process, feeling that meant I would either die or become enlightened at the end of that time.

5 years later I had turned the corner physically.   The nadir of my AIDS period came in 1997-8, when I had severe KS and PCP, but new drugs changed the story and by 2000 I was working out how to re-enter the world after my five year cocoon time of internal transformation.  My understanding of life had entirely changed during these dark years, through study, meditation and teaching received direct from the spirit world.  As I was returning to life from the AIDS abyss I affirmed that I was committing myself to a path of ongoing Self-discovery and service to the spiritual evolution of humanity by visiting two Divine Mother avatars – Mother Meera in Germany and the Mother of Immortal Bliss, Amma (Mata Amritanandamayi) in Kerala.  Both seemed to recognise the transformative journey I was on,  and the idea formed in my mind that the most likely future for me was to join their ascetic, disciplined, bands of servants and followers.

Then I went to a gathering of 100 queer folk who celebrate nature spirituality… Queer Pagan Camp.  Here I met incredible people who celebrated the Divine Feminine and Masculine in ways that resonated deeply in my soul and took me to the same places of devotion, light and magic that I experienced with the Hindu Mothers and during my solo journey with Spirit.  I met the Spirit in that field in Dorset, many times in fact over the following years, and it showed me that it is here amongst the beautiful, crazy queer spirits of Britain and Europe that I belong, not in monasteries.  Spirit showed me that it is a holy and beautiful thing to be a free spirit existing in the world spreading love, joy and awareness – showed me that I did not belong, could not thrive, within rule based, monastic communities.  Showed me Light is needed, and designed to be shone, everywhere.

In that summer meadow I felt my 5-year journey coming to its conclusion.  I felt full of light.  I had awoken to the spirit realms in a dramatic fashion in 1995 then pursued the goal of awareness with ardour.  The goal of Enlightenment.  But at this point in the summer of 2000 I dropped the notion of any such goal forever.  I had come to see enlightenment as a constantly evolving, ongoing, ever changing process, not a fixed, stable point to be achieved through whatever rigours and self-denials.  The celebration of the Wholeness of Life took centre stage in my vision.  Awakening to the cycles, flows, ups and downs, potential and possibilities of the infinite, immanent, miracle that is consciousness – that is the real enlightenment.  Times of self-denial might help us get there, so can times of indulgence and excess.  Meditation practices and shared time in community that recognises spirit are essential.  Whatever path we are walking in life, the possibility of Awakening to the deeper rhythms, rhymes and reasons is always there for us.  The profound reality of Spirit is the reality of What We Are.  

And when we are awake then comes the time to celebrate.

Celebrate the Goddess, She is Infinite Energy

Celebrate the God, He is Infinite Consciousness

Celebrate Nature, it is Divine, it teaches us the Way

The seasonal cycles, moon and planetary cycles lead us along the Path

Ancestral Voices guide us, Animal Spirits live within us

We are the One Being the Many




 Bright Daffodil and Shokti will be celebrating at Queer Spirit Festival August 17-21, 2016

Awakening Shamans

Once up on a time, and for vast eons of it, there were just a few shamans born in each human tribe -they performed the tasks of serving people and spirit for the benefit of all.  They lived slightly apart from the rest of the people, their principal relationship being with the spirit world.  Their reward for this deep work of service was a knowledge, understanding of and communion with spirit that other people did not get to enjoy.

Born to fulfil the role of healer, medicine person, walker between the worlds, the shamans were recognised as children by the elders of the tribe and brought up, trained and nurtured to be who they were.  One famous method of identifying the shaman child was to give them both girl and boy toys to play with.  If they preferred to play with the toys considered those of the gender opposite to the one their body displayed they were considered to be twin souls, who embodied the energies of both genders.  This combination of masculine and feminine within one person gave the shaman insight, intuition and power – it made them holy agents of communication with the nature spirits, ancestors, guides and elementals.  They served the people of the tribe, and in return the tribe looked after the shamans.

To this very day this situation, which was once found across the world – the most famous example being the Native American Two-Spirits – continues amongst the Dagara people of Burkina Faso.  Sobonfu Some, priestess and teacher of that tribe, tells us in her book ‘The Spirit of Intimacy’ that the work of Gatekeepers is essential for the well being of the whole tribe.  Some Gatekeepers open the energy portals to specific spirits (eg to the elemental forces), others work with the whole spirit realm.  The people who are the Gatekeepers are what we in the Western world would call gay, lesbian or transgendered.  However, to define a person by their sexual activity, Sobonfu says, is to seriously limit their potential.  She sees that many gay/lesbian/trans people in the West have a profound spiritual sense within them, but we exist in a culture that does not recognise who we are, does not encourage the emergence of the shaman within us, does not value the spiritual gifts we bring, and so, usually, nor do we.

In the modern world souls born to be shamans are part of the unconscious population.  Unrecognised by society, the shamans get pulled into the deep sleep of unawareness that most people are lost in.  Very few people in the world realise they are dreaming.  The shamans no longer get to know this either unless they wake up to it for themselves.  In these times, the shamans have to wake up from the inside – the people around them do not see them for who they are, do not appreciate their gifts.  Today, shamans have to walk the path of unconsciousness, of suffering and delusion, amongst the people of the world, until some trigger – often an illness, addiction or other life crisis – pushes them to the place of awakening.  The veils lift, the fog clears, and the shaman’s soul remembers the multidimensional reality, reconnects to the spirit worlds and becomes a channel bringing light and consciousness into the world.


The world around – family, friends, employers, doctors – may not be keen to support the shaman through this awakening.   We live in an age that turns everything unusual into a pathology, wants everyone to fit into neat, defined boxes – and to serve the capitalist system.  The awakening shaman may end up medicated, sectioned, shunned.  The drive to find the true self, to heal and grow and emerge as who we really are must come from within, and the will to pursue the goal must be strong.

Of course there are very, very few voices out there pointing out that this path exists, that this goal is reachable.  The strongest voice must be found within.

Even more tragic than society’s inability to recognise this transformation within a person, is the number of shamanic souls currently lost and confused about who they are.  Medical science and psychology do not believe in us.  We carry strong spiritual energies which society does not understand, and since  shamans are drawn to explore altered states – an activity that is deep-rooted in our DNA, many of us end up hooked on drugs, chasing highs, chasing connection through something exterior to ourselves, not understanding that the connections already exist within us, waiting to be switched on.

Shamans also have a special relationship with Death, since they are here on the planet to communicate between humans and the spirit worlds.  Shamans need to overcome the fear of death, see through the illusion of it and the ignorance surrounding it in order to fully be themselves and become channels of spirit.  This, I suggest, is why HIV hit the African and Gay Male communities so hard – amongst these communities is where vast numbers of shamanic souls are being born.  Oppressed and abused by the dominant hetero white male culture for so many centuries, we are the ones least involved in the earth abusing, humanity crippling, capitalist greed machine…. we are the ones born ready to create a better, fairer, kinder world, one that is connected to the invisible realms of spirit – but first we have to see through the lies and illusions of the current setup.


HIV pushed me to the edge of life.  I survived 4 years with full blown AIDS.  I surrendered myself to the universe, I was ready to die – but what happened was that I passed through the veils, saw the multiverse, spoke with the spirit worlds, with my angels, with the goddess.  My shamanic soul awoke, effective medications arrived, my health returned and now I dedicate my life to helping others discover and nurture the shamanic calling to light and service within themselves.

In the olden days a few shamans were born into each tribe, and lived with little awareness of other tribes.  Today the whole world is connected, and shamans are everywhere – for the most part still asleep, still lost in the delusion of the world, escaping into highs perhaps to escape the madness and pain they see all around them.  Many shamans incarnate as gay men, but in this unconscious situation, many lives are being seriously damaged.  AIDS was a very physical manifestation of crisis amongst us, one that was in a way straight forward to tackle – but now the crisis going on amongst gay men is more subtle.  Men’s minds and souls are under attack from addiction, shallowness and greed.  Only some of us will awaken through this crisis, others will fall by the wayside… but if gay community life was to celebrate the shamanic call within us, honour the shamans in our midst, a loud and powerful signal would go out to queer people everywhere.  There is more to us than our sexuality. More to us than aping hetero concepts like marriage. More to us than hedonism and self destruction.  All our searching for ecstasies and excitement can be seen as the call of the shamanic soul within us- calling us to wake up, through suffering probably, but potentially by choice, through joy, as the shamans become more visible in the world and as we come to learn that being gay, lesbian, trans, bi or queer is more than a sexual thing – it is an invitation to discover the true nature of the soul: beyond gender, beyond sexuality, beyond all labels, we exist as multidimensional beings.  Only the shamans can open the gates so that the rest of humanity sees this, and until the shamans are awake and ready to serve, that will not happen.

The shaman are being called home. We are everywhere.  We exist to serve and awaken the population.  We bring the Rainbow Age.

The Whirling Rainbow – Prophecy

“There will come a day when people of all races, colors, and creeds will put aside their differences. They will come together in love, joining hands in unification, to heal the Earth and all Her children. They will move over the Earth like a great Whirling Rainbow, bringing peace, understanding and healing everywhere they go. Many creatures thought to be extinct or mythical will resurface at this time; the great trees that perished will return almost overnight. All living things will flourish, drawing sustenance from the breast of our Mother, the Earth.

“The great spiritual Teachers who walked the Earth and taught the basics of the truths of the Whirling Rainbow Prophecy will return and walk amongst us once more, sharing their power and understanding with all. We will learn how to see and hear in a sacred manner. Men and women will be equals in the way Creator intended them to be; all children will be safe anywhere they want to go. Elders will be respected and valued for their contributions to life. Their wisdom will be sought out. The whole Human race will be called The People and there will be no more war, sickness or hunger forever”

~Navaho/Hopi American Indian Prophecy as quoted on Wikipedia

From the Manataka American Indian Council:

“When we invite total truth into our Sacred Space, we shatter the bonds of separation and illusion that create discord. The Whirling Rainbow of Peace destroys the lies that made the Children of the Earth mistrust one another and replaces the illusion of separation with the truth of unity.

“When the Whirling Rainbow Woman of the Navaho and Hopi brings the cleansing regenerative rains to the Earth Mother, her children are also cleansed and healed. When the Rainbow of Peace of the Seneca encircles each person’s sacred space, all will walk in truth respecting the Sacred Space of others and harmony of living on Earth will be restored. These Knowing Systems are the teachings of the Warriors of the Rainbow who are Sisters and Brothers uniting the Fifth World and working for Peace.

“The Whirling Rainbow is the promise of peace among all Nations and all people. The Rainbow Race stresses equality and opposes the idea of a superior race that would control or conquer other races. The Rainbow Race brings peace through the understanding that all races are one. The unity of all colors, all creeds working together for the good of the whole, is the idea that is embodied in the Whirling Rainbow. When all pathways to wholeness are respected by all cultures, the prophecy of the Whirling Rainbow will be completed.

“When the Time of the White Buffalo approaches, the third generation of the White Eyes’ children will grow their hair and speak of love as the healer of the Children of the Earth. 

“These children will seek new ways of understanding themselves and others. They will wear feathers and beads and paint their faces. They will seek the Elders of the Red Race and drink of their wisdom. These white-eyed children will be a sign that the Ancestors are returning in white bodies, but they are Red on the inside. They will learn to walk the Earth Mother in balance again and  reform the idea of the white chiefs. These children will be tested as they were when they were Red ancestors by unnatural substances like firewater to see if they can remain on the Sacred Path. 

“The generation of Flower Children have moved through this part of the prophecy and some have remained on the Sacred Path. Others were lost for a while and are now returning to the natural way of being. Some were disillusioned and have forgotten the high ideals that gave them life when their hearts were young, but others still are waking up and quickening into remembering.”


“The one who wishes to be a true medicine person must be a person of faith, and they can only work successfully with those who also have faith.” -Fools Crow, Lakota quoted on, a community project cultivating peace and unity through culture and the arts.